Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 31st December 2021 Episode starts with Malhar asking Tukoji to tell the people about the tax rules, nobody should trick them. Gangoba says the farmers got killed for the tax, so people are afraid and upset also, you said we should catch the attackers soon, everyone is waiting, we didn’t succeed in this, that’s why the farmers’ faith can get shaken. Malhar says the enemy is ahead of us.

Ahilya thinks. She says maybe we can get some help in this work. Malhar asks her to say. She says we should give right direction to this search, I have an idea. Dhana ji comes to the palace. He meets Dwarka. She asks what’s the matter, you appear happy. He says yes, thank God, Ahilya and Khanderao won’t let me leave, they made Gunu ji a villain.

Tukoji comes and says I was going to send you a message to come, Malhar said we will investigate the farmers murder problem so soon, we can’t delay more, Ahilya has given a good suggestion to Malhar. Dwarka asks can we know what idea she gave. Tukoji says we want the name and address of everyone who pays the tax, we will call an artist, he will make the sketch of the culprits by talking to the farmers, it will be easy to find the culprits. Dhana ji says fine, I will give the details. Tukoji goes.

Dhana ji thinks I had sent all of them to go away from Malwa, now I think their survival can become a threat for us. Ahilya comes to Khanderao’s room and talks to him. She says sorry, I couldn’t catch the attacker, I m not able to find anything. She cries.

Dwarka and Gautama are in the temple. Dwarka says I don’t understand, how did you change your heart so soon. Gautama says Malhar said I should do abhishek for Ahilya and Khanderao, both. They argue. Dwarka says Ahilya is taking Gangoba’s place in the Darbar, she is discussing in every matter, Gangoba is the chief advisor, but Ahilya had taken this matter in her hand. Gautama looks on.

Gangoba is with Malhar. They discuss some imp matters which are stuck. Gangoba says we have to see some road repairs and bridge constructions are also due. Malhar says I didn’t forget anything. Gangoba says I feel the help won’t be enough, we have to think of some mission. Malhar says its not possible at such places.

Gangoba says Nizam has the lake area in his control, we can attack there and get the treasures. Malhar says idea is good, I liked it, do one thing, ask the advisors and soldiers to be present in the darbar, if they all agree, then prepare for the attack. They go. Dwarka and Gautama come and look on. Dwarka says Ahilya got another responsibility now. Rakma comes. Dwarka says we have to talk to the jeweller and ask him to make idols, we have to finish the household duties, Rakma has to handle everything now.

Rakma says sure. Dwarka says its the work of Holkar family bahu, but Ahilya is busy. Gautama says Ahilya has to take time out for this work, Rakma can’t handle this alone, Ahilya will keep this duty. Gautama angrily takes Ahilya with her to the temple. Ahilya asks is everything fine. Gautama gives a flower in Ahilya’s hand and asks her to swear that she will not go to darbar. Ahilya says no. Gautama says you have to get free from darbar and Rajya work. Dwarka looks on. Gautama asks can you leave the work or not.

Dwarka asks why is Ahilya silent now. Gautama asks Ahilya to answer, can she leave the Rajya work or not to handle her household. She says you are still silent, it means everyone was saying right, you say you have no greed for Rajya throne, then why can’t you leave this work. She scolds Ahilya.

Ahilya asks how can you think so. Gautama says I m tired of explaining you, you got a chance now, Khanderao isn’t here, you are free to fulfill your wish and greed. Ahilya says no, nothing is imp than Khanderao for me. Gautama says then swear that you will handle the household. Ahilya says I don’t trust myself if I can do this, I can stay silent or not seeing the people in trouble. He cries and returns the flower to Gautama. She says I don’t want to promise you, it will be insult of you, I don’t want this.


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