Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd January 2022 Episode starts with Dwarka taunting Ahilya that she won’t do any work on time, she will just come to do the work sometimes to keep Gautama’s heart. Ahilya cries and says I don’t need to tell what Gautama means to me, I just want to say that I don’t want to do anything by hurting Gautama’s heart,

but… such situation arises in front of me, I try to help others, I m such since childhood. Dwarka says you are different now, your friend Renu’s pain used to hurt you, you cried and prayed for you, you used to feed her good food secretly, the people didn’t like it and scolded you, you got a widow married now, how do you get this courage,

you always go to Darbar and advice the elders, you know it now that you have made a place in darbar, you can break the old customs. Ahilya cries and says I m going to the kitchen now to do my work. She goes. Dwarka says I wish she does the work, else we have to explain her once again.

Tukoji asks the artist to make the sketches, why didn’t he go and meet the families. The man says I didn’t get addresses of them till now. Tukoji asks guard to call Dhana ji right away. Ahilya is sad. Sarja comes. She asks Ahilya why is she crying, what happened. Ahilya goes with her. She says I m doing the right, but Gautama misunderstands me, after Renu’s marriage, they all are upset with me.

Sarja pacifies her. Tukoji says you didn’t give the details when I asked you. Dhana ji says I was busy, I have to go to Chaudi for imp work, you will get the details tomorrow. Ahilya comes and says this work was also imp. Dhana ji says yes, but you can wait for a day, the people aren’t running. Ahilya says I will request Gangoba to handle your work, you just get the details.

He asks is Gangoba free to handle my work. She says he will, we can’t delay this imp work. Dhana ji says I will do my other work first. She asks him to tell where is the list, she will get it. He says I will get it myself. She asks what is the problem to give the list. They argue. Dwarka comes and scolds Ahilya. She says Dhana ji is Sita’s Sasur, apologize to him. Ahilya says he is elder to me in age and experience,

I have no problem to apologize, but right now, I m taking to Dhana ji Sardar, so I won’t apologize, I didn’t do anything wrong. Dwarka takes Ahilya to the darbar and complains to Malhar. She says Ahilya had blamed Dhana ji for lying. She asks Malhar to decide now. Sarja is in the village. She says I have called Ahilya in the function. The villagers worry. Ahilya says I had called the artist to get the sketches made,

Dhana ji was giving excuses, the work is imp, I told him that I will get the list if he tells me. Dwarka says relations are imp than work, you have insulted the relations today, you went to darbar for two days, you didn’t get a chance to insult Dhana ji. Malhar says I know Ahilya respects Dhana ji, I don’t understand why is he not giving the list, this work is imp, I want to get this done soon, Dhana ji will be suspected if he is refusing to give the list.

He asks Dhana ji to give the list immediately, or he will send someone to get it. Dhana ji says you are doubting me for an ordinary papers. Malhar says I trust you, so our friendship is intact, so I gave you my daughter, but I won’t tolerate anyone’s careless behavior. Dhana ji says I will get the list and give you.

The villagers argue about Ahilya. Sarja defends Ahilya. They all discuss. Sarja thinks I thought Ahilya will be glad to come in puja, she is already worried, she will get upset. Dwarka argues with Malhar. She says this can happen with Khanderao as well, there is nothing to get shocked. She goes. Malhar says Dwarka might have felt really bad, so don’t feel hurt. Gautama goes. She stops hearing Malhar, Ahilya and Gangoba’s talks. Ahilya says sorry Gangoba, I can’t come to the darbar tomorrow.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tukoji says we got the sketches of those culprits. Ahilya goes to attend the puja. She identifies a goon there in the village.


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