Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 4th July 2022 Episode starts with Ahilya convincing Khanderao to promise Parvati. He says fine, I will spend the day with Parvati. Its morning, Khanderao and Ahilya do the puja together.

Gautama says their marriage completed 6 months. Parvati smiles. Ahilya feels pain. She is alone in her room. Pandit gives the prasad to distribute to everyone. Parvati gives the prasad to everyone. Gautama says we will go to the temple and donate the bhog to the brahmans. Parvati asks Gautama to send the prasad for Ahilya by someone.

Gautama asks why, do you have any problem. Parvati says I feel strange to go in front of her. Gautama says we should always geta chance to make relations better. Khanderao says our marriage completed six months today, time passed so soon, congrats.

Parvati says wishes to you too. He says I have to go to darbar now, I will come to you from there and spend the day with you. She smiles. He goes. Parvati comes to give prasad to Ahilya. Ahilya gives her wishes.

She says your day will pass soon. Parvati says yes, Khanderao promised me that he will spend the day with me, I will arrange a surprise for him. Ahilya asks her to keep smiling. Parvati says I hope no one becomes a hurdle. She goes. Ahilya cries in pain. Parvati gets ready. She says Khanderao will get glad seeing the decorations,

I will go to the kitchen and get Mawa baati for him. Krishna sees Ahilya in pain. She asks the servant to go and call the Daai fast, inform Gautama, Dwarka or Harku, anyone who she meets first. Krishna goes to Ahilya.

Servant asks Parvati to go to Ahilya, there is no one around. Parvati says she got the pain when I told her that it’s a special day for me, it’s an excuse to keep Khanderao away from me, its enough, I will end the matter today. Krishna asks why didn’t anyone come. Ahilya says just Parvati is there.

Krishna says I will call her. Ahilya says no, don’t call her, no one will trouble Parvati because of me, I have promised Khanderao. She cries talking to Krishna. She says it’s a happy day for her today. Krishna says you gave your share of shagun to her that day, she didn’t even know that. Parvati hears this and feels bad.

Krishna asks who takes care of Sautan so much. Ahilya says she isn’t my Sautan, but my sister. Parvati recalls Ahilya’s words. She cries. Khanderao sees the Daai coming. Servant says Ahilya is in labor, good news can come anytime. He asks who is with her. Parvati goes to Ahilya. She cries seeing Ahilya in pain.

She says everything will get fine, I m with you. Khanderao comes and sees them. Daai checks Ahilya. She asks Khanderao to leave. Parvati says I m with Ahilya, don’t worry, you go out. He leaves. Daai asks the servant to get hot water and a cloth. Khanderao stays outside the door and worries.

Malhar comes to him and hugs. Gautama and everyone come back. Everyone hears the baby crying. They happily smile and hug. Daima says congrats, it’s a son. Khanderao cries happily. They all go and see the baby boy. Khanderao takes the baby in his arms and smiles. Malhar asks Khanderao to be careful.

He takes the baby. Malhar says we have seen you in many roles, you kept all the duties well, you have progressed truly now, we will see you in a new avatar of a mother now. Ahilya smiles. Everyone smiles seeing the baby. Ahilya holds Parvati’s hand and smiles.


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