Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5th November 2021 Episode starts with Ahilya getting the sweets for Khanderao. He says Malhar would have told you. She says Malhar told me to make your favorite sweets, he really got happy for you. He asks but why, he wanted to send Gunu ji for this mission.

She says you are talking about Malhar and you, you are happy to become a good warrior, but Malhar wants to see his son as an ideal King, he was proudly saying today that Peshwa ji and the entire Darbar were in my son’s favor, you have won this position by your capability, he was so happy, he is the one who is the most happy. Malhar hears them and thinks amazing Ahilya, I wanted to convey this and you explained him better than me, I wish he understands me. Ahilya prays that Khanderao gets freed from the drinking addiction. She smiles.

Dwarka is with Gautama. Gautama says you didn’t come to do Khanderao’s aarti, he is going for the Rajputana mission, Peshwa wrote a letter and expressed his wish to make Khanderao the Senapati, the darbar also supported him, he got so famous so soon. She taunts Dwarka. She asks her to forget everything and have sweets. Dwarka says I don’t want to have it.

Gautama says everyone is watching us, they will make news that you didn’t eat the sweets from my hands. Dwarka eats the sweets. Gautama asks her to trust, she will just feed the sweets, not anything else. She goes smiling. Parikshit comes to the temple and prays. Renu and Sarja are there. They make the flower strings. He says I prayed for Khanderao in the morning, Khanderao became the Senapati of a big mission, its great news.

Ahilya comes and says really, did you pray for him, you are a good friend, thanks a lot, our prayers are answered, Khanderao is chosen as the Senapati. Renu also wishes her. She says you also did many such things, your achievements are also more, what gives more happiness, by your praise or husband’s praise. Ahilya says I have the answer for this, I feel very happy now, a woman gets too happy when her husband is praised, his respect gives a new colour to a wife’s identity. Renu cries.

She thinks what happened to me that I asked this. She goes. Ahilya goes after her. Sarja says Renu didn’t get so much sad before, we thought she has compromised with her life’s truth, what happened to her now. He says sometimes, the sorrow bursts out. Ahilya comes to Renu.

Renu says forgive me, I should have not asked that. Ahilya says I should say sorry to say all that. Renu says no, its a good occasion for you, I should be happy for you, I started comparing myself with you, why can’t I feel this happiness. Ahilya hugs her. She says its not wrong to express your feelings. Renu says I lost, I told Gautama that I will never see your happiness in this manner.

Ahilya thinks its my defeat, I failed in getting your happiness, I couldn’t do anything till now, I know you also wish for a good life, its your life, I promise to get happiness in your life, this time I won’t stop. Parikshit comes and asks Renu to see what he got. He shows the puppy. Renu smiles. He asks will you keep him with you. She takes the puppy and says I will keep him with love. Ahilya smiles. She signs to thank Parikshit.

Malhar gets ready. Dwarka comes and says I could never get assured of my place in this family, you tell me, does your daughter’s happiness matter to you or not, why do you treat Gunu ji according to your needs. He says Khanderao earned this position by his capability. She asks what about Gunu ji and his capability, your son got against you, but Gunu ji always supported you, did he get this for his loyalty. He says its nothing like that.

She says I came to alert you, you have a right to take any decision, but you will never have a right to get biased between your children, you have to do justice, else one day you will see your daughter’s house broken. He says I never did any biasing between my children, Khanderao has tolerated a lot because of my anger, you are blaming me after knowing everything. She says you aren’t sensible to neglect sincerity, I expect you to punish Khanderao for his mistakes if you can reward him for his achievements. She goes. He gets sad.


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