Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Ahilya saying you will get punished Malerao. Dwarka says you can’t punish him. Gautama asks what are you saying, you know Malerao has done a big mistake.

Dwarka says yes, I know, he should be punished, but Ahilya made the biggest mistake, Ahilya got busy in darbar work, she doesn’t know what her kids are doing. She blames Ahilya and goes.

Two men signal each other. They meet and share the information. Gunu ji comes and says its impossible for you to leave. He catches one of the two men. He asks who are you, tell me. The man reveals his face. He says I m Ishwari Singh’s spy, I got his message for Khanderao. Gunu ji smiles.

Parvati asks is this necessary. Ahilya says yes. Parvati asks what will Khanderao say. Ahilya writes a message. She asks Parvati to take it. Parvati says think again. Ahilya asks can you do this work or shall I ask someone else.

Parvati goes. Dhana ji and Gunu ji talk to that man. The man says Gunu ji spared my life, he saved me from Malwa soldiers, he did a big favor on me, I m a Rajput, I will pay back his favor. Dhana ji asks how do I believe you. Gunu ji says he will help us and we will help him. He gives a message for Ishwari Singh.

He says my men will take you to the border, go. The man leaves. Dhana ji laughs and says one side is the Delhi King and Ishwari Singh on the other side, Khanderao will be badly stuck. Gunu ji says we got a way to defeat Ahilya,

she won’t get any woman for her mission, then according to her promise, she has to leave the darbar work, just see how I do this, I will pressurize her, she will leave the palace. They smile. Ahilya takes Malerao. Parvati asks her to stop. Malerao cries. He asks Gautama to stop Ahilya. He says forgive me,

I will not do this again. Gautama asks Ahilya to think. Ahilya says I have taken the decision, no one can change it. Gunu ji comes to Dwarka. She signs him to sit. She says Ahilya will keep the proposal in the darbar tomorrow, its enough of your doubts, listen to me carefully, Ahilya proved her word by getting Sarja, I don’t see any way now. She tells some plan. He smiles.

Khanderao is with Gangoba and Tukoji. Maid comes to call Khanderao, and says Ahilya called for you. He says tell her, I m busy. She says its an imp matter. Khanderao comes to Ahilya. Malerao hugs him and says save me. Ahilya says I want to tell you something, I m sure that you will agree to my decision.

She tells him everything about Malerao’s mistakes. She says I decided that Malerao will stay away in Gurukul for the coming 7 years. Khanderao says you can’t punish our son. She says I m not punishing him, I m making him capable that he doesn’t get punished again. She asks Malerao to come.

Khanderao hugs Malerao and says he won’t go anywhere with you, I can’t believe that history will repeat itself, the pain that I have tolerated in childhood, my son won’t get the punishment which was given to me, I will see who makes my son away from me. Gautama says no, Malhar and I never punished you,

Malhar sent you away from us, it was proved right, if I had not listened to him, then you would have not become capable to sit on the throne, Ahilya is doing right, Malerao will also become capable to sit on the throne, Ahilya’s decision is hurting us, but we have a belief that Malerao will return as a better person, so I m with her. Ahilya says I m not sending him to any Vanvas, but to Gurukul,

I will be glad, you bless Malerao and send him off. Khanderao says fine, I will also leave this palace and go to Gurukul with him. He holds Malerao’s hand and takes him. Ahilya asks what are you doing, you know he did a mistake, even then you are taking his side. He says no, its my decision, you aren’t alone to take decisions. He says this decision can harm his future. They argue.

He says Malerao is my son as well, he will stay here with me in this palace. They go. Dwarka taunts Gautama and smiles. Some messenger comes to meet Ishwari Singh. Malerao says I knew it, you will support me. Khanderao hugs him. Ahilya comes. She says fine, it will happen as you want,

but Malerao has done wrong with Guru ji, what about it, he has to apologize to Guru ji. He says yes, why not, we will bear the expenses for Guru ji’s treatment and compensate him. She says you are making another mistake, it doesn’t look good, no one can pay for insult and pain, we shouldn’t give such values to our children. She cries and leaves. Gautama comes.


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhana ji says Malhar is coming back, ask your army to stop him. Ishwari Singh agrees. Gangoba informs Khanderao and Ahilya about Ishwari Singh or Shuja stopping Malhar on the way.


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