Qurbaan Hua 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 10th July 2021 Ghazala is scaring Dua exclaiming she is hungry so Dua must come with her, she tries pulling Dua who calls Neel, Ghazala exclaims she must come with her but Dua because of the situation faints, Neel starts calling Dua to take her name but she doesnot, Ghazala thinks she has to leave before Neel is able to come and find her.

Chahat asks Alka to take care of Vyas je while she checks on Dua, she goes to Neel asking if he was able to find Dua, he replies he has checked their room as well as their own but cannot find her, she asks if he checked the terrace, but he replies he has not, they both rush to the terrace, Ghazala thinks she has to hide so climbs and hides towards the window. Neel and Chahat take Dua inside wondering how she fainted.

Ghazala walking to the terrace thinks that her work is finished and now Dua would be scared of her, Dua would now believe in the Churail, Neel and Chahat are sitting with Dua, he wakes up her up, she immediately sits up after waking exclaiming she doesnot want to leave with her, Neel asks what has happened, Dua replies that Bilouri Churail tried to take her away as she comes on the night of the full moon and can only be seen by those children whose parents do not love them anymore, Dua pleads with him to save her as she doesnot want to be her food, Neel replies she must rest assured as there is no such thing as a Churail, she tuning to Chahat replies it is because of her because she doesnot love her anymore, Neel questions what is this as she is always blaming Chahat, there is no such thing as a Churail, Dua assures she saw the Churail and is not lying. Dua requests him to not leave her, he assures he would sit with her, Chahat also signals him to stay while she herself leaves, Neel makes her lies down confirming that she is not alone.

Chahat while walking to the hall thinks that Dua would not be lying but who would disguise themselves as a Churail and try to scare Dua.

In the morning Vyas jee is sitting enjoying while Dua is dancing on the classical song. Chahat is laughing standing by the audio system, Neel comes asking what has happened, Chahat replies she thought that Vyas je would feel nice after hearing the song but Dua instead started dancing, she mentions that Dua loves dancing, she since her childhood would dance on any song which was played in the house, Chahat advises they can have her admitted to the dance class in Devpriagh, Neel mentions he knows of a school so would get her admitted there, Dua after seeing the ad is excited so hugs Neel mentioning he is the best father, Dua then replies that it says they have to be participate as a team with their mother, Chahat also says that she loves dancing but Dua replies she doesnot want to participate with Chahat.

Neel asks why she is always blaming her mother even when she does a lot for them, Chahat exclaims she loves her a lot but Dua says she used to love her but now because of her the Bilouri Churail would come to eat her at the next full moon. Chahat says that she doesnot want to participate anymore, Chahat mentions she can attend it with her father, Neel wonders what she is saying as the classes are for the mother and daughter.

Neel and Chahat hear the screams of Godamabri, he advises her to stay while they will come back, Neel asks what is happening, Godambari replies she was going to meet Bophandar but would have to walk over her dead body, Naveli replies she only wants to see if he is okay as he is not answering her calls, Godambari and Neel both exclaim she would not be able to live happily with him, Chahat tries to reason saying it should be the right of Naveli to decide, Bopho comes with his bag, Chahat questions where is he going, he replies that he is leaving Devpriagh because he cannot see Naveli getting married with anyone else, he will also not marry anyone else except Naveli.

Godambari taking the hands of Naveli orders that she has to clean the entire kitchen, she orders Bopho to leave who turns away, Chahat going to Neel asks what is he doing as she must not have to make him realize what is the importance of love, she knows Naveli really loves Bopho, he while walking out of the gate sees the workers cutting the wooden planks, Godambari is pulling Naveli, Chahat comes saying if she loves Bopho then must not let him leave, Neel stops her from invoking her.

Agam is drinking when Aalekh comes taking him by his leg, he praises Agam apologizing him for all of his actions, mentioning that Agam was indeed the real mastermind, so Agam mentions now Aalekh has finally come to realize the truth about him because he was the mastermind behind the incident at the Mela, he lived as Mant Vyas in his house and also tried to kidnap them all, but the police exclaim they will also tell a story, they come, Ghazala also enters with her lawyer, the inspector orders the constable to arrest Agam when he mentions it was all the heat of the moment, the inspector slaps him, Agam getting angry with Aalekh hits him, Aalekh replies he has made a mistake so how could he not hand him over to the authorities, Ghazala asks if he has heard the truth, the constable assures they would now be able to prove that Aalekh is innocent, Agam leaves with the police warning them both of severe consequences when he is finally released.

Aalekh says to Ghazala that now Neel and Chahat should be afraid of him as he is free.

Godambari in the house asks Naveli to get to work, Chahat exclaims they only get in love once so she must not let Bopho leave if she truly loves him, Godamabri once again forces her to work, she however breaks free and runs to Bopho, he is about to leave the house, she exclaims her love for him, Godambari threatens to break his head if he stays for her daughter.

The worker accidentally drops the cutter with which he was cutting the wood, he is able to save Naveli but himself gets injured because of the cutter.


Qurbaan Hua 10th July 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Dua tells Ghazala on phone that she has learned classical dance. She’s dancing well because she doesn’t want to dance with Chahat. Ghazala tells her to let her know if she needs any help. Aalekha is with Ghazala. He tells her that they will try their best to make Dua accept Chahat. She says that is not going to happen in her presence.


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