Qurbaan Hua 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 11th September 2020 Neil enters the hospital and seeing the morgue realizes that there has been an accident and a girl died after being crushed by a truck, Neil enters the morgue and is preplaced and is not able to even life the cloth from the body, he after lifting the cloth is in shock.
A few hours earlier Chahat is thinking that she will never go back to the house and has to stay away from the member of that house, Jamuna is walking thinking that he has been asked to do all those chores alone and cannot even scratch his back, he sees Chahat and requests her to help him however she says that she will not help him and he should not come near her, when he tries to go near her she runs away.
Neil gets a call from Jamuna who mentions that he saw Chahat at the taxi stand and she ran away after seeing him so he wanted to inform him, Neil ends the call and is angry saying that she ran away after making him trust her, he calls the friend of Bopho at the taxi stand saying that he should not let any taxi leave and he will come, he informs Neil that there has been an accident and no taxi will leave as the body is being taken to the morgue, he lifts the cloth but it is not Chahat, Neil gets relaxed but is still wondering what has happened with Chahat and how will he be able to trust her if she keeps acting like this.
A man comes with a patient of corona but the doctor refuses to let the person with the patient in, then he hears the voice of a lady doctor who mentions that the oxygen saturation is around 80 percent but still they are refusing to let him in, Chahat instructs that they will setup a quarantine centre in the hall, she says that she will be the one to treat the patients and will also talk with Doctor Singh, the person asks her name, Neil comes from behind saying that she is his wife and her name is Chahat Neilkand Dhiani.
Chahat turns apologizing that she came without talking to him as she saw that they hospital was in need of a doctor so how could she not come when she herself is a doctor, Neil questions that why did she bring all her clothes and toothbrush, she explains that she was worried about the health of Viyas jee and gollu, and she thought that she would only come after getting her corona test.
She says that she can scold her if he desires as she is wrong but he mentions that she should take care of the patients as they need her more than him, she thinks why is he so nice as she knows he will scold her when they reach back home.
Jamuna asks Viyas jee why did he not take the medicine, Viyas jee says that how could he not take his medicine as Chahat brought a box for him and it has all the medicines for him for each and every day, Jamuna says that it has happened however Viyas jee doesnot agree mentioning that she can never refuse to help anyone and sees that she is outside so goes to ask why did she run away after seeing Jamuna.
He starts coughing and asks her to give him some water but she doesnot go near him, Godambari comes running with water asking that Viyas jee trusts her a lot then should ask why she did not give him water when there was a vase near her.
Neil comes from behind running saying that because of her vow he had to run fifty circles and has gotten really tired, he explains that she vowed to stay away from all the family members until the health of Viyas jee improves and also that she would stay in the open tonight, Godambari raises a question saying that she has never heard of any vow like this, Neil answers that Chahat said that she also makes Jamuna do things which they have not heard.
Jamuna asks Chahat that she should have told them all, Viyas stops him saying that he should remember the first time he got infected with chicken pox Saraswati refused to talk to Neil. He also orders Neil to make sure she is comfortable if she desires to sleep outside the house, and also assures that he will take better care of himself.
Chahat is really worried and is walking outside when Neil is sitting, Chahat explains that she cannot understand that he really helped her, she asks him about what kind of vows did Saraswati make when Viyas jee was ill, he answers that she was the daughter of a pandit so would keep vows at everything, then one time she vowed to walk bare foot until the health of Viyas jee improved, she also takes off her slippers, then requests to borrow his laptop for research against the Covid 19 pandemic. He runs to get her his laptop.
In the night Chahat is trying to call her family members but all of their mobile phones are switched off, she gets a call from Neil and immediately asks for his laptop, he makes her go near the gate where there is a car, she really is not happy to go there but he makes her go at the back and has prepared a bed for her in the car, he mentions that she should research with ease in the night and he has even kept some snacks for her, she thanks him for all his help. He exclaims that her mother was getting lonely in the house, so she brought her closer to her. She is really amazed and joyful that he did all this for her, then thanks him and he asks that she work with all her might for the covid patients.

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