Qurbaan Hua 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 12th October 2020 Chahat is worried how long will she have to hide in the barn as Viyas would also be worried, she thinks of what she can do as her mobile phone is not working as she would have then called Neil.
Viyas jee is with the guests when the father suddenly starts coughing Viyas jee asks him to take the water but there is nothing that is serve, he enters the kitchen still there is nothing there so he is really worried about what would happen as nothing is prepared in the kitchen. He is angry when Godambari so he asks her where Chahat Is as it was her responsibility to prepare the food, but she is nowhere to be found, he starts texting her.
Chahat si in the barn seeking help from her mother when her mobile phone rings, she sees that Viyas jee has texted her, ordering her to come as soon as possible, she worries about what would happen so calls Neil but he is not answering, she feels someone’s hand on her shoulders so turns to find Neil, he asks why she is not inside as the guests are waiting, she explains the entire situation then asks him to help her, he says that she is just acting as the daughter in law of the family so should not be worried but Chahat says that Viyas jee doesnot know this so he must help her, he answers that after making her his acting wife he has been taking a lot of stress.
Viyas jee is standing when Baleq asks if he has talked with her, Viyas jee mentions that she is not answering his call, and explains that he never thought that he would be ashamed like this in front of the guests because of her, he sits mentioning that the reason that have not been able to serve anything is because his daughter in law has gone because of some work so is not at home, Neil comes and after seeking their blessings calls Chahat who comes with a helmet on her head, everyone is shocked and starts making fun of her, Viyas jee is also angry with her, she mentions that she was not able to remove it, then Neil says that she has served them the food and now they must try to take it off, Nisha is adamant to help her however Neil explains that he would help but is forced when Viyas jee says that they might benefit from her medical knowledge, they both take Nisha with them but Neil purposefully makes sure that it is stuck and she is not able to remove it, Chahat prays to Allah then Godambari brings Naveli, Neil asks if she has seen Naveli so Nisha leaves in excitement.
Everyone is sitting, Godambari warns her to remain calm and talk with Baleq afterwards, she asks the boy of his work, Nisha explains that her brother looks after their father’s business and is really successful but the work is slow because of the virus, they all are having splendid time, the boy says that he really likes Naveli then they all agree to the relation, Jamuna and the family members decide that they will hold a function the very next day after which they leave, Chahat explains that she was not able to sit with them because of the helmet, Kripa starts crying, Godambari orders Chahat to go and check her, Viyas jee stops her explaining that she might start crying after seeing her so Neil should be the one, he starts laughing.
Neil is in the room sitting with Kripa while Chahat is trying to remove the helmet however she is not able to and exclaims that they would know the kind of tools the mechanic would use if they have to go to him, Neil is laughing and exclaims that she is just like jadoo from the movie but the only difference is that he used to eat the sunlight while she is eating his brains.
He says something but she answers that she is not able to hear it, he removes the helmet then explains that it was locked and it came out when he unlocked it, she starts to relax, he tris to set the hair that are dispersed all over her face and even hands her a tissue to wipe the sweat from her face, she exclaims that he has folded his napkin with such precision and even doesnot like when anyone says something wrong of her, he exclaims that she only tries to treat him and cause tension.
She thanks him for helping her fix her mobile as she thought that he was making sure that it was out of his reach but Neil says that he had no idea but Chahat is amazed with his answer.


Qurbaan Hua 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat hears that Naveli is planning to run from the house otherwise she will tell the truth about him, Baleq thinks that he mentioned what he can do to get to the seat of Mant, Chahat plans to make sure Viyas jee knows the truth about him as it is because of him that her father was blamed for the murder of Saraswati.


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