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Qurbaan Hua 13th October 2020 Chahat sits in the room with Gollu explaining that Neil doesnot even know how to lie so they must also do something for him, she thinks of how she can thank him for his help so decides to clean the cupboard but then dismisses the idea as then he would get angry with her if something wrong happens with them, she thinks of ironing the clothes as nothing wrong could happen with it, she starts talking with Gollu meanwhile she forgets that she is ironing the pant, Neil is in the kitchen and calls Chahat after he is not able to find the spices, she asks Kripa to not cry as she will back really soon.
Ghazala enters the room thinking that whenever she has tried to degrade Chahat in the eyes of the family she always find a way to break free but if something happens to Kripa then they would never forgive her and the daughter of Dr Baig would have to pay the price, she turns on the iron and places it near Kripa before leaving the room.
Neil asks Chahat that he ordered her to clean the kitchen so where are the spices, she exclaims that she did it as he asked so he would like it, he takes the basket asking why did she place all the spices together and also why is the oil in the same box with the spices. He scolds her but she apologizes to him which makes him curious as to what has happened to her.
Sunita comes out and pretends that she is cleaning the house while Godambari is sitting beside cleaning the grains.
Neil inquires if Chahat is feeling healthy as she accepted her mistake with any questions Chahat exclaims that the reason she is not fighting is because he helped her so would refrain from fighting.
Kripa starts crying when the steam comes to her face, Sunita asks Godambari to check why Kripa was crying because she was with Chahat, Godambari goes saying that she should check what has Chahat done now. Chahat and Godambari both start walking towards the room meanwhile a burst of wind turns the iron away from Kripa, so she stops crying. Chahat reaches the room and immediately turns off the iron thinking of careless he was to leave it on, Godambari seeing that Chahat is with Kripa thinks that Sunita has sent her for no reason. Chahat thinks of thanking Neil so writes down a note for him.
Ghazala is wondering why Godambari did not create a scene and is shocked to see that she is coming back, she asks Godambari what has happened and if Kripa is alright, Godambari mentions that she was playing with Chahat and she has to walk the stairs for no reason, she orders Sunita to mind her own business and clean the web that are in their house.
Ghazala wonders how Chahat is able to escape from all her plans as she wants to ruin her reputation in the eyes of the family, she seeing Naveli thinks of using her as way to create hatred in the eyes of the family for Chahat, she goes to Naveli mentioning that she knows that Naveli doesnot want to marry Ravinder and she herself married the person she loved even when her family refused her marriage, Ghazala blackmails her into thinking that she should do all that she can to get her love even if it means killing someone, Naveli also agrees mentioning that she is right so she would run away to marry her love as no one has the right to take decisions for her life.
In the night Sunita to goes to Chahat pleading with her to save the bad that is about to happen as she saw Naveli packing her clothes so she feels that she is trying to run away and the only reason she told her this is because she eats from the same house, Chahat leaves ordering Sunita to not saying anything about this to anyone.
Chahat walks to the room of Naveli, she hears that Naveli is talking to someone planning that they will meet near the well and run away never to return, she threathens that she will tell everyone about the incident that took place at Shriwatri, she thinks that if Naveli runs away Jamuna would emotionally breakdown, Chahat sees the calendar about the date for Shriwatri and thinks that it was the same night that Saraswati died. She thinks that Naveli told her Saraswati did not like her boyfriend so what can she do to stop her, she thinks of informing Neil but ends the idea however is adamant to stop Naveli from running with her boyfriend.
Baleq is in the store thinking that he has no interest in marrying Naveli but only one aim to attain the seat of Mant and if this doesnot happen he can kill anyone just like Saraswati.
Chahat thinks that she did not think that the boyfriend of Naveli is the right kind of a person as it is because of him that her life has ruined, her father was blamed for the murder and she lost the hospital which her father had built.
Baleq apologizes to Naveli thinking that he ahs no other way but to kill her as this night would be the last night when she is alive.
Chahat is praying thinking that she could not let the person who is a killer get away with murder so easily so she would make sure that Neil and Viyas jee are aware of the truth that her father was innocent.

Precap: Chahat sees the time thinking that Naveli was called to meet at 1 pm, Neil doesnot find Chahat so runs after her, she is being strangled by someone who throws her in the well.

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