Qurbaan Hua 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 15th July 2021 In the morning Chahat is with the dress, Neel questions what is she doing, she exclaims it is the costume which she bought for herself thinking that they would look good in the school so she is altering it for the size of Alka, Neel exclaims it is madness as she is the mother of Dua and no one can even for one day snatch this position from her, Chahat cries asking what can she do, her own daughter doesnot want to consider her as her mother, he is the father so can yell at her and even get angry with her but she is her mother and cannot ruin the dream of her daughter, they both hear something has broken, Chahat exclaims it is from the room of Vyas je so they both rush to him, Chahat calls Vyas je, they are shocked to see him leaning while the glass is broken, she takes his hand and he look at her, she helps him straight, then gives him the medicine, she apologizes for being late as it was time for his medicine, he raises his hand giving her the blessings, he even wipes off the tears from her eyes, showing them to Neel, he explains it is because of Dua who now thinks that Chahat loves Shlok more then her, she is a child so what can they do so Dua is even misbehaving with her, Chahat exclaims she doesnot know what to do as Dua is going far away from her.

Vyas je exclaims she must have patience, Neel reveals that he is asking her to wait as everything would be fine, Chahat taking his hand starts weeping, form his behaviour. Chahat says to Neel Vyas je might be right as if she has some patience then everything would be fine, they hear Dua asking why Alka is not her mother and she should have been with her husband, Dr Chahat is not a good mother, she will from now on just call her as Alka maa, Dua hugs her, Neel calling her exclaims she is crossing all the limits as Chahat is her mother, she cannot get a better mother then her, Alka is her aunt and not mother, Dua says she doesnot want Dr Chahat and she is not her mother, Neel exclaims it is enough and if she doesnot apologize then he will get angry, Dua refuses to apologize saying Chahat is not her mother, Neel replies he knows how to correct her, Chahat tries to warn Neel but he places restriction on the ice cream, television of Dua, she asks Alka for help but Neel warns her to stop spoiling his daughter and leaves, Chahat goes after him, Dua is nervous, Chahat asks Neel to not be angry as Dua is stubborn and he should just give some time because everything would be fine.

Naveli asks Bhupinder if he would accept what everyone is saying if he has any saying, Neel hears the conversation, he asks Bhupinder what is he doing here, Neel replies he would not let the wedding happen until his Bhabhi takes back the condition, Bhupinder replies that he tried to convince his Bhabhi but she did not listen, Neel replies he is also stubborn so pushes Bopho who comes back trying to explain Neel in anger throws Bopho out of the house, Naveli asks what is he doing when Bopho is his childhood friend, Neel replies this is why he is sorry because he is not standing up for what is wrong, Neel leaves, Bopho tries to follow him but Chahat stops him saying that Neel is angry, she will talk with him, Chahat prays that now Dua doesnot do anything that causes Neel to be even more angry.

Neel serves Dua the dish, but she says that she doesnot want to eat, he explains that she will eat only what is cooked in the house, but Dua insists on having the junk food, she leaves sayings he will not eat anything, Chahat tries to go after her, but Neel stops her, she then rushes out of the house crying.

Dua is in her room, she is watching the cartoons, Neel comes and destroys the plug, he says that she will be able to watch the cartoons when she eats the khichdi and apologizes to her mother, Neel leaves, Dua thinks he has also started to behave like Dr Chahat after being with her, Alka comes asking if she can come with her and watch the cartoons, Dua fears Neel would scold her, Alka covers the pillows to make it look like as if Dua is sleeping, she gives her a lot of chocolates, asking Dua she would have even given her the chocolates, Dua explains she doesnot like the food cooked by Dr Chahat as she is not nice but Alka is really nice, Alka crying thinks she cannot ruin the hearts of the children as they are the only ones who consider her as a member of the family.
Chahat thinks Dua might have slept without eating anything, she is standing at the door when she gets a call from Bhupinder who is crying, saying everything is ruined because the bakery is in fires. Chahat exclaims she would come and immediately rushes out; she thinks of waking Neel but doesnot as he slept after a hard day’s work.

Dua is not even able to sleep and doesnot feel like watching television, she decides to go and practice her dance, she is practicing when Vyas je is delighted to see her, she asks if he also likes the music and wants to listen to it, she helps him wear an ear phone, he also enjoys but gets tired when she makes him dance so Dua also exclaims she is hungry and takes Vyas je to the kitchen, she asks what should they eat but she only finds the bowl of milk which places in the microwave not knowing that they do not place metal pots in the microwave, Dua sees that the microwave is giving off smoke she asks Vyas jee to come with her but he doesnot move, she sees Chahat entering the house, Dua runs fearing she would be punished, Chahat sees the smoke and pulls Vyas je away just before the microwave bursts in flames, Vyas je gets scared, Neel along with the entire family comes asking what has happened, Chahat exclaims she is glad that Vyas je is safe but someone placed the metal pot in the microwave, Vyas je exclaims he did not do anything, Alka rushes to bring water for him, Godambari questions why did he not call them if he need the milk, Chahat asks Vyas je to reveal the name of the person who placed the metal pot, He points towards Dua who is hiding under the table.


Qurbaan Hua 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel asks Chahat what’s wrong with her. Does she want to lose her daughter? He will call and tell in dance academy that Dua’s real mother is Chahat. She says they will kick her out if he tells the truth.


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