Qurbaan Hua 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 15th October 2020 Chahat answers that she heard Naveli talking to her boyfriend that they will run away but when she got near the well someone tried strangling her, she points at Baleq, Neil is shocked to see that it is Baleq so asks him what he is doing here.
Some time before Chahat is in her room thinking that Naveli will meet her boyfriend after some time so she will find the truth about her boyfriend as she feels he is using her, Sunita is with Naveli who thanks her for the help as otherwise Godambari would have questioned her, Sunita mentions that she is always ready to do whatever she can for her, Sunita mentions that soon everyone will go to sleep so she would have the opportunity to run away so must not let anyone stop him, she takes out a knife and is adamant that she would not let anyone stop her, Sunita leaves thinking that it is truly said that people get selfish in love.
Viyas jee gives Neil a gold chain explaining that he has to present it as a gift to the room because it is their ritual that the brother of the bride has to gift something, Neil inquires why did he spent so much money because he himself has got a job which is working really and he has a lot of money for the time being because of his prayers and the hardwork, however Viyas jee mentions that it is nothing to worry about, then walks about mentioning that Jamuna would be really worried about the expense of the wedding so he must inform him that Naveli is a daughter of this house so they would be the one to bear all the expense as if he is the one to advise him, Jamuna would politely decline. Neil agrees assuring him that he would talk with Jamuna.
Naveli thinks that everyone would be asleep by now so she must leave, she is not able to open the door, she gets worried thinking what has happened after which he gets really nervous, Chahaht ahs locked the door and thinks that she cannot let Naveli run away with the person who is involved in the killing of Saraswati so she has to find the truth.
Viyas jee stops Neil who says that Saraswati also used to stop him and does he want to say that he should remain honest and work well for the function, Viyas jee stops saying that it is not the case as he has something for him, he gives him a present of a kurta, Viyas jee mentions that Saraswati used to tell him that Neil loved the dress so he brought it as a gift, Neil is not able to believe that his father has brought a gift, Viyas jee mentions that he has tried to present a gift which has never done before, Neil is not able to control himself and hugs Viyas jee, he also gets emotional then rememwebring all the time when he was praised by his father, after the hug Neil takes his leave explaining that he has to show the gift to someone.
Chahat is walking in the hall, she stops at the door the walks outside of the house.
Neil is constantly calling Chahat explaining that he has to show her the kurta which Viyas jee presented him as a gift, he goes to the room where the hanging of Chahat’s mother falls, he sees the time and realizes that it was the same as in the dream so it might be the Chahat is in some kind of trouble.
Chahat is at the well thinking that she is only praying that Naveli’s boyfriend believes that she is Naveli and comes closer to her then she will be able to know his identity, Baleq comes from behind and covers her face with a cloth, he starts strangling her thinking that she also came in his way like Saraswati so he is going to kill her just like his wife.
He is strangling Chahat when Neil comes from behind with a bat and hits him in the head so he gets unconscious, he helps Chahat calm herself down, he makes her sit and she is having difficulty breathing, he hugs her inquiring if she is okay, he asks her to not worry as he is with her, he exclaims that he saw in his dream that something bad was happening to her so he came to help her.
Ghazala is in the room thinking that both Chahat and Neil are not in the room, she after seeing the time goes to Naveli and is shocked to see that the door is locked from outside, she asks Naveli what is she doing in the room as she feels that it might be the actions of Chahat, Naveli thinks that if Chahat has gone to the well and finds out the truth relating to Baleq then everything will be ruined so she would have to inform her.
Neil helps Chahat standing, Naveli thinks of calling Baleq so when the phone rings he wakes up and I shocked to see that it is Chahat in the clothes of Naveli, he acts as if he is unconscious, Neil asks Chahat what is she doing, she mentions of how she heard Naveli talking with her boyfriend that they would run so when she came someone tried to strangle her, she points at Baleq, Neil is shocked to see that it is Baleq.
Baleq wakes up exclaiming that he was not able to stop Naveli, he asks Chahat what is she doing here in the clothes of Naveli, he said that he thought Naveli was trying to run away when he saw her and felt that Chahat was right, he thought of covering her in a cloth and taking her back to the house, Neil apologizes to Baleq.
He turns to Chahat asking her when would she stop believing that Naveli is running with her boyfriend, He calls Naveli who is sleeping and explains that he went to bed early so that she is able to look fresh in the function, Chahat is convinced that she heard Naveli planning to run away, Naveli blames Chahat of wrongly accusing her, Chahat explains that she heard her talking with her boyfriend that she would reveal the truth about MahShrivatri.


Qurbaan Hua 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Neil goes to a man who is sitting as a beggar that he is the one who takes money, the man gets up mentioning that he was sitting undercover and informs his superior that he has caught the Muslim girl and the Hindu boy who ran away from them, so should he inform their parents, this shocks both Chahat and Neil.


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