Qurbaan Hua 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 16th October 2020 Chahat inquires Naveli why she is lying as she herself heard her saying that if her boyfriend doesnot come to the well then she will reveal the truth about MahShrivatri, and it was the same day when Saraswati died, Naveli deamands that Chahat should stop judging her as she was only talking to her friend and they were rehearsing the dialogue relating to their play, she also exclaims that she is tired of justifying her actions so she should stop this judging her, Neil pleads with her to calm down as she should look fresh in her function, Neil ends the call then orders Chahat to stop talking relating to the issue as they should leave for the house, he also asks Baleq to come but he says that he has brought his own car.
Baleq feels relieved then calls Naveli who asks if Neil and Chahat have left, she exclaims that he should not worry as she is going to come as soon as possible then they both will settle somewhere far away from everyone, Baleq ends the call thinking that she was his support for attaining the position but now because of her he cannot end his dreams so she would also have to go where he has sent Saraswati.
Neil in the car asks Chahat why is she so suspicious of Naveli’s actions, Chahat answers that she does not want that Naveli does anything which causes Viyas jee to be ashamed, Neil inquires why is she so worried about him even when he doesnot care that much for him, Chahat exclaims that he would not understand, Neil answers that he has seen Saraswati taking care of Viyas jee so he knows what the matter is. Neil orders her to stop talking of the issue as he knows that Naveli would never vow on his life if she was lying, Chahat thinks that she cannot believe that Naveli is right as it is the saying of their Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U,H).
Naveli greets Baleq mentioning that she was right as now they both can run away and marry each other which is what they dreamed off, Baleq gets angry then threatens to kill her saying that they both would have been caught because of her actions and he would not be able to get what he has dreamed off, he is about to push her in the well but she apologizes saying that she would never do anything of the sort, he orders her to touch his feet as otherwise he would kill her.
Neil orders Chahat to not spy on Naveli anymore and also that she should not worry about Viyas jee that much, Chahat says that they are nothing without the identity of their parents, she challenges him that he should spend one day without using the name of Viyas jee, he accepts the challenge, Neil turns on the radio so that he should not have to talk with Chahat, the songs are romantic which they both cannot listen after some time Neil turns off the radio.
Chahat asks him how he knew where to find her, he explains that all the things that happened in his dreams was happening in their real life so he knew where to find her and he got worried for her safety. Chahat taunts Neil that he was really worried for her safety.
Baleq threatens to kill Naveli, she is pleading for her life then even holds his feet but he says that he would surely kill her if anything wrong happens to her, she starts crying he consoles her saying that she should see in his eyes the love which he has for her.
Chahat thanks Neil for helping her, then he says that he would not come again to help her so she should prepare herself, then she makes him take a lot of turns and also performs Sadqah for his health and they are talking when they reach a place, Neil asks for the directions she sees that a man is sitting so orders him to go and give the money to him as he seems to be a beggar.
Jamuna gets a call on the -phone, he tries waking Godamabari however she doesnot wake so he himself answer the call, he is shocked to hear the news and is not even able to answer anything.
Neil and Chahat are standing when there is a thunderstorm, they both pray to god, the beggar realizes that they both have different religions, Neil tries giving him money, he points a gun at him mentioning that he is an undercover officer, he asks if he can call their parents, then Neil threatens asking if he knows who his father is Neil suddenly realizes the challenge which they both had, the police officer says that they both should explain themselves in the police station.

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