Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2020 Neil says that Chahat knows he cannot see her face then how would he be able to calm her down, Chahat says that he can also do it without seeing her, Neil takes the phone and asks her to show him how to hold her, Chahat says that he has to hold her from under the head and the stomach and then he should make her swing. Neil is not able to calm her down, Chahat explains that it might be because she wants him to see her face however Neil gets angry saying that he would not break the promise which he has made to his sister, he doesnot listen to the pleads of Chahat, she mentions that her niece is as stubborn as him so until he sees her face she will not stop crying, he refuses to do it and by mistake sees her face, he is not able to take his eyes off her face, then flashes the time when he took his sister to the hospital and how she used to parent him, even when she scolded him. he starts crying thinking of her meanwhile his hands start trembling.
Neil seeing her exclaims that she is really cute and how could someone be so wise as she is just like her mother, he exclaims that she has not got his eyebrows as otherwise she would have to spent most of her time in the beauty parlour, he goes to Chahat exclaiming that gollu has stopped crying, Chahat mentions that she would have to as she finally found the love she was waiting for, Chahat asks that he go and see how good they are looking in the mirror, Neil seeing them together says that he cannot understand why he did not see her for so long. Chahat wishes him that he remain with Kripa at all times. Chahat says that she is also yearning for the love of her father, she prays to find him.
Ghazala is sitting explaining to Mr Baig that she has collected money and will hire some goons so that they are able to kill Mant Viyas as because of him Akram has left them, Mr Baig stops her, he hands her a key then draws his cabin where there is a locker and with it a lot of money, Ghazala asks about the amount then is excited that it is some hefty amount, he explains that they would not be able to open it without his thumb print, she says that this would mean that they would have to go for Devpriagh.
Chahat in the morning is praying, she sees that Viyas jee has not come out yet, she is adamant to not leave for the hospital until she apologizes to Viyas jee, he then comes out and heads for the garden where he starts feeding the pigeons, she also starts calling them with the same voice as him, he gets angry when she acts like him, then she starts explaining that because of him a lot of patients are getting benefit because of Yoga classes, he asks if she is ashamned of what she has done, she apologizes assuring him that she would never break his trust ever again but he should forgive her as she cannot bear that he doesnot talk to her, he asks if she would do anything then he breaks a tree branch asking if she makes it whole again then he would forgive her. She says that it is impossible, Viyas jee responds that it is the same with trust as one it is broken it cannot be mended.
She takes the branches saying that they can be mended but if the flower is removed then it would die down after some time, she explain that it is the same with her as if he doesnot forgive her then she would not be able to live, he leaves she thinks that one of her father is away from her while the other is not talking to her, she goes to take out the lab coat of her father however doesnot find it there, she starts searching for it, Neil comes explaining that he ahs taken it out as whenever he sees it he remembers who is her father.
Ghazala takes Mr Baig to the hospital saying that Viyas jee has made their hospital into corona hospital which is run from Charity when it was their hospital, she exclaims that they are the signs of dooms day.
Chahat asks Neil to stop as she is really frustrated, he tries to give her a vegetable as what she is trying to do cannot happen, Chahat however assures him that she would do anything to seek the apology from Viyas jee as she cannot bear when he is not talking to her. Neil says that she should not try as he is very stubborn, he throws the stick, she then drops the flower from her hand, Neil takes it up. Jamuna also comes feels that he is trying to give Chahat a flower however he explains that they have to maintain some distance but then showers the flowers on her, Jamuna thinks of doing the same but refutes it as he would have to clean it afterwards and leaves.
Neil explains that he would have done it even if Jamuna had not come as she has given a beautiful name to his niece so he wanted to thank her, he then asks her to leave as otherwise she would get late for the hospital as she is now a corona warrior.


Qurbaan Hua 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Neil is adamnet to make Mr Baig pay for what he has done, Chahat thinks that she would have to make sure that her father leaves the hospital without a scratch, they both are searching for them, Neil find Ghazala packing some stuff so asks her about the whereabouts of Dr Baig.


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