Qurbaan Hua 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Qurbaan Hua 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Qurbaan Hua 18th May 2021 Chahat exclaims she saw the tattoo with her own eyes and Shlok also saw the same tattoo on the arm of the women who was kidnapped, Rasili looks towards Aalekh who signals her, Aalekh remembers the time when he heard Dua and Shlok talking to each other where she inquired how does he remember her tattoo, Shlok mentions that at that time his glasses were fine so then he thought that the children have also gotten suspicious after staying with Chahat so they would have to of something about the tattoo on her hand, he went to Rasili and applied the base so the tattoo is not visible, Rasili standing explains she cannot bear anything as Chahat is not even allowing her to meet him she therefore feels she might have to take the help of the police.

Aalekh signals Vyas jee who standing explains that police would not enter his house as he has seen the pain in her eyes, he can see she is the real mother of Shlok so she can take him away and his blessings are with her, Rasili exclaims she would bring him whenever he desires but when she turns to get him, Chahat stopping her warns that she would not take Shlok away until Neel comes back, Vyas je agrees saying Shlok can stay until Neel comes back, after that his mother can take him away, Chahat leaves the room in anger, Aalekh questions why did he agree to her desires, Vyas je replies that he got scared as he is also a human being, they all are really worried.

Chahat asks Dua what has happened, she explains she asked Shlok to see Radhe with her but he is not listening, Shlok sitting up explains that they would see the movie with Neel because he really likes to watch such movies, Chahat explains they can see it anytime on the zee5 and it can be downloaded on the mobiles, they all turn on the tv to watch the trailer after which Shlok explains that he has the solution to every problem.

Chahat advises them both to lie down, Chahat marks the entire sides of the bed and sitting with Shlok wonders where has Neel gone because she is taking care of Shlok all by herself, she gets a call from an unknown person who reveals that he has found a person who is in critical condition at the road and his Id reveals he is Neelkand, they found her contact from his mobile, Chahat exclaims she is coming so leaves where she found a person lying on the floor but is shocked to ser that it is not Neel.

Agam is massaging the feet of Rasili who exclaims that he is capable of this because she was about to run away with the child however, he prevented it, Aalekh comes saying that he has with very cleverness send Chahat away so she can run away with Shlok.
Chahat thinks that she might be send and the life of Shlok might be in danger, Aalekh says that she would get the money but must leave with Shlok, Chahat stops her and takes Shlok in the house, the entire family comes when Chahat asks Godambari why is she not seeing that the girl is lying as she cannot be the mother of Shlok because no mother can take the child in the night, Alka asks Chahat to step aside as Neel send her a message from another number informing that she must let her take Shlok away, Chahat reading it is shocked, Rasili threatens to call the police because Chahat is creating such a scene, Vyas je however says that he has seen her love so she can take Shlok away but must not call the police.

Chahat stops her saying that she would not her take Shlok away, Aalekh asks what is her problem because Shlok is a member of their family and they do not have any problem, Chahat reveals this is the issue because they have not read the message in which Neel has used really polite words for Shlok which he would never use, Alka also is shocked how can she over look such an important thing because she also knows Neel would never talk like this to Shlok.

Chahat explains she will find out the truth about the message and calls the number which belongs to Rasili, Chahat getting mad slaps her and she starts crying saying she lied about the message because she could not stay away from her child anymore, but it is because she could not live without her child anymore, she asks if she has to give a proof of her motherhood, Chahat reveals she has to and she will call the laboratory to get the DNA test, Vyas je exclaims there is no need and they would call the lab in the morning.

The doctor takes the blood in the morning but Shlok is really scared Chahat calms him explaining that Dua is also giving her blood, she immediately sits and Shlok after her also agrees to take out the blood, Dua asks for her mobile because she has to play a game.
Dua goes outside where she gets a call from Sahil who asks where Chahat is because she was not answering his call, Dua reveals that Chahat is busy in getting her DNA tested and the doctor has also come to their house, Sahil ends the call saying he would call later, Sahil says to Ghazala saying that she is getting the DNA test of Neel because she desires to be a member of his family once again. Sahil is ready to inform Aalekh but Ghazala stops him saying that if he comes to know the truth then might try to use Dua for his own agenda. Ghazala asks Sahil to bring Dua with him, they would use Dua against Chahat and she would have to come to them after which she would make sure that her Nikkah is performed with him. Ghazala vows to make Chahat pay as she caused him to be away from her own son.


Qurbaan Hua 19th May 2021 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aalekh asks the doctor if they would get the report till the evening, the doctor assures they would get the report, he signals Rasili and Vyas je, Chahat sees them so she gets suspicious.


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