Qurbaan Hua 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 19th April 2021 Dua is frustrated that Shlok is adamant to not eat anything until she performs the ritual to end the bad omen and if he doesnot eat anything then she would also not be able to have anything, Alka taking the thali performs the ritual and says to Shlok that she would make his favourite dessert, Shlok turning to Dua exclaims that he cannot understand why it is so necessary to get married because this is what Baleq usually says to Alka maa that she is not the wife of Neel so doesnot have anything in this house, he is really sad, Dua hugs hum remembering how they became best friends and he also made her as his sister, Dua exclaims there is nothing to worry about and they would get them both married, Shlok says what would happen if her mother takes her away, Dua however says that she would never leave him until his parents are married, she then asks him to come as she would show him how to make the drawing of micky mouse, Alka coming out to the hall exclaims that it is impossible to accomplish what they are planning as even when Neel has given her his name he doesnot love her and there is only women in his heart whose name is Chahat, it is impossible to end his love for her.

In the morning Baleq is secretly taking the rod to the car and he drives off, Chahat follows him in the other car praying that she is able to find Neel and Vyas je, Baleq stops the car, taking out the rod he remembers how Neel stopped him from becoming the Mant and the second time Shlok did not allow him to fulfill his plan so he vows to take the revenge of losing the position as Mant from Neel and hit him until he dies.

Chahat also stops the car but then her shirt gets stuck in the front of the car so she follows Baleq inside however she is shocked to see that there is no one inside, she wonders where they could have gone, Baleq and Sahil are putting Neel and Vyas je in the car, Baleq asks if he is sure that someone has followed him, Sahil remembers that when Baleq came with the plan to kill Neel and Vyas je, he saw Chahat following Baleq but is glad Baleq did not see her because then he would have realized that Chahat is alive which cannot happen, Baleq questions the name of the person, Sahil reveals that it was his servant Toup Singh, Baleq gets mad realizing his name so vows to make him pay, he thinks that Naveli has also gotten a lot clever because of Toup Singh, Sahil asks him to throw Toup Singh out of the house.

Shlok entering the room of Vyas je exclaims that Dua herself went to sleep advising him to come to the room of Vyas je, he wonders what he would do now so decides to write a letter ordering Neel to marry Alka Maa as he will not defy the order of the Mant, Naveli exclaims that it cannot happen because Neel doesnot agree to marry Alka, even when Vyas je tried to order him because he only listens to the orders of one person and after she left he has become selfish, Shlok asks the name of the person however when he takes the name of Chahat, Baleq comes asking why did she dare take the name of Chahat because she knows how much he hates her because he lost the seat as the Mant because of Chahat, he starts slapping her and she begs him to let her go, Shlok asks who is she worried about because there is no one there, he questions her about the name but she is about to say it when Baleq comes asking what is she doing in the room of Vyas je when he ordered her to never come out, she explains that she only came to place the jug, he orders her to leave, Shlok also runs away from Baleq.

Shlok entering the room wonders what he must do to get his father married to Alka Maa, he decides to check the photo album but doesnot find anything there, he wonders what he must do to find that person whose order Neel doesnot defy.

Naveli asks Toup Singh to leave her because if Baleq sees them he would get really mad however Toup Singh asks if she is feeling better, she explains that it is somewhat nice, Toup Singh explains to Naveli that if a women stands against the cruelty of a husband, he cannot do anything so she must also just gather the courage, she however refuses to even say that Baleq slaps her, Toup Singh asks then why does she have finger marks on her facer and the reason her hands are burnt, she doesnot say anything, Toup Singh asks her to not accept the orders of such a person, Baleq hearing their conversation comes asking what is happening and why did Naveli allow another man to touch her without his orders as her husband, he is about to slap her when Toup Singh stops him, he gets mad asking how did he dare so Naveli steps Infront saying that it was not his fault and he must not do anything, Baleq questions how did she dare do this asking if she has forgotten that she when she ran away to marry the Muslim man, the entire village was cursing her and he then married her otherwise she would have been sitting in the market,

He blames that she is celebrating with the servant and then tries to slap her however Toup Singh stooping his hand explains he is a really pathetic person for trying to hit his wife and blaming it on her, he warns Toup Singh to not come back otherwise he would burn him alive, Shlok explains that he will not leave the house, Baleq asks who is he to interfere in the matters and orders him to go back inside, Shlok asks if he has forgotten that until Vyas je returns he is the Mant and his order is that Toup Singh will not leave, he threatens to inform Maha Acharya jee if Baleq tries to defy his orders, Alka also rushes to stand with Shlok questioning if Baleq would go against the orders of the Mant.


Qurbaan Hua 20th April 2021 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baleq says that he should not worry about Toup Singh, it is because of him that Shlok insulted him so if he ever comes in his way then he would kill him, Sahil thinks that he is talking of killing Chahat and if it happens then his entire plan would be ruined which he cannot see happening.


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