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Qurbaan Hua 1st July 2021 Aalekh presses the button causing the blast, the entire Dhiani family steps out from the hiding where they see Aalekh screaming from pain because of the pole which falls on him, Neel seeing him says he told him that god also performs justice, Aalekh asks him to remove the pole from his feet, the police arrive, Naveli mentions she called him as they should arrest the person, he is responsible for all of the kidnappings and is even the one behind the bomb blast, the police arrest Aalekh along with everyone else, the van takes Aalekh away, Inspector questions how did it all happen, Neel is explaining it when Dua comes running asking Neel t come with her as Chahat is waiting for him because Sahil is dead, they all get shocked when Godambari questions if Shlok has seen Sahil die, Neel reaches Chahat who exclaims if Sahil had some good deeds in his life, he would have gone to heaven.
Dua exclaims everyone loves Shlok and do not care for he, one of the goons stands, he comes to Dua but Ghazala hits him, with a rod, she hugs Dua explaining there is nothing to worry about because she would always be with her even if her parents do not love her like Shlok, she takes her hand before going to where everyone else is standing.

The inspector questions what has happened when Shlok exclaims he would also be killed but Chahat consoles him, she is also performing the formalities of the police, Ghazala asks Dua to see that her mother only cares for Shlok, she would forget her just as she has forgotten Sahil, Dua hugs her tightly, Ghazala thinks she would have lost the war bhut now Chahat will lose to her own children.

In the house Chahat is consoling Shlok saying there is no need to worry because now they are safe in their house, she is with him when Naveli and Alka help Vyas je, she brings the water so Chahat asks Vyas jee to water the plant of Tulsi, they all hold hands when Bopho and Naveli praise Chahat for saving the children as she has even left Jackie Chan behind but Chahat is overwhelmed, Dua in anger rushes back to Ghazala, who asks if she witnessed that they all are praising Chahat but ignoring her not thinking she first saved her favorite son Shlok.

Chahat advises they all take Vyas je inside, she calls Dua to come inside but Dua refuses to even allow Chahat near her saying she should go back to Shlok, Chahat worrying questions what she is saying as she feels the same for her and Shlok but Dua doesnot go near her, instead she hugs Neel requesting he warn Chahat to stay away from her because she doesnot love her anymore and only care for Shlok. Neel asks why she feels this way, he takes her inside to talk and solve the situation. Ghazala thinks the first aim has hit its mark.

In the night, Chahat standing on the terrace remembers how angry Dua was and how she said that Chahat doesnot love her anymore but only cares for Shlok, Neel comes out when Chahat asks if Dua stopped crying, he replies that she stopped crying with a lot of difficulty so might even start again if she goes near her, Chahat questions what happened that made her feel like this, Newel replies she has started thinking that since Chahat saved Shlok first from the Paris wheel, she cares more for him, Chahat hugs Neel explaining they both are her children so how can after being a mother can she think that Chahat would ever differentiate between them, the only reason she saved Shlok first was because he was feeling scared from the height which is why she decided to save her knowing that Dua is her strong daughter, she felt Dua would not get tensed, Chahat is worried thinking how would she be able to remove the misunderstands from Dua, Neel mentions she is the best mother there can be and the misunderstanding would end sooner or later, he would sleep with her, they both hug each other.

Chahat is not able to sleep in the night wondering if Dua would have sleep, she decides to see it with her own eyes, she enters the room to see Dua sleeping with Neel, Chahat starts weeping thin king she can bear the anger of anyone but cannot bear it of her own child, she would die if she is angry with her.

In the morning Neel is playing the game with Shlok, Chahat prepares the burgers so Shlok questions why did she make them when she herself says it is not right, Chahat replies they can have the burgers on rare occasions, she is not able to bear so decides to check it but Neel stops saying if Dua feels like resting so she must let her sleep, Ghazala seeing the opportunity goes to the room where she acts as if she is crying, Dua questions why is she crying, Ghazala explains it is because she would now be left alone because her parents are happy with Shlok while she is still sleeping, Dua and Ghazala go to the stairs where she is frustrated to see Chahat playing with Shlok, Ghazala even instigates her anger, Chahat is delighted to see her, Neel asks Dua to come as her mother has prepared the favourite dish, Dua in anger throws it away questioning why did she prepare the breakfast when she doesnot love her, Chahat tries to explain she really loves her, Dua however asks Neel to warn Chahat to not talk with her, Ghazala immediately jumps asking if Dua would eat from her hands, Shlok remembering that she helped Aalekh starts crying, Chahat questions what has happened, he reveals Ghazala is really evil as she helped Aalekh, Chahat turns in anger towards Ghazala.

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