Qurbaan Hua 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 1st October 2020 Neil brings Chahat into the house, Ghazala is adamant to reveal the truth of Chahat’s religion, Viyas jee is worried about what Neil has said to him that he has found another person to punish after his sister, however he sits while trying to prepare something.

Ghazala is about to leave the room when she sees that Neil is coming with Chahat, she immediately hides then after seeking the opportunity runs to hide.
Baleq is in the room trying to feed Kripa however Naveli comes to the room and locks the room, he asks what has she done as she should try and feed Kripa because she is being stubborn just like her mother, Naveli tries to get closer however he pushes her away explaining that they vowed to not meet in secret, she acts as if she is scared and sitting on the seat mentions that she feels he is no longer interested in her, however Baleq stops her mentioning that he killed Saraswati so that she doesnot tell anyone their truth and he only loves her so that she should leave before anyone comes, after going out of the room Naveli exclaims that her mother was being tensed for no reason and that is why she recorded the entire conversation now she only has to test if she is pregnant.

Neil is talking with Bopho and exclaims that she has not woken up but he has given her the medicine, then she starts talking about how beautiful his voice is and how beautiful his hair is, Neil thinks that she might be talking about him but when she mentions the dimples, he realizes that she is dreaming of someone else, he tries waking her up but she pulls him closer then he thinks of waking her up but sees that Viyas jee is coming to their room so he immediately heads back inside and does all that he can so that Chahat wakes up as if Viyas jee hears that she is talking of Shahrukh he will be really angry, he also tries to use her mother but she doesnot stop calling her name while Viyas jee enters the room.

Neil is standing in the room and Viyas jee asks him who she is talking about, Neil makes an excuse mentioning that they both had a restaurant in Delhi and she might be feeling hungry which is why she was taking the name, Viyas jee sits by her and starts applying the medicine on her hands, Neil asks how is he so worried when he always hurts others, Viyas jee exclaims that Neil can ever understand how he feels and he even feels pain when giving punishment to others but she is a member of their family, then he leaves ordering Neil to apply it when it has dried.

Godambari is cooking when she calls Sunita exclaiming that she has to work even after they have hired a maid so what is the point, Ghazala exclaims that she got late as she was cleaning the room of Chahat and found the locket, Baleq asks what it is, Ghazala answers that there is some Muslim writings on the locket, Baleq is amazed then thinks how can someone from another religion enter their house as they all are Brahmans, Ghazala thinks that she is not sure about Chahat however Godambari exclaims that she is also a Brahman, Jamuna mentions that Chahat’s parents were not happy with her marriage with Neil so refused to accept her marriage.

Neil and Chahat come, Chahat is shocked to see that Baleq is holding her necklace, they both are worried then Neil exclaims that it belongs to him as he was given it by his friend Iqbal when he got ill the last year so the locket is really close to his heart. Jamuna orders Baleq to take a shower as he has also touched the locket, Chahat thanks Neil for his support as he took the blame on himself and not le her give clarification to anyone.
During dinner Neil asks Chahat to come and sit with him on the table as because of the person she used to sit on the floor is the reason behind her falling health, however Chahat is adamant to sit on the floor, Neil starts serving her the food while she is looking at the hands wondering how she would eat it, Ghazala is taking the food and thinks that she has to find the secret that they both are hiding relating to their marriage.

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