Qurbaan Hua 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 20st May 2021 Chahat questions where the men as she feels they were also involved in the kidney racket with her, Rasili is not able to answer, Shlok hearing the voice of the fight insists on going inside but Bopho tries to stop him however he heads into the house pushing him aside. Chahat si once again demanding the name of the two men, Vyas je orders her to stop this madness as he would surely talk with the women, Agam signals Rasili to push him, she runs away after pushing him, he falls with Alka and Godambari on the sofa.

Rasili bumps into Shlok while running when she is exclaiming that she was stuck because of the orphan child, Shlok questions who is orphan, Rasili reveals he is the orphan because Neel brought him from the orphanage, Shlok hearing that he is an orphan is not able to bear it and so leaves as he starts crying.

Shlok is crying sitting on the wooden bridge, Dua going to him pleads with him to stop crying because she also feels like crying, Shlok questions why can he not cry when he feels like it, Chahat asks him to not feel sad because he is like Krishan Bhagwan because he also had two mothers, one who gave him birth and the second who made sure he had an honourable upbringing, Shlok exclaims that he doesnot have even a single mother, Chahat stops him saying he must never think as he also has two mothers, Shlok sees Naveli and Alka then hugs them both, Chahat starts crying so turns back with Dua, Shlok stopping her exclaims he is even more lucky then Krishna Bhagwan as he has three mothers, Chahat asks what does he mean, Shlok explains she is also his mother, Chahat sits down on her knees, Shlok rushes to hug her explaining that she is not only his Bua but also his mother because she does everything which a mother does, Alka and Naveli also start smiling, Naveli exclaims they should stop crying as they have to prepare for the party, Chahat asks what is the reason, Alka explains tomorrow is the birthday of Shlok, Chahat and Dua are shocked as they reveal tomorrow also has the birthday of Dua, they all plan to celebrate the birthday with full zeal and zest.

Aalekh is really frustrated in the room exclaiming they had only one chance of sending Shlok away, but it is also ruined, Agam comes drinking and exclaims that one thing happened in their favour as Rasili went back to Rishikesh so would not be able to reveal their truth, Aalekh exclaims it happened because of his drinking, he tries to snatch it but Agam doesnot let go of it, Aalekh reveals that Chahat is really clever so would be able to know the truth, Agam mentions he has suffered a lot of defeat then says there is only a single person who can do anything impossible and it is Ghazala madam, Aalekh gets an idea hearing her name.

Sahil is really frustrated and thrashing the room asking what is the point in taking care of Dua for such a long time because Neel brought back the child which he thought was taken care off, Sahil gets a call from Dua and then throws his mobile, Ghazala asks what has happened, he reveals they are celebrating the birthday and have come to realize that they have their birthdays at the same day, Ghazala says that he loses hope really easily as the twin children would ruin their family, she can make the children whatever she desires.

Chahat is decorating the house, Naveli exclaims they had forgotten to decorate the house ever since she left, Chahat and Naveli both rejoice, Aalekh comes saying they would not touch the cake because Chahat has prepared it and might have made it with an egg, Chahat however explains that she has not made the cake with an egg because she knows the rituals of the family, Dua comes asking how is she looking, Chahat mentions she is looking just like a princess, she asks where is Shlok, Chahat exclaims she would bring him downstairs.

Alka is in the room with Shlok who is refusing to come downstairs, Alka asks what is the reason because they all have made allot of preparations, Shlok however refuses to come downstairs until Neel comes, Chahat comes to Shlok mentioning that she got a call from Neel who exclaimed that he is going to come for his birthday, he must not reveal the secret because it might cause a lot of problems for her, Shlok then rushes downstairs, Alka asks why did she lie, Chahat reveals they as parents have a duty to make sure the children’s are always happy, she also feels that Neel would come back at the last moment.

The party begins and everyone is dancing, Shlok and Dua are really enjoying, she explains that her mother knows Hip Hop dance really well, Shlok questions what this Hip hop is, Dua calls her mother however she declines but Naveli pulls her, Alka is also dancing.
Agam is not happy with the juices so ask Aalekh what kind of a party is this where there is no alcohol, Aalekh reveals not everyone has a habit of drinking, he leaves to get himself a drink, Chahat sees him poring the juice so goes asking what is he doing when he knows he is diabetic, Vyas je insists on drinking the juice but Chahat hands it to Bopho, Agam thinks that it will blow his cover therefor he stops them and drinks the juice asking what does she think of herself as he can take care of himself.

Dua calls that her father has come, Sahil enters the party with a lot of gifts saying they are for Dua and Shlok, he says that he also has a surprise and calls the joker inside, it is actually Ghazala who comes and hands them both the gifts, Shlok asks if his nose would make the noise, Naveli questions if she knows a lot of tricks, Ghazala starts playing a game, Aalekh however shouts at them demanding that they stop. Ghazala exclaims that he is thinking of how to send Shlok away, she reveals who she really is, Aalekh gets really amazed.


Qurbaan Hua 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ghazala asks Shlok if he is thinking who his real mother is, Shlok asks him, Ghazala mentions that he will tell her but he would have to come with him, they walk away from the house, Shlok asks the joker to tell him about his real mother, Ghazala turns back thinking of fulfilling her plan


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