Qurbaan Hua 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 22nd July 2021 Chahat explains Vyas je would not be able to bear the news and might lose his mental health, she has to leave Devpriagh and knows he would take care of both Dua and Shlok really well, she tries to go away but Neel stops her and in it her bag causes the frame to fall, Neel and Chahat both save it, he hurts his hand and she asks him to let her leave and listen to what she is trying to say, Neel says that she is insisting on leaving then should separate her blood from his, she is still crying when Neel exclaims they would both fight against all odds to make Vyas je understand the truth.

In the house Maha Acharya jee asks them to call both the daughter in law and the daughter of the house as from their auspicious hands would they perform the tilak on Vyas je’s forehead, Alka comes down from the stairs saying she is ready, Vyas je exclaims how much has happened in the few days while he was ill as Neel has made the right decision to marry Alka, Shlok thinks how can it be as she is not their mother, Alka replies it is to make sure Vyas je doesnot get ill.

Alka goes to apply the tilak when Neel coming from behind says that she is not his wife, Vyas je asks what he means, Neel exclaims his wife is the girl whom he married years ago and is the mother of his son and daughter, he is holding Chahat close to him says that this is his entire family.

Vyas je is not able to bear the news so sits down, the entire family along with Neel rush to him but Godambari prevents Chahat from coming near him, she even says that Neel has finally hurt the emotions of Vyas je, Aalkeh coming from behind asks how much would he ruin the image of the family when he has blamed him a lot, Aalekh questions how long would he cause the disrespect to their family when he knows Vyas je is the most respected Pandit of the city and has always kept the religion over relation, the same would happen even today, he sits at the feet of Vyas je thinking that he doesnot remember the person who hit him in the head is him, he standing exclaims he has the custodian of the Mandir has served them but Chahat after coming started blaming him and in the end he won as the law freed him from all charged but would they let the girl who caused the disrespect to the position of Mant, the villagers exclaim they will not let Chahat live in the house and would throw her out, even Aalekh exclaims they will throw her out, Neel vows to kill anyone who tries to throw Chahat out of the house, Aalekh exclaims that no one would stop now and he will throw Chahat out of the house.

Vyas je is sitting when Aalekh is pulling Chahat, Vyas je stops his hand throwing Aalekh away, Vyas je says that he would tell them what Chahat means to him, Vyas jee sitting before Chahat ex[plains she is the only one worthy of respect and Chahat sitting asks what is he saying, Vyas je replies that this is why he got stunned because he remembered how she took him from the streets and served him even when she is the daughter yet she acted s the mother, he recalls when Aalekh tried to kill him yet Chahat saved him, Vyas je standing replies that he is alive just because of Chahat, she has proved that relations are above religion and she should be praised for her actions, Aalekh asks what has happened because he is the most respected Mant and they will not accept Chahat as the daughter of this family, Vyas je going to Maha Acharya jee mentions he has always held religion above the relations but now for the past few years he has come to realize that there are some duties which he has towards his family but would not be able to accept the position of Mant, Chahat questions what is he doing, Vyas je replies he has made up his mind, Maha Acharya jee accepts to not pressurize Vyas je, Aalekh coming exclaims that since Vyas je has not accepted the position so he can now take the position of Mant as he has been proven innocent in the eyes of Law, Vyas je slapping him says that he is guilty of the charges as he can deviate the law but cannot make him believe, his daughter always took care of the Mandir and this house but Aalkeh killed her, the villagers vow to not leave him, Vyas je apologizes to Maha Acharya jee and then they leave.

Neel mentions he always complained to Saraswathi regarding his father, but he has now proven him wrong, Vyas je and Neel both hug when he asks Chahat to take Vyas je to his room, Vyas je mentions that it would not happen now but they would first perform the GrehPerwash of Chahat the way he thought it would happen, Vyas je is blowing the horn, he asks Godambari to bring the thali then performing the pooja asks her to come inside without worrying about the religion as she has always fulfilled her responsibility, she should come inside but Chahat is standing there, they all ask what is stopping her, Vyas je replies he knows it is the promise which he made her take seven years ago, that she should leave Devpriagh and never return, he accepts he has wronged both Neel and Chahat as because of his promise the life of his son was ruined so he has now freed her from the promise, Chahat walks into the house pushing the pot filled with rice, Naveli first asks her to eat the sweets as she has been formally accepted as the daughter in law of the family, Chahat while crying turns back, Neel is also crying from happiness.


Qurbaan Hua 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel cries and apologizes to Chahat saying he made a wrong image of her in his mind and said so much to her in anger. He promises her that from now she will see a new Neel who won’t hide anything from her, won’t get angry at her. She tells him to tell what’s in his heart then.


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