Qurbaan Hua 22nd May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 22nd May 2021 Dua reveals that the name of the hospital is the same and even is date is also the same, Godambari takes the blanket to Vyas je exclaiming and he also looks at it in amazement, Dua asks if they have understood why their birthdays were at the same day because they both are brother and sisters, she thinks what such children are called who have their birthdays on the same day, Shlok says that this means Dua is his twin sister, they both hug each other while even Aalekh is worried.
Chahat asks Neel to clarify everything as the children are thinking wrong because they cannot be true, she gave birth to twins but her first born was dead, Neel shouts at her to stop lying because she is trying to cover up her crimes, she was the one who gave her son to her husband so he could give him to an unknown person, Chahat however questions why did Sahil tell her that her son was born dead, Sahil starts blaming Neel explaining that he might be lying and would; have been the one to bribe the doctor, he even states that Neel might have done this to take revenge for her being a Muslim, Neel takes him by the neck threatening him to never blame him as he can never stem so low for the sake of revenge, Neel threatens to kill Sahil, they both are fighting.
Shlok turning to Chahat requests her to accept that he is her son, Chahat sitting down exclaims that she always thought that Allah has snatched her son from her, but he only hid her son, he has now come back to her, she exclaims how much she loves him, they both hug and are crying, Chahat reveals her love for him.
Aalekh pushes Neel and Sahil away, he questions Neel what he did because he brought Shlok into their house knowing that he is the son of Chahat and a Muslim, he even let him sit on the position as the Mant, Aalekh starts purifying the house, he tries to throw Shlok out when Chahat slaps him, everyone is stunned to see that she has the strength to slap him.
Chahat reveals that the children are not only her but also have the blood of their family as they are the children of Neel, Dua asks what is she saying because her father is Sahil, Chahat however says that she lied because she was not living with Neel and so claimed that Sahil is her father however the truth is that Neel is her real father, Neel is also stunned and asks what is she saying, Neel pulls her saying that she has a lot of questions to answer, Aalekh tries to stop saying that he would not allow Chahat to stay in the house, Chahat threatens to once again slap him if he ever tries to come in between her children and their relation, they all leave the hall.
Ghazala is anxiously waiting for Sahil, when he comes out she asks what has happened when Shlok got to know about the truth, Sahil reveals that their entire plan has been ruined as they all are celebrating as a family, Aalekh also comes questioning what have they done because he will do whatever he can to take the revenge for the slap, Agam also steps in asking why did they not tell him because he did not know what to do and if he should cry or laugh. Ghazala asks him to not be worried as they are three clever minds so can come up with a plan, Agam exclaims he is also clever, but Ghazala insists that they would find a way, she taunts Aalekh of the slap then leaves saying that she would send some ice.
Neel takes Chahat into the room, Dua and Shlok also request them to open but they both order the children to go back downstairs as they have to talk privately, Shlok sits outside the room with Dua, they both are not able to comprehend that Chahat and Neel are their parents, Shlok wonders what would happen to Alka as he has always considered her to be his mother, Dua is also worried about how she would be able to live with Kalia Daku, Shlok asks her to not talk like this as Neel is now her real father. Dua is not able to understand why both their parents were living separately.
Neel and Chahat are both arguning, Neel asks if he has ever donme anything wrong with her, he never let her cry and even fought with his entire family buyt what did she give him, he only asked for the desire to be a father but she refused then what is this as Dua and Shlok are his children but she did not dare to tell him that he is their father, Chahat mentions she could say the same because Neel also did not tell her Shlok is her son, she used to curse herself for not being able to save her son while being a doctor, she saw Shlok after seven years, he did not even tell her at the time, she questions him but he also asks why did she not tell him.
Chahat in anger reveals that she was forced to leave him, she thinks of how Vyas je allowed her to operate on the condition that she leave Neel, Chahat reveals she had some problem then asks Neel how could he not see because she also acts like him and has the same nose, she is angry just like him so how could he not see, Neel asks what is this because she was also not able to see that Shlok is just like him and even smiles like her, Neel wonders why is he clarifying because she has a lot of ego and cannot see how wrong she has done to keep his children from him, he exclaims he doesnot want to see her face so tries to leave but the door is closed.
Neel standing at the door asks who has closed it and demands that they open it, Dua exclaims she has closed it and would not open it until they both stop fighting, Neel remembers what Chahat said that Dua is just like her, Neel tries to scold Shlok, Chahat also comes requesting him to open the door however Shlok reveals that he is the elder brother of Dua so has to listen to her advice, Neel requests Shlok to open the door otherwise warning him of the consequences, Chahat asks what would he do because he has scared her son so if he tries to scold him ever again she would punish him, Dua and Shlok both start laughing, Neel is left stunned.


Qurbaan Hua 22nd May 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Agam thinks that he has sent them both into the room but there are ladoo of bhang so if they get high then would get romantic, Chahat exclaims she feels the ladoo have a different taste, Neel asks Chahat to stop as he would eat the last ladoo, they both fight over it and get really close.


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