Qurbaan Hua 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 22nd September 2020 Neil inquires while Chahat is still walking barefoot as Viyas jee is now healthy, Chahat explains that she has vowed to walk bare footed until Viyas jee forgives her, he asks her to wait then prepares a thali expressing that she can act a lot as she is still doing this.
Viyas jee is walking upstairs when he sees Godambari and Naveli trying out the jewellery of Dr Baig, he stops them asking what is she doing, she exclaims that she was only trying to see how much wealth he ahs collected, Viyas jee ex[plains that she ahs done two wrong things and the first was to abuse a women while the other is trying out the jewellery on which she has no right, and the punishment is that she would not be allowed on the possession where he will distribute all the wealth amongst the needy, they both are worried when he asks Baleq to collect the entire money, he collects it in the bag but when he is about to leave Viyas jee takes it and leaves, Ghazala thinks that he would now keep it closer to him so she is in a lot of trouble.
Neil is outside exclaiming that she should stop acting however Chahat explains that she is doing this with full belief and would never go inside the house because Viyas jee has not forgiven her. Neil doesnot believe her, she sees the swing and asks him what is it all about, Neil mentions that he informed her that in their house they weight both the child and mother after which they give the grains to the needy.
Ghazala wonders what he should do as Viyas jee would not let the bag out of his sight so what should she do, she sees that he heads out with the bag.
Neil explains to Viyas jee that Chahat is still not ready to head inside the house as she wants to seek his apology, he explains that neither of them doesnot his apology to walk in the house , Chahat seeks his forgiveness but he mentions that he will not forgive however she will be the one to sit with Kripa in the function, she gets relaxed wondering that he might have forgiven her but he explains that it is because she is the one to take care of Kripa the most and that is why would sit on the swing with Kripa so they both should go and get dressed.
Neil and Chahat walk inside the house, she sneezes which makes him nervous as she might have contacted the virus however Chahat says that it si not the case. Neil takes the bag after which they both head to the room.
Chahat explains that she has been given the duty to take care of the bag and so she feels that Viyas jee doesnot hate her so she has some hope that he will forgive her, Neil explains that she must first take the steam as otherwise would fall off the swing, she is constantly taking off the towel which makes him irritated so he asks her to not take it out again, Godambari is walking up the stairs exclaim9ing that she would not sit with Kripa in the swing even when she is the elder of the house but instead is working like a maid carrying all the jewels and dresses to Chahat.
Ghazala thinks that she ahs to follow her and so goes to stand behind her in the room of Neil and Chahat, Godambari exclaims that she has to apply the alta in the feet of Chahat, Ghazala asks her to allow her as she wants to do the work by herself after which she finally agrees, Neil also leaves ordering that Chahat must stay underneath the towel until he comes back, Ghazala applies the alta the leaves after taking the bag.
Chahat removes the towel asking what is she doing and why is she taking the bag with her, Ghazala answers that she was asked however Chahat goes from behind explaining that she was ordered by Viyas jee to take care of the bag so would not give it to anyone.
She sits with the bag and is about to open it when Neil comes, he sits with her then forces her to drink the garra which he has made as it would cure her illness, then he also takes some photos of her and showing how she looked Chahat gets nervous requesting her to delete them but he refuses asking that she get dressed as otherwise Viyas jee would get angry then.
Ghazala walks out thinking that she was not able to get her jewellery because of Viyas jee’s daughter in law. She sees Neil coming with the bag who is also followed by Viyas jee, he asks Neil to place the bag beside the swing. Viyas jee looks towards Ghazala asking if she is now feeling healthy, she exclaims that she is tensed as she wronged him, Viyas jee explains that she is sorry even when it was not her fault so he has some suggestion for her, and it is that she should give the belongings to the poor with her own hands before he leaves her.
Ghazala thinks that he has a lot of courage to ask her to give her own belongings to the poor and needy as he doesnot know what kind of a women she is.


Qurbaan Hua 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ghazala packs eggs in the bag thinking that when they will break Mant Viyas will be angry with everyone in the village, Chahat gets an allergic reaction then remembers that she is allergic to eggs so feels that they are near her.


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