Qurbaan Hua 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 23rd July 2021 Chahat in her room is taking care of things, Neel enters and is crying, recalling how he used to scold Chahat for being the one behind separating him from his children, he mentions how he vowed to keep her away from their children after what she had done to him, Neel sits in her feet apologizing for what he said before, he exclaims he did not even try to find out the truth, he kept on blaming her for all that has happened, she asks him to not be worried as she hid a very big truth from him and even lied about the reason, she even pretended to die so anyone could have become cold hearted, she asks him to stop as it is a new beginning, she explains he cries like a child just as Shlok and Dua, she mentions he is a brave boy so should not be worried, Neel holding her hand exclaims she will now see a different Neel who would always be their for her, he will always speak the truth and be in front of her to protect her, he will not shy away from revealing what is in his heart even when she doesnot, he is about to say it when Shlok calls them asking Chahat to come as he cannot sleep on the other side. Chahat asks Neel to go and sort out the dispute amongst their children, Neel wonders when the time would come to reveal the love which is in his heart.

In the morning Vyas je comes down asking Godambari where are his bangles and rings, Godambari asks if he forgot that he left the position as Mant and doesnot have the position, he sits down when Godamabari says that she has to do the entire work by herself, Vyas jee offers to help and starts peeling the beans, he starts feeding Tinku mian, Godambari questions what is he doing, they would now have to be really careful of their spending because the rations which used to come from the Mandir has ended and they only have the earning of Neel, Chahat doesnot even give a penny from her clinic for the house, she hands him the onions asking him to cut them, Chahat comes down, she immediately asks who told him to cut the onion, Godambari exclaims what is the big deal as it is better to do some work then to sit and just read the newspaper in the house, Chahat however says Vyas jee would not do the household work, she mentions she knows he might be getting bored but this work doesnot suit him so they will find a work worthy of his status, Shlok comes reciting the Mantar but he is not able to recite it properly, Vyas je immediately corrects him reciting the entire Mantar, Shlok immediately sits down mentioning he has a lot to learn from him and would he teach him the Mantar, Chahat replies that he would now teach Dua and Shlok, Vyas je agrees to start now and leaves with Shlok.

Chahat explains that if he has lost the position of Mant, it doesnot mean his knowledge has reduced, Godamabri exclaims that she cannot do the entire work of the house alone and Chahat should finish cutting the onions and peel the beans that are left, she takes the onions and while cutting them is crying, Neel places the helmet on her head exclaiming that he told her he cannot see her crying in this life, Neel gets a call from Bunty so immediately walks away and asks how many times has he not told her to first text and call him afterwards, he ends the call asking the assistant to order the fresh cream if it has finished, he leaves for the restaurant.

Neel in the restaurant is scolding Bunty but she mentions her name is bubbles, Neel asks her to do her work but seeing that she is not able to properly layer the cake, he starts showing her how It is done then accidentally applies some of the cream on his face, Bubbles starts removing it, just then Chahat comes saying she is the one named as bubbles, Neel gets tensed so immediately sends her away, Chahat questions why did he not tell her that the person named as Bunty was actually a girl, Neel replies it is because he thought she would get angry knowing the truth and he also required an assistant so hired her, Chahat replies he thought she would get jealous knowing that he is really handsome and dashing so every girl would fall in love, Neel mentions this is what he thought, Chahat sits laughing, he asks what has happened, Chahat mentions he is misguided as no girl would ever fall in love with him because of his anger and unromantic personality, Neel warns her to not underestimate her, Bubbles also comes siding with Chahat, mentioning she would never like to have a boyfriend like Neel sir, he sends her to go and finish her work, Chahat leave saying he can hire as many girls and she doesnot have any problem, Neel thinks it is really humiliating so now he would have to prove he is really romantic.

Ghazala is requesting the workers to not take the belongings, Aalekh enters the house, she asks him for help but he replies he is also broke as the company which he used to run was also taken away from him because Neel filed a request in the court saying Kripa should get the ownership of that company, he gets a call and after answering it is smiling, Ghazala questions what has happened, he replies he has found a way to reunite Dua with her.

Neel is looking after the preparations, he is turning on the lights exclaims they are really beautiful, he is excited to show it to Chahat, he goes to the room of Vyas he where everyone is playing, Neel comes asking Chahat to come with her, he doesnot even let her say anything, after reaching downstairs mentions he would reveal what is in his heart, and then turning on the lights is shocked to see the board on which it is written that we are divorced, Chahat gets a call from Ghazala who exclaims that she has something to reveal to them, Ghazala explains that the six months’ time which they got for the divorce has ended, Chahat replies that when the court would ask if they desire to stay together, they both would say they desire to live as husband and wife, Ghazala replies there is no need because she send the letter one week ago in her name saying she doesnot want to live with Neel.


Qurbaan Hua 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Neel is running with Chahat when Aalekh comes saying they would not let this women live in this house, Neel asks why is he saying Chahat is characterless, the women exclaims that she is living with Neel after being divorced so they will not her ruin the reputation of this house, Vyas je is shocked to see what is happening.


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