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Qurbaan Hua 24th June 2021 Neel takes Aalekh outside where everyone is waiting and they exclaim to teach Aalekh a lesson as he has for years caused harm to the Mandir and Vyas however Naveli stops them and brings a haar made of slippers, she standing in front of Aalekh says he has not just wronged the Mandir and this family but has also ruined the relation of husband and wife, she then reveals he is not a man as the person who in order to prove his manhood raises his hand on a women cannot be a man, she makes him wear the Haar and starts slapping him con tenuously without worrying what he might do, Aalekh starts getting frustrated but is stopped by the followers of the Mandir, Naveli prays that she be a widow rather then be the wife of Aalekh.

Chahat stops him so brings out a plate of cow dung, Aalekh recalls when he made the women of the town to throw garbage on her and even rubbed her face with the black material, she in anger rubs his face with it, Ghazala is stunned to see it, Aalekh requests that they forgive him as he has sought the apology but she replies that the entire village desires to make him pay, Neel pulls him with the rope while everyone is following him, Ghazala and Agam then follow them and are really worried.

The villagers start hitting him with the stones while he is lying on the floor, Chahat recalls how he ordered them to hit her at one point, Ghazala wonders what would happen as it doesnot seme that Aalekh would be able to live if Sahil doesnot come, Neel sees the police coming so the inspector walks out but it is Sahil disguised, he orders them all to stand back, Maha Acharya jee mentions that Aalekh is a criminal of their religion so he can also see the anger of the villagers, Sahil assures they have listened so he must rest assured as Sahil would be punished for his crimes, he orders the constable to take Aalekh to the back of the jeep, he sees Agam trying to run away so even calls him but Agam mentions he has changed his sides but is still taken with them all.

Chahat is relieved so mentions they have done it because now Aalekh would not be able to ruin their family, Neel exclaims they would now have to be the parents of three children.

The jeep stops at some location when Agam questions why have they brought him, Sahil removes the beard and shows his true face, Agam is relieved but Sahil mentions that they must rest assures that Ghazala called him at the right moment otherwise they would be dead, Agam then says that this means Ghazala cares for him and saved his life, Sahil reveals that things have been ruined a lot, he cleans the face of Aalekh and tries to throw the things that have caused him shame but Aalekh stops Sahil mentioning he cannot forget them as they are the things that would make him remember this humiliation so he would surely take the revenge.

In the house Neel along with Chahat bring Vyas jee to the Mandir, Vyas je stands and starts praying while standing in the Mandir, Neel picks the thali for him to light it, he takes the match and lights it, Naveli along with Chahat are crying, Neel prays that the entire family should remain together and Aalekh should be punished for his crimes.

Agam is trying to clean the wounds of Aalekh however he is angry so Agam asks why is he so frustrated as he tried to warn him by writing the message on the Rangoli, Ghazala is worried about the children when Aalekh assures she would get the property of Dr Baig, he mentions that she would now while living in the house make sure that Neel and Chahat are killed as he would with his own hands cover them in the clothes.

The next day Neel and Bopho are questioning the police asking how can it be as the police arrested them both in front of their eyes, however the police replies that they do not have any inspector with that condition, Neel requests them to take every step possible and arrest Aalekh as if he is free then it can be dangerous for Vyas je, the inspector mentions that they would do everything for Vyas jee as he is revered, Bopho asks Neel to not be worried as Chahat has once again prepared the house as before so Vyas je is able to recover.

Vyas jee is sitting with the pupils when Godambari comes questioning what is she doing as Vyas je is not well and it would cause a lot of humiliation if he cannot remember any Mantar, Chahat is however convinced that he would feel better with this method, one of the pupil is not able to correctly recite the Mantar, Vyas je completes the entire Mantar ordering that he revise it with him, Chahat asks Godambari to witness the extent of happiness that has come into his eyes because of correcting the student, Godambari leaves while crying as she is not able to bear it, Naveli hugs Chahat appreciating that because of her, everything has come back to normal in their house and she is also now free from being the wife of Aalekh so feels she can live her life in her own way.
Chahat gets a call from Neel who mentions that Aalekh is not in the custody of the police as those who came were his friend and he is now free, Chahat reveals she has a plan but first they would have to meet with Agam, she thinks she can do whatever she is capable of for her father because he has caused a lot of harm to their family.

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