Qurbaan Hua 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Qurbaan Hua 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Qurbaan Hua 24th October 2020 Chahat is outside the door thinking that she has waited for so long to meet her father, she thanks Allah as she will finally meet her father but as she opens the door her father is struggling to ger the bag out of his head, he runs towards the window and is about to fall but Chahat saves her removing the bag, she makes him sit by the bed so tries to calm him, she brings the water for him making him drink it however he is still not able to breathe, she promises to not let anything happen to him as she has come to help him, she thinks that it is because of the prayer of Viyas jee that she is able to meet her father.
A few hours earlier Chahat standing by the tree listens that Viyas jee is coughing, she runs to his aid insuring what has happened to him, he explains that a pill is stuck in his throat, she makes him drink water asking if he is feeling okay, she asks him if he is okay also saying that he should breathe heavily, he calms down then says that she should stay blessed, but then Chahat asks him to pray that her real father is able to meet with her and also that he has a long life, Viyas jee prays for him so Chahat mentions that he is always praying to God so he would surely listen to his prayers, after which Chahat leaves, Viyas jee wonders how can anyone remain so angry with her as she is really nice, Chahat thinks that when Viyas jee has prayed she would surely meet her father.
Chahat sees Neil picking up the bag, she pleads with him to give her the bag as she can bring the groceries, Neil says that she doesnot know anything of cooking but Chahat exclaims that she has learned it all, Neil orders her to bring three things however she brings the wrong things and then exclaims that anyone can make mistakes, Neil however explains that he has planned to take revenge from Ghazala so would take her then he calls her, Chahat smiles thinking that he would make her suffer for what she has done to her. Neil thinks that he has made a promise to Saraswati for taking revenge so needs to get to Dr Baig before her. When they leave Chahat thinks that he has to follow Ghazala to get to her father.
In the market Neil makes Ghazala carry all the groceries, he makes her place them in the trunk then pretends that he has to get to the bakery, he witness that she Is leaving the market but not going towards the house.
Ghazala calls the cab, the driver is Chahat in disguise, she takes her to the desired location thinking that this is the place where she would have kept him, Neil is also following her, he thinks that this might be the place where she would have kept Baig as the tracker has stopped updating, he says that he would find Baig under any circumstance.
Chahat goes to the room then opening it asks the driver that Ghazala is calling him, she removes the wig remembering how her father used to get happy whenever she would come as he desired that she become a doctor, Chahat opens the door to find Dr Baig struggling to breathe in the bag, he runs towards the window and is about to fall however Chahat protects him, she explains that a stranger has also loved him just as his own daughter and it is because of his wishes that she is able to meet him.
Neil is driving in an attempt to be with Dr Baig because he has to take revenge from him, Dr Baig is happy to see that Chahat is with him and even touches her face, however he is not able to control his hands so Chahat explains that she knows the accident that happened with him and would now always protect him from the enemies, including both Misses Baig and Neil.
Neil reaches the lodge and stopping the car is sure that this is where Dr Baig would be hiding so he will surely find her.


Qurbaan Hua 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat exclaims that she cannot Dr Baig like this so tries moving him however he falls on the ground and Chahat gets nervous. Neil is walking in the hall thinking that he would take his revenge when he bumps into Chahat who is in disguise, he figures out her identity then removes the wig and mustache.


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