Qurbaan Hua 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 25th August 2021 Neel is shocked to see Chahat behind the helmet so asks what did she do, Chahat says she knows there is only a single way by which she knows to teach them a lesson, she asks him to reveal where is her father, Neel takes the name of Dr Baig, Chahat mentions that she talked with Dr Baig on the mobile when he arrived in Devpriagh but then she got to know how he kidnapped him and was torturing, she asks him to reveal the name where is her father.

Zain while driving thinks that by now his goons would have taken the revenge of his father but he is shocked to see the bike of Neel so then thinks of calling Chahat and wonders why she changed the plan all of a sudden.

Chahat asks Neel to tell where is her father exclaiming the only reason she did not tell Zain about him is because then he would have called him, Neel exclaims that Zain cannot do anything to him, Chahat exclaims she would not leave him until he tells her where is her father, Neel is relaxed after hearing that Chahat would stay with him until he tells her where her father is, Neel is relieved that he would be with Chahat and then starts dancing, Chahat gets worried wondering what does he think of himself, she asks if he has forgotten that he has been kidnapped but Neel exclaims that he is ready to live with her like this, Chahat thinks so picks up the dagger and walks towards Neel.

Zain shows Ghazala the posters which he has made of Chahat saying that he has distributed them all over the city and someone would surely bring any news about her, Ghazala exclaims Neel would have surely taken her by force with him, Ghazala exclaims that when Chahat comes back she would surely teach Neel a lesson, Godamabri asks Ghazala to first teach her daughter, Ghazala replies that Neel would have taken her by force at which Ghazala exclaims she is a little daughter, Ghazala then tries to slap her but Godamabri wars if she tries to slap her then she would cut off her hands, she also blames Zain which angers him.

Chahat in the room asks Neel to reveal the truth otherwise she would take his life, Neel exclaims that his life and heart belong to her, he starts walking towards her, she warns him to stay back exclaiming she would even go to jail for his murder, he holds her hand then she asks him to stay back, he shows her how she should hold the knife exclaim the second lesson is that she should use force as with soft hands she would not be able to cut an onion rather than a human, and also that she must kidnap a person keeping them in a dark room while on the other hand there is an AC and bed in this room, Chahat exclaims this was the only room available and he should speak the truth about her father, Neel also exclaims he wants a kiss from her, Chahat hearing this is worried, Neel asks her to see what he does, he stats screaming asking for help, Chahat questions if he has gotten mad, he once again starts shouting, she then uses a paper to kiss Neel, they both stare into each other’s eyes, Neel sees that her mag is filled with the tika which was applied on his head, he starts smiling when she realizes, warning to do what he was shouting about.

Neel thanks her for kidnapping him assuring that she would wait to see how much love he would fill in her heart for him, Chahat is still worried about what is happening.

Bopho asks Godambari to not be worried as Chahat would teach them a lesson and also Nele ahs gotten to spend some time alone with Neel, Naveli also mentions that when Chahat regains her memory then they would tell her how they both used her to take their revenge. Bopho exclaims that they should prepare when Chahat realizes the truth and would need rotten onions and black also manure, they all leave when Ghazala exclaims, they need to find Chahat before Neel makes Chahat remember everything.

Chahat has tied Neel when he exclaims, he is felling like Dharmendra and she is his Basanti so should dance for him, he makes her angry then she uses pure Urdu which makes Neel joke even more, he then starts reciting the quotes which angers, she explains he has forced her to this but stops, Neel mentions he knew she would not harm him, Chahat replies she only stopped because of her fathers teaching but can cut her own nerve if he doesnot reveal the truth where her father is, she places a knife which worries Neel, he asks what is she doing.

Zain asks the workers why they are not able to not find Chahat, he questions why he is paying them., Ghazala asks Zain what would happen if Neel is able to make Chahat remember the truth about their past life. Vyas je coming down mentions they would not be able to do anything.

Neel is with Chahat in the bed warning to slap her if she ever tries to take her life, Chahat tries to leave but he doesnot let her move and even takes a photo exclaiming that he will now send it to Vyas je because he should also know how much they love each other, Chahat exclaims there is nothing of the sort, Neel asks her to see in his eyes and think what she sees as there is nothing which would harm her. Chahat however says there is nothing when Neel mentions she has gotten mad after two children, Chahat says he is just making stories, Neel forces her to remain down on the bed with him, she also stays with him.

Vyas je mentions they would not be able to do anything after seeing the photo of Chahat and Neel together, Bopho and Naveli also exclaim that when Chahat comes back and realize they both are using her to their own agenda then she would throw them both out with her own hands, zain and Ghazala both leave after being worried.

Chahat in the room wonders why is she not comfortable even when there is no relation between them both, Neel once again leans to kiss her, she then stands asking him to leave, she exclaims no matter how much he tries to make her understand she doesnot remember any relation amongst them, Neel asks how much should he try to make her remember, Chahat says that he must just tell her about the where abouts of her father, they both struggle when her top tears, he covers her face, Chahat blames that she knew his intentions were not clear but Neel says he would never try to tear her kurta, he starts walking towards her, she getting worried asks him to step back so hides behind the curtain.


Qurbaan Hua 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Some people from the outside ask who is inside, exclaiming they only found the house of Rani to steal, Neel struggles with them but they do not leave him, Chahat picks up the sword, in the struggle Neel gets struck with the sword so falls to the ground, Chahat gets tensed seeing him injured.


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