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Qurbaan Hua 26th August 2021 Chahat blames Neel asking what did he do, she explains she knew his intentions were not true, Neel questions why would he tear her kurta then mentions if she really thinks so wrong of him then should see what he would do, he starts walking near her which worries her so she starts demanding that he remain back, he coming to her makes her wear his shirt explaining that everyone loves their wives but not all are ready to give them the respect which they deserve, this is the teachings of his family.

Neel turning exclaims she is his wife so he would never try to harm her respect, he is standing when Chahat wearing the shirt thinks that she has thought wrong of him, even said such things to him so should apologize, she goes near him when there is a knock on the door, the people blame that they got the house of Rani Padma and they only went out for two days, they would not leave the people so beak the door exclaiming that these two are thieves who broke into Rani Padma’s house and were trying to steal the belongings, Neel asks them to stay back exclaiming that it is not at all what it seems because Chahat is his wife, and they can see the Sindoor, Chahat questions how did the Sindoor come on her forehead, Neel explains to them that they were married and did not get the chance to perform their honeymoon and so came to this palace, they all believe Neel and Chahat who are about to leave but then one of them comes saying they are lying because he found a poster of Chahat which says that she is missing and there is even a reward of one million, they start beating Neel and do not listen to Chahat even when she tries to explain, Chahat sees the sword so then picks it up warning them all to stay back, one of them exclaims she has committed a sin as no one has even dared to touch the sword of Rani Padma, they demand her to return the sword so start snatching it from her, Neel also comes to help her but in the process he gets struck on the ribs with it and so falls to injured to the ground, he is not able to rebate, Chahat starts crying asking Neel to open his eyes, she exclaims that Neel might die because of their madness, Chahat exclaims they need to take him to the hospital but the men exclaim no one would touch Neel until she is given the punishment for touching the sword, they pull her away from Neel.

Neel gets unconscious, he wakes up after some time from pain and gets worried wondering where Chahat is, the men have taken Chahat to the elder saying that he must give her punishment for touching the sword of Rani Padma, Neel waking decides to call her but one of the men answers it, Chahat exclaims she would accept any punishment but first they must allow her to take Neel to the hospital, the Mukhiya jee assures she would get the punishment for her crime, he coming to her says that she is ready to accept any punishment so must come with him to his room, Chahat asks why would she come to his room, Neel on the call requests her to not go with them, the Mukhiya jee takes her into the room, she requests him to not come near her, he however locks the door touching her while she is sitting in the corner, he pulls her closer, Neel lying on the floor screams with pain, thinking about Chahat so vows that he would not let anything happen to her, he stands with the pain vowing he would save her.

Neel is walking when he sees them sitting and so starts calling Chahat, The people exclaim it is the house of Mukhiya, Neel pushes one of them away while he orders the others to catch him, they try to hit Neel but he manages to beat them all in the fight so rushes inside the house, Neel seeing the room is closed manages to break in, he is shocked to see that Chahat is reciting the Holy Quran, the Mukhiya jee requests Neel to not sop her as today was the operation of his son and someone said that if they recite the verses then it would be beneficial for his son, Neel exclaims he is also a son of the Pandit so would also perform the pooja, he sits beside Chahat performing the pooja, Mukhiya jee receives a call from the hospital so gets worried, he after answering the call mentions that the operation was successful, mukhiya jee explains he has seen them both so now knows that god is above all religions.
Neel wakes up, Chahat asks him to remain lying down because she has not bandaged the injury, she questions if he is really mad asking what would have happened if he died, Neel questions if she would be worried, Chahat however questions if he is actually mad claiming she is glad that Mukhiya jee brought the necessities needed for the dressing, she starts applying it, Neel is not able to take his eyes of her, she also brings the t shirt for him and then thinks she cannot believe he is the same man who burnt their house and now knows that his heart is clear as a crystal.

Neel asks Chahat if they should go back home, Chahat mentions she would ask the men of Mukhiya jee to take him while she has some work, he questions where she is going, Chahat replies she doesnot think suitable to answer all of his questions, Neel wonders where she is going.

Ghazala says to Zain, she is really tensed about Chahat because who knows where Neel has taken her, what might he try to explain to her, she sees Neel, Zain going to Neel asks where has he taken Chahat, Neel understands it was Zain who sent the fake call and because of him he got to spend some time alone with Chahat, Neel exclaims that he has done a favour, Zain is about to hit him but is stopped by Chahat, Zain exclaims he was really worried about her, Chahat explains that she went to the police station to take back the case which they filed against Neel because he is innocent, Ghazala tries to explain Neel might have tried to hurt Chahat, she however explains she has come to realize that Neel might be irritating but is not bad at heart, there is someone who is constantly trying to ruin the reputation of Neel, she would teach that person a lesson as soon as she gets her hand on him, Zain hearing this starts to worry.t

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