Qurbaan Hua 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 26th May 2021 The lawyer aster inspection the appears exclaims they have been at the special marriage act and would have gone through a lot of troubles, they even have children now so why do they require the divorce, Chahat reveals she doesnot want the divorce and desires to live a happy married life however he desires the divorce, Neel standing up says that he is getting fat because of her as she needs to eat at the middle of the night, Chahat responds that she has adapted to a lot of habits but he doesnot even want to listen to anything which she says, she even finds his OCD romantic, she insists on showing the lawyer who after witnessing it mentions that they should remain like a couple as they are made for each other the lawyer explains they should not get a divorce, Neel however starts shouting saying that he needs the divorce right now, lawyer explains that if they have decided then it would not be difficult, Neel asks the time it will take, lawyer replies they have to live for six months and prove that they love each other, he leaves asking Chahat to do all she can to save her marriage, she apologizes to Neel however insists on doing all she can to save the relation because of their children, Neel says she doesnot have any idea what she has gotten herself into.

In the night Chahat is preparing her clothes when she thinks it would be really difficult to live with Neel, she opens the wardrobe to find Neel who scares her, he coming out says that she is the one who said that she has decided to live with him so he would now show her what it feels like to be in a relationship where there is no love, he starts taking off his shirts, Chahat turns away as she is scared however he is adamant to show how it feels, he pushes Chahat onto the bed and tries to get close to her however she is constantly pushing him away but he is adamant to show her how it feels to be in a relationship which doesnot have any love, Chahat starts hitting him with a pillow, Shlok and Dua open the door to find their fight and get excited to see them both fight, they also join them both, Neel starts enjoying however he starts remembering that Chahat asked him to marry someone from his own religion, he shouts at them to shut up before trying to leave but Shlok and Dua insists that they both sleep together like a parent, Neel and Chahat are feeling restless but are forced to sleep together.

In the morning Chahat wakes up thinking this is the right time to talk with Vyas je about the oath which he made her take seven years ago, she leaves trying to find him, Agam comes with a alcohol bottle in his hands, thinking how it is the best night because he did not even realize when the party ended and he had to come back, Chahat sees him coming from the door before asking why did he forget the oath which he made her take seven years ago, Agam thinks if she comes near him then would realize he is drunk, he orders her to stop. Chahat questions if he remembers about the oath, Agam gets tensed as he cannot remember, she herself raises the questions about the promise to stay away from Neel in exchange for saving his life, Agam replies she must forget the promise as he has also forgot it, Chahat questions why can he change so much because before he would not sway away from a decision which he once took, Agam however leaves in anger before ordering her to forget it.

Chahat hears Dua crying, she is in her room questioning Neel what is this breakfast as she cannot have it, Chahat questions after entering what is it, she asks her to see what breakfast has Neel brought, she cannot eat boiled lentils and fruits but would rather eat eggs and chicken, Neel gets mad saying that she cannot eat them as they are all vegetarian, Shlok questions what is an omelette, Neel replies he doesnot know when Chahat says that it is a breakfast dish, Neel comments it is a dish of the devil, Dua starts weeping asking if he means to say she is a devil, Neel turning to Shlok says she is more dangerous then a devil, Dua cries exclaiming why did Allah made Neel her father as Sahil was a lot better then him, Neel gets furious and is about to leave. Chahat holding his hand exclaims he cannot leave before apologizing, she even instructs to apologize, she comes to hug Neel apologizing for her mistake, Shlok also hugs Chahat pushing both Neel and Chahat close to each other, they are forced to hold hands, Alka sees them from the door and is not able to control herself, she knocks exclaiming that she cannot find Vyas je in the entire house and even his mobile is switched off, Chahat gets worried wondering where he might have gone.

Aalekh calls Sahil asking if Agam came to his house as he has disappeared and they cannot even reach him, Sahil replies he has not come to his house, the entire family gathers, Godambari questions why does Chahat have to go near him when he doesnot like it, Neel asks what was the purpose to which Chahat replies she only had an important questions, she refrains from telling what it was about which irritates Neel, he warns Chahat to never cause anything that hurts his family as he would not be able to forgive her for that.


Qurbaan Hua 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat sees the shawl of Vyas je so questions the women where she got it, the women replies that the old man gave her the shawl, Chahat walks into the bar thinking that if she sees Vyas je then would be sure that he is not the real Mant Vyas, Neel and Chahat hear the voice exclaiming that the next shot would be a gift from him and another women, Neel calls to Vyas je who gets tensed and sits on the sofa.


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