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Qurbaan Hua 27th April 2021 In the bungalow Alka is trying to convince Shlok to come out and have something to eat because she has brought food for him and he must not get mad with the food, Dua comes asking Alka to go away because she knows how to convince him, Dua says they all are going to the beach so if he doesnot eat then how would he go with them, Shlok throws a letter from under the door saying that he made so many cards for his father with so much love which he did not even see so until his fathers starts loving him he will not come out, Dua realizes that Shlok is speaking the truth so she thinks that she would have to teach him a lesson.

Neel is on the mobile with the police inspector trying to urge him to try and find his father early as possible, in the pub there is a man drinking alcohol with two girls and also dancing, he orders the bartender to prepare another peg as he has a lot of money, he gives the money to a girl asking him to make another alcohol, Neel is in the room when Toup Singh comes with the food asking if he has seen the decoration which Shlok has made, Neel says that he doesnot have time and will come back to see the cards, Neel also refuses to eat anything asking why is Toup Singh trying to be his wife, Neel pulls him and opens the door when Dua comes throwing ketchup on his arms, he questions why did she do it, Dua asks if he has seen the ketchup then why did he not see the cards which Shlok has made, she is adamant and tries to force Neel to praise Shlok but Neel tickles her so she moves away from the door, he runs out with Toup Singh to the hall.

Neel is walking when Dua suddenly holds one of his leg tightly, she is adamant to not leave him until he praises Shlok, he tries to reason with her saying that he doesnot have time but she insists he first praise Shlok, Neel questions the upbringing of her mother, Chahat gets furious so coming to stand on the sofa orders him to not say anything about her mother’s upbringing, Neel pulls her downstairs asking why is she getting mad when he is talking about her mother, Toup Singh mentions it is only because all mothers are the same, Neel however says that it is a free country so he will say whatever he feels, Toup Singh threatens to hit him if he says anything else however Neel is not threatened and pulls him away, Dua is left startled, she decides to apply another plan so as to teach Neel a lesson.

Neel is with Toup Singh at the car when Dua getting up the car shouts Kalia Thief and jumps onto Neel, he pushes her forcing her to sit on the motorcycle, Neel says he doesnot have to learn anything from her, Dua threatens to make him pay if he doesnot listen, Neel is however adamant to not say anything in his favour, Dua seeing a police constable starts crying calling for his help, when he questions her she blames Neel for teaching her how to beg and blames that he is a criminal who kidnaps the children and forces them to beg on the road, the constable threatens to teach Neel a lesson in the police station for being such a cruel person.

Neel tries to explain that Dua is telling a lie as she lives with them however Dua convinces the police constable and even when he asks Toup Singh to justify on his behalf, he refuses to say anything as Chahat thinks that he was questioning her upbringing, Neel asks him to call his officer to which the constable agrees, Neel ask Dua why is she trying to frame him, Dua says that if he doesnot praise Shlok then would have to be suffer the beating of the police, Neel thinks that if he is arrested then would not be able to find Vyas je, he agrees to follow Dua who starts laughing saying to the constable that she was just making a fool out of him, the constable asks her to apologize saying that they are not for making a fool out off. Dua apologizes to him and then asks Neel to follow her.

Neel reaches the room and asks Dua what has Shlok made, she shows him the cards seeing which he starts remembering Chahat and how he would laugh at her for all the hearts which she used to make, he then expressed his love for her, Neel comes out of the relapse, Toup Singh is amazed by the card, Neel leaves the room however Toup Singh asks him to come back for once and praise his son, Neel gets mad at him saying that he doesnot need the instructions of anyone too teach him how to show love to his son, Toup Singh starts screaming seeing a bee, he starts throwing pillows at Neel which worries him, he then hugs Neel saying that there is a bee, Neel explains that she is in the room after which he explains that he is talking of the real bee, Neel pushes him away saying they would both get rid off it, the bee enters the kurta of Toup Singh, he starts jumping worrying if it might bite him, Neel is adamant to take off his kurta however Toup Singh rushes inside, Chahat takes off the kurta thanking Allah for helping her as she got a really bad allergic reaction two years back when she was bitten by the bee, she hears Neel calling for Toup Singh outside the room, he asks if Toup Singh has gone to perform the bee farming, Chahat tries searching for her kurta but is not able to find it, she then covers herself with a dupatta before sitting down, Neel opens the door but is not able to say anything further.

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