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Qurbaan Hua 2nd June 2021 Neel and Chahat are running with their family but are caught by the men of the club, Neel starts fighting them all while Chahat stands with the children asking if they both are alright, Bopho explains that the car has started, Neel rushes to the children who are really excited with the family, they all get into the car and rush away, Ghazala thinks it would be easy to get the custody of the children from the parents who are involved in bidding and fighting.

Nele scolds the family asking how can they be so irresponsible, he questions why did Alka let Vyas je go outside knowing he has Alzheimer’s disease, Godambari asks why is he scolding Alka when he has not given her the right of being his wife, she advises that he should ask Chahat, she immediately agrees saying that she will serve Vyas je without any problem, she explains that it is all for his benefit and he cannot go anywhere without seeking her permission, she mentions that she would ask Bopho to stay with him at all times, he questions if he can go to his room.

Agam is about to eat the fruits in his room when Aalekh comes questioning what he is doing because they have to worry about Chahat as she is going to take care of him now, Agam asks how he would be able to stay in the house as he has to go and meet Sonia, Aalekh says they cannot do anything wrong and have to be more careful.

Chahat asks Neel to come aside as she needs to talk with him regarding Vyas je, she tries to explain that she knows the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and in it a patient forgets what he or she is thinking but the symptoms are not like what Vyas je has, he warns her to never try and create any differences amongst his family because he cannot trust a women who left him seven years ago, Chahat explains she would show him the proof if this is what he desires, she calls Vyas je and he is about to answer it when Neel taking the phone exclaims he doesnot want to see any sort of proof so ends the call leaving.

In the morning Chahat is crying remembering the words which Neel said, Dua and Shlok come to wish her when they question why are her clothes like this, Neel comes out when Shlok questions why did he not place the clothes of Chahat in the wardrobe just as he promised, he says that Chahat herself refused to place her clothes, Chahat then says the that Neel said that she can throw his clothes out of the cupboard and place her clothes so she takes the children with her and places her clothes in the wardrobe.
Neel pushes Chahat against the window after which she feels irritated and asks him to leave however, he explains that the children should also witness why he hates her so much, they turn to find the children are missing.

Neel and Chahat go downstairs to find Dua and Shlok playing with the gifts when they are shocked to see Ghazala coming in the house, Dua says that Ghazala is even going to take them both to get ice cream, Chahat sends them both into their room questioning Ghazala what is she doing in their house, Ghazala exclaims that she cannot live without her grandchildren, Neel asks what sort of drama is this when she advises him to be angry when she shows them the letter from the court allowing her the custody of the children.
Neel and Chahat are shocked when she plays the video in which they are in the club, she mentions that it did not take long for the court to make the decision in her favor after seeing that they are involved in gambling and fighting, she has therefor come to live with them as the custodian of the children.

Some time later, the family is showing the video to the lawyer who explains that Ghazala would be able to get the custody because they both are filing for divorce while also having a lot of family problems, Neel explains they all love the children and they do not have any problem living in the house, the lawyer explains there is a way and if they are able to prove they can be better parents to the children within the next forty eight hours only then would they get the custody, Neel leaves in anger, Godambari tries to create a scene when Ghazala asks her to not shout because she has a headache and also that she ahs a pinched voice, she orders Bopho to place her bags in the largest room of the Bungalow, she thinks that now when she entered their house she would leave with the children.

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