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Qurbaan Hua 30th August 2021 Ghazala exclaims they should start the ceremony of the engagement,she asks Chahat to make Zain wear the ring, Shlok asks if father would be able to come back in time as this would bring back their mother, they are waiting when Zain also makes Chahat wear the ring.

Some time earlier, Chahat answers the call, she is amazed to hear it is her father, she rushes to Ghazala who asks her to put it on loud speaker, Chahat questions him where he is, Zain exclaims he desired to come and meet her but the fear of those non-Muslims made him return, if they saw him then would kill him, he exclaims he doesnot care of himself but she should get married to Zain, Chahat tries to reason but Zain explains she should not refuse his desire because he is a really nice person and if he finds that she has listened to his desire, he would be glad and might even try to come and meet her, she must not refuse his decision, Misses Baig also says she should agree, Chahat then explains she would marry Zain if this is what he desires, she asks if he would come to meet her Zain however ends the call.

Chahat is crying, Neel is also not able to believe it, even he is weeping, she turns looking at him when she gets the memories of how she used to play with him, Neel standing thinks he desires to tell Chahat that her father is no longer alive and she is becoming the part of a plan, however he cannot do9 anything, Ghazala coming to Neel smiles and then rushes to Chahat asking if she heard that even her father desires the same, asking what was she thinking, she calls Zain who comes asking what happened, Ghazala explains that Mr Baig called and he also desires that they both get married as then he might even come back, Zain replies if Chahat gets back her father he wou8ld be really glad, Ghazala brings the sweets then showing them to Neel goes to Zain exclaiming that they should eat sweets on this auspicious is moment, Chahat leaves without eating any sweets, Ghazala coming to Neel says that she might have gotten nervous as it is her wedding, she then goes to smile with Zain.

Bopho standing with Neel says that those people while using the name of Dr Baig are deceiving Chahat, he would let them get away with this and should reveal the truth to Chahat, Neel says that the doctor told them they should not burden her mind so how can he tell her the truth, he explains Chahat got like this while trying to save her own daughter, he for a moment thought that he lost Chahat, he cannot let anything happen to her.

Neel hears Dua crying so rushes inside, Zain warns Dua and Shlok to stop calling Chahat as their maa because she is not their mother, Vyas je coming inside questions with whose permission is he talking with the children, he should stop saying bad things to them, Zain says that Vyas je must not take any tension as Chahat is about to become his Begum, he asks Neel if he did not tell them that Chahat has agreed to be his wife, Vyas je replies Chahat would be the daughter in law of this house, Zain assures that he is going to marry Chahat, and would have invited them if they ate meat.

Chahat standing talking with her mother exclaims that she cannot marry zain because he is her friend but she doesnot feel he is worthy of becoming her husband because he is just her friend, she mentions a husband should be the one who gets happy with his wife while cry for her when she is hurt, she starts seeing Neel when he cared for her, she then wonders why did she see Neel, Chahat while walking sees the ring on the table and gets really happy seeing it, exclaiming this is how she wants her ring to be, she tries to wear it, when Neel snatched the ring from her.

Chahat questions where is she taking the ring, Neel replies it is his ring so he can take it as he wants to give it to his girlfriend, Chahat asks if he even has a girlfriend, Neel questions why would he not have a girlfriend, Chahat questions then why does he try to make her realize that they both had some sort of relation and he loved her, Neel replies he loves her but she considers him to be her villain so is going to marry the side hero, he also decided to have a girlfriend and so cannot wait to be around those who consider him their villain.

Neel mentions he saw how she was looking at the ring, if she likes it then his girlfriend would also like it, he would get a kiss on the cheeks then the lips, Chahat questions how can she kiss him on the lips before the marriage, Neel replies it is because she trusts him so he would marry her, they are not like her who has decided to marry Zain after just a call, Chahat questions why is he sharing his personal life with her when he is about to get married to his girlfriend, Neel leaves when Chahat thinks Neel made a ring just as she likes whole she doesnot even know if Zain knows what she likes.

In the night Zain thinks that after a lot of time the moment has come when he would marry Chahat, Ghazala brings Chahat when Zain exclaims even the hoorain of heaven would get nervous seeing how beautiful she is looking, Chahat thinks this is the first time she is not happy even after accepting the decision of her father, she accepts the gifts of the guests.

Chahat sees Vyas je crying while seeing her from the window, Chahat goes asking what has happened, Vyas je replies that one tends to cry when the pain starts to be unbearable, Chahat asks if his legs are hurting when Vyas je replies it is his heart, but he can control it but would happen to the children.

Chahat sees Shlok and Dua crying so then goes asking what happened to them, they both reply that someone is going far away from them, Chahat doesnot understand when Vyas je signals to her, she asks what does he mean, Ghazala comes asking Chahat what is she doing with those people, she asks her to come as all the guests have arrived, Chahat turns while walking back and wonders why can she not see them cry even when they do not have any sort of relation, Vyas je consoles the children.

Chahat and Zain are standing when Shlok asks Vyas je if their father would be able to come back and stop their mother from leaving them, Bopho assures them Neel would surely return.

Ghazala asks Chahat to have the engagement asking if she knows the promise which he made to her father, after she gets in the Nikkah with Zain then her father would come back, Chahat is about to drop the ring, she prays if she is doing something wrong then be shown some sign to mend it.

Ghazala takes out the ring asking Chahat make Zain wear it, when someone enters from the doctor questioning what is the hurry because they cannot get married after deceiving them, Zain questions who he is because he did not recognize him.

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