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Qurbaan Hua 31st May 2021 Chahat is getting ready, she opens the door when Godambari comes in ordering that she would not go to the interview, Chahat pleads with her to not create any scene in the morning because she is getting late for the interview, Godambari snatches her mobile and she even pushes Chahat into the room locking her, Chahat starts screaming demanding that she open the door, Alka also comes asking what has happened so Godambari says she would go with Neel to the interview, Godambari explains that she is about to be the wife of Neel so must take care of him, she even plays loud music outside preventing Chahat from even calling for help.

Neel is waiting for Chahat downstairs, she comes with Alka and explains that Alka is ready so he can take her to the interview, the principal asks what is taking so long because if the parents do not come with the interview, then it would create a lot of problem, she even exclaims how irresponsible of them both, she orders Bopho to wait outside.

Shlok asks Bopho for the mobile saying he needs to call Neel, Neel gets a call but is not able to hear what Shlok tries to explain, Neel is furious, Godambari explains how she told they should leave with Alka, Neel walks out, Alka hands the napkin so that Neel sees the message and find the truth, she is worried so once again asks Neel to check it, he is shocked to read the message and so runs back.

Shlok and Dua wonder what might have happened, they say that both of their parents might have started fighting, they plan to do something so the fighting ends at which Dua says that she has found a way and they would run away from the house as it is the only way by which their parents would come to their senses.

Neel rushes into the house and opens the door. Chahat is tensed thinking that now they would get late for the interview, she hugs him tightly and even he is not able to comprehend what is happening, they both rush out of the house, Godambari questions what Alka is trying to do because she has the right to be the mother of Neel’s children and if she allows Chahat to be his wife, she would not have any place to go, Alka gets tensed hearing Godambari’s words.

Shlok says he has never run away from the house and fears if something happens to them, Dua is also tensed but exclaims they have no other option as their parents are continuously fighting, they are walking when they see Neel and Chahat coming on the bike, both of feel really joyed. Neel loses his balance, they are about to fall however are able to save each other, Chahat is shocked to see the children so asks what they are doing here, they both are worried when Dua lies saying that she lost her sharpener so was deciding to go and buy and new one. Chahat asks why they are going without Bopho, Chahat and Neel ask them both to sit as they are already very late, the principal is really angry informing they are an hour late, Chahat and Neel both try to make an excuse but the principal explains since Dua is a new student she would have to give the test so they must wait outside.

Neel and Chahat are both fighting while Dua is giving the test, she is not able to concentrate on the test and so tries her best to focus on the test.

Ghazala is on the call with the representative of the bank questioning why are her cards not working, Sahil also enters with the lawyer explaining his cards are also not working, Ghazala questions what has happened, the lawyer explains that MR Baig wrote a will according to which his entire property would be off his nephew and niece on their sixth birthday, so now the entire property belongs to Shlok and Dua, till the time they get mature Neel along with Chahat would be the custodian of that property hearing this Ghazala curses Mr Baig exclaiming before his death he had lost his mind but also made such a bold step, she asks for any way in which they can retain the property, the lawyer reveals if they are able to get the custody of the children only then can they regain control over the property, Sahil asks what is he saying as they might not be able to get it till Chahat and Neel are alive, Ghazala explains there is a way as if she is able to prove that Neel and Chahat cannot be good parents she would as their Grand mother be able to get their custody.

The principal checks the test of Dua, Shlok asks how she performed to which the principal reveals she got ten out of twenty, she cannot give admission to Dua, Shlok questions what happened when Dua prepared for the test, she explains she was not able to concentrate because of their parents, principal goes out, both Neel and Chahat ask how did she perform, the principal explains she could not perform because of their fighting but agrees to give her the admission since she is a bright student, Neel blames Chahat for their fighting, she explains they both must refrain themselves, Bopho also comes saying that they are the reason because when he went to get the water, Dua left the note, Neel is shocked to read it which states that they know their parents would be fighting so they both are running away from the house and would never come back, Neel is not able to believe so sits down, Chahat is also really tensed and cries, he requests Chahat to stop crying, since they have realized the mistake then would also correct it, she asks Nele to come while Dua and Shlok are in the office.

Neel calls Dua, Chahat holding her ears kneels down while Neel also does the same, they both apologize for their actions promising to never fight again, Shlok and Dua come to hug Chahat assuring that they promise to never fight again, she also explains that they both have decided to go on a dinner, Shlok along with Dua rush out of the office in excitement.

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