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Qurbaan Hua 3rd July 2021 Neel standing on the door calls Dua asking if this is the way to be angry with the mother as she really loves her a lot, Dua refuses explaining everyone is always on the side their mother including him, she is constantly crying, Neel assures this is not the case, he requests her to open the door for him but she refuses, he turns to see Chahat standing, who questions how can Dua think she doesnot love her because she spent seven years under one roof with that monster, but now Dua thinks like this of her, she sits down mentioning she can bear anything but Dua thinks such low of her which she cannot bear, she explains she feels as if she has lost the battle, Neel questions how can she think as if she ahs lost, Chahat while crying exclaims she feels that the small heart of Dua has been broken but she doesnot know how she would repent it, Neel asks if Dua is only hurt as she is also hurt, he starts the counting with her, she is finally able to stop, he request her to smile consoling her after which he once again starts the counting, she is constantly crying, he while hugging hr asks that she complete the counting, he reaches one, Chahat has stopped crying, he assures that when Dua would open the door he would clam her down, she hugs him once again.

Agam reaches the house, Ghazala questions what is he doing here as the police is madly searching for him, he asks where does she want him to go, he assures that he would leave but after apologizing, he accepts that he has murdered Sahil, she gets mad, he explains they both were fighting and he accidentally stabbed him, Ghazala gets furious so slaps him questioning how can he dare because if he knows that after Sahil she has gotten alone, Agam replies this is why he came to apologize but has also done something better because after Sahil died, he placed the knife in the hands of Madhav which Shlok saw, he can now be a witness, Ghazala assure she would not let the death of Sahil be in vain, Agam is also relieved to hear the exclamation of Ghazala.

Naveli asks Chahat to sit down, Naveli mentions she is sure they all would have suffered so this is why she is performing the Nazar, Godambari sees them so questions what is she doing, Godambari says that they pray before performing the ritual but it doesnot work on those from other religions, Alka also stops Godambari asking what is she saying because she must not forget that Chahat has done a lot for their family, Godambari questions why are they both still worrying for her when she caused Naveli’s husband to be in jail while did not allow Alka to be married, she takes the thali before leaving the room, Neel sees and is frustrated.

Naveli asks her to not take the words of Godambari seriously because she would once again prepare the thali, Chahat refuses mentioning she need some time alone as her mind is filled with bad omens, so she needs to spend some time alone.

Chahat is performing yoga, Neel comes with the smoke and starts performing the Nazar, Chahat questions if he is performing her Nazar, Neel replies that it is not just for the wife to perform the Nazar, they both go downstairs, Godambari is preparing for the pooja so questions why have they come back because they should go and pray like Chahat, Neel and Chahat coming down start performing the Nazar, Neel exclaims he feels that there are a lot of bad omens, Ghazala says that performing the Nazar would not end the bad actions which they have done, Chahat questions what game is she playing, Ghazala replies that the most reputed Pandit, Mant Vyas has murdered Sahil with such vicious nature, Vyas je tries to plead that he has not murdered anyone, Chahat assures they all know he has not murdered anyone, Ghazala exclaims she has a witness and it is Shlok, she asks the inspector to order them all to bring Shlok as he would reveal the truth.

Chahat refuses saying that he got scared after the incident and is not feeling well, Chahat explains that if he would call Shlok, he would also reveal that she helped Aalekh in kidnapping the children, Ghazala is stunned so explains that he might have made a mistake as he is just a child, Chahat replies then why is she requiring for his witness for the case of Vyas je, Chahat mentions that Vyas jee is not mentally stable and the witness of the person who is not stable cannot be accepted, she asks the police if they are still ready to arrest Vyas je, they ask Ghazala who says that they would not perform an more inquiry, they warn Ghazala that she would be arrested if she ever again tries to ruin their time.

Naveli asks Godamabri to see that the person whom she thinks is wrong is always ready to protect their family, Godambari gets furious so decides to take revenge, she goes to Dua asking when she thinks she is close to Ghazala then must go as she is downstairs, Godambari suggests that she also leave with her, Dua asks her to pack her bags so she can leave.

Chahat asks Ghazala to leave if she doesnot want to get humiliated even further, she is about to leave when Dua comes with the bag requesting Ghazala to take her with herself, Neel questions what is she saying, questioning if she would leave him, Dua replies Chahat desires to send her to the hostel but she doesnot want to go there, Ghazala says she would not send her to the hostel, Chahat stopping Dua questions what is she doing, Ghazala exclaims she cannot stop Dua from going with her, Dua asks why does Chahat always separates those who love her like Sahil uncle and Grandmother, Chahat sends her to the room warning her of severe consequences, Ghazala taunts Chahat saying she has broken the heart of the child, Chahat replies if Ghazala thinks she doesnot know why Ghazala is showing such interest in the children, she is aware that Dr Baig left the entire property to her children, she would make sure Ghazala never gets the inheritance, she throws Ghazala out of the house before closing the door.

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