Qurbaan Hua 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 3rd May 2021 Vyas je walking down the stairs exclaims he is only alive because of the efforts of Aalekh, Shlok rushes to take the blessings of Vyas je before standing in front of Alka, Vyas je reveals that Aalekh has fulfilled the rights which were more then that of a son, Neel getting mad picks up Aalekh explaining that he knows what he is capable of and the plan which he made to get the position of the Mant when they both were not present, Neel throws him away, Vyas je coming to Neel explains Aalekh is not telling a lie because when he was kidnaped the second time, he saw the faces of the kidnappers who belonged to the other religion and were using the religion as a means to further their own agenda.

Aalekh sitting in the feet of Neel exclaims he only came to Goa to find Naveli because he realized how rudely he behaved with her when she left him so came to protect her, he then found Vyas je who is his Guru, Neel however explains he cannot still believe him when Vyas je asks if Neel believes him, he then orders Naveli to go and prepare the herbal medicine for Aalekh. Chahat thinks that Aalekh cannot come on the right path so easily.

Naveli brings the medicine for Aalekh and is about to apply it when he holds her hand asking if she thought she could run away from him, he mentions that he was able to convince Vyas je that he saved him from the kidnappers, but she should never try to take such a step again as he is the son in law of the house. Naveli thinks he should stop dreaming because the saviour of the house has come and Chahat would surely protect them all from his evil desires.

Chahat disguised as Toup Singh wonders how she would be able to find the truth about the real Mant Vyas because they both have the same face and voice; she recalls that Baba always gets up in the morning to perform the pooja, she is walking towards his room when the brother of Vyas je is entering from the window with a bottle of alcohol, he exclaims that all the bars of Goa are still open so he would advise Neel to settle in Goa, Toup Singh is walking towards the room when he accidentally drops the vase and after placing it back he walks in the room and is shocked to see that he is still performing the pooja, Toup Singh closes the door and leaves, the brothers wonders who the boy is because if he had not heard the voice of the vase then their secret would have been revealed, he starts drinking again thinking he was better off being kidnapped by Ghazala as he could drink whenever he desired.

Dua and Shlok are demanding that Bopho reveal the truth about who the women is with Neel in the photo, Bopho however says that he doesnot know and threatens to complain to Neel if they do not stop teasing him, Bopho then rushes away, Shlok and Dua are both worried, Dua suggests that she has a plan saying that if Naveli was right and Neel only listens to the women who is in the photo then Neel would have a photo of her in his wallet, Shlok is however worried saying that if anyone touches his wallet he gets really mad.

Neel is looking at the photo of Chahat, thinking that he feels it was her with him when he was drunk and also, she saved him from the brother of that girl, he gets a call from the inspector so leaves throwing his wallet on the table.

Shlok and Dua enter the room and are searching for the wallet, Dua sees it on the table and says to Shlok that they have found it, she goes to the table and is about to take it but Toup Singh snatches the wallet from them saying that it is wrong to look into the belongs of other people without their permission, Dua however says that they only desired to look at the face of the women whose picture is in the wallet, Toup Singh takes it out and places it in his kurta before leaving.

Aalekh is with the brother of Vyas je who says that there was someone outside of his room at five in the morning, Aalekh gets worried asking why did he not see the face of the person who was outside of his room, he is however worrying about the time when he would be able to get the money from the Mandir as only then would he be able to buy the alcohol, Aalekh however explains he should be more careful as this means that someone is watching them.

Neel is scolding both Dua and Shlok demanding them to tell him who has taken the photo from his wallet, they both try to explain that they were telling the truth and had nothing to do with the photo when Toup Singh enters the room and Dua explains that they were about to steal the photo when Toup Singh came and placed it in his kurta, Neel asks Toup Singh to take off his kurta, Toup Singh prevents him from taking it off, Neel is adamant so he hold Toup Singh upside down trying to get his photo and so starts moving him up and down which causes a headache, the photo drops on the ground, Dua is about to take it when Neel reaches for it, he asks why do they have to see it, Dua responds they are searching for the women, Neel explains that she is dead which shatters their hopes, Neel throws them out of the house.

Toup Singh getting up says he should not have said it so clearly in front of them, Neel orders him to not give any lecture then wonders why he keeps the photo of that girl who has ruined his house, Toup Singh getting nervous leaves the room, Neel picks the photo exclaiming he would keep it till the time he is able to take revenge from Chahat for what she has done.

Shlok is sad thinking how would they get Neel and Alka married when the one person who could help them had died, Dua asks him to not worry, she starts reading him from the newspaper after which Shlok exclaims she is really clever and if he had a sister like her then would also be clever, Dua explains he would learn it soon, they both lie down on the bed laughing their hearts out.

In the morning Chahat in her room is weeping thinking of how Neel said she was the reason his family was ruined, she vows to inform Neel of all the problems because of which she was forced to leave him, she walks to Neel who is standing in the lawn but when she is about to reveal the truth, he is thrashing the newspaper on his face questions who did this, Toup Singh reads the news of Alka and Neelkand’s marriage, Toup Singh explains Alka would have given the news and if they have been married once then what is the problem, Neel asks who has been married. Toup Singh questions then who is the father of Shlok.


Qurbaan Hua 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyas je exclaims that the news of his marriage with Alka has spread in Goa like fire and if they break it off then it would cause a lot of shame to the family, he explains there is only one and it is that he marries Alka, Neel gets a letter from Chahat who asks him to meet her because she cannot wait any longer, Neel realizes that this means she is near him.


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