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Qurbaan Hua 3rd September 2021 Neel is being beaten while the entire family begs them to not beat him anymore, the Molvi asks Chahat if she accepts the Nikkah, Neel manages to take the gun pointing it to the head of Chahat, threatening to kill her if they try to get her in a Nikkah with Zain.

Some time ago, Vyas je is standing with the family when Aalekh comes why is there so sadness when a wedding is going on, Aalekh exclaims he has heard that Chahat left Neel and so is marrying someone from her own religion, he praises Ishwar, Vyas je in anger says he doesnot have any interest in hearing his words, ordering Bopho to throw him out, Aalkeh explains whenever he has tried to speak good for Vyas je, they have never listened to him and so now she has shown her true colours, after her marriage the child would be forced to live like orphans, Bopho warns him to leave, Aalekh exclaims that even has gotten the mouth to speak after being with the wife whom he left, Aalekh mentions they cannot ask him to leave since he is the guest of Ghazala jee, he seeks the permission of Vyas je but then mentions there is no need.

Aalekh explains he is going to bring the groom, some time later he brings Zain and explains that he really looks suitable for Chahat as her husband, he then asks Zain if he wants to marry Chahat and would accept her as his wife, he answers that he would after which the Qazi goes to asking Chahat, Shlok doesnot want her to so tries to warn her, she notices that everyone is asking her to not say yes as it is not right, she starts remembering all the moments when they helped her including Neel whom she considers to be her enemy but he is always there for her, Chahat tries to get up when Ghazala warns her to not do anything stupid otherwise she would not be able to meet her father, Chahat says that she has accepted Zain as her husband, Vyas je turns back in disappointment and then wonders why has the mother been separated from her children, Vyas je goes to Chahat questioning why did she marry Zain even when he asked her to not come in any sort of pressure, Chahat replies she lost her mother when she was young but would not loose her father, Vyas je asks what is she saying as she had lost her father a long time ago, Chahat doesnot understand when Zain coming from behind the corner says that he is here.

The entire family is shocked saying that if he is there then who was Chahat to perform the Nikkah, Neel explains that Zain tried to murder him but forgot that love has a lot of strength, he explains how Zain asked his men to throw Neel in the river so he would die but he managed to beat them all, after that he came straight to Zain’s room and after they both were alone hit him in the head with the vase, he came disguised as Zain so he would be able to save Chahat. Ghazala tries to act as if she worried for Chahat mentioning they have not let her worthy enough to go anywhere, Zain interrupts her saying nothing wrong has happened and if he was not the one in the nikkah then it is void, also the name that was written was his so how did Neel get married to Chahat. Neel replies it is because he knows Ashfaq Sahab as he is the marriage registrar and so when he requested him Ashfaq Sahab came and it is not Nikkah nama on which they have signed but the marriage registration certificate so Chahat is his legal wife, he going to Chahat exclaims there are a lot of things which she doesnot know for which they are taking the benefit but he would not let anything wrong happen to her, he loves her till the end of his life but just wants her to say for one time that she accepts him as then he would protect her with all his might, he requests her to say yes for just one time.

Chahat mentions she doesnot understand, Zain coming explains there is no need to understand and she must think about him and her father, Neel pushes him away saying that Chahat is now his wife, Bopho comes in beating the drums, Shlok explains that he prayed so today Chahat is getting married to Baba, Bopho asks them to dance even when they have not come to witness the wedding of Neel and Chahat, Ghazala snatches the certificate from Neel, throwing it in the fire exclaiming that now there is not any proof of the wedding, Zain asks his men to start beating Neel, they do not listen to anyone even when Chahat says that she doesnot want any sort of blood in this house, ghazala stops Chahat saying that she must only think of her Nikkah with Neel as their Qari Sahab is about to come, when he arrives Zain sits so the Nikkah formally starts.

Chahat sees Neel and thinks that she can clearly see how much he loves her and so what if he is right and they really had a past relation which she has now forgotten, Qari Sahab asks Zain who mentions there is nothing to worry about and he must start, Ghazala says Chahat should also just worry about her promise to her father, Vyas je shouts asking if he is not her father and so warns Chahat to not go ahead with this Nikkah because they are deceiving her.

The Qari Sahab then goes to Chahat asking if she accepts her Nikkah with Zain, Vyas je warns her to not go ahead with this Nikkah, Ghazala asks Chahat to answer, she seeing Neel says they must stop beating this man because he is not in a healthy state, Ghazala warns Chahat to not give up before the Nikkah ends, Chahat asks Ghazala to not do this as Neel cannot bear any sort of pain, Neel sees the gun so taking it points towards the Qari Sahab warning them all to go downstairs, he challenges Zain saying he would now see how he performs the Nikkah, Ghazala questions how did she dare when Neel places the gun on the forehead of Chahat saying if they take a step forward, he will kill Chahat.

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