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Qurbaan Hua 4th September 2020 Chahat places her fingerprint and is worried that her real identity might be revealed when the card completely loads, Neil says that it would create immense problem if her real identity is revealed, he asks Bopho to take the glass and give it to Chahat so that she is able to put it over the laptop to prevent her real identity of being the daughter of Dr Baig being revealed she pours the water over the laptop which angers the inspector. He mentions that it would take a lot of time to get it fixed.
The inspector gets a call from Naveli mentioning that they should not release Neil as Chahat is being pressured, Chahat asks the inspector on what charges did they arrest Neil, they show her the photo where she is begging and ask her why was she forced to, she thinks that she cannot even take the name of Godambari as then the inspector would never release Neil, he gets angry over Chahat ordering that she inform the truth, which angers Viyas and he orders that she not raise his voice over Chahat, he gets dizzy then Neil asks that jamuna take him home as otherwise he would not be able to take part in the matters of the Mandir. Viyas is not ready to leave at which Chahat says that if Saraswati had asked him then he would have left, Viyas leaves after hearing her.
Neil requests to talk with Chahat alone, he says that it was her idea as she informed him that she would take revenge from him for what he did to her, Chahat says that he should stand there as she will talk.
She says to the inspector that Neil cannot harm her as he is really scared of her, she exclaims that the only fight that has happened between them was because she told him to take care of his own things and this is what caused the fight, the inspector exclaims that all the wives talk like this and even his wife is like this, Chahat exclaims that this is what she has been trying to tell her husband however he has no interest In listening because of which he got angry and they got into this mess, she kisses him on both of his cheeks which scares him as he is not able to understand what she is trying to do, the inspector asks that she sit with him as he has something to discuss, then he asks if she is being pressurized so she should give him the number of her father, upon hearing the name of her father she looks at the wanted poster where she spots the photo of her father then starts telling the real number of Dr Baig, when they reach the eight digit she wipes off her tears mentioning that if he ahs the number of hr family members then why not call her family by themselves, the inspector says that he cannot reveal the identity of the person as it is to remain confidential, Chahat tries to convince him that he has been misguided and they are being pranked.
Viyas jee is sitting outside the house, Jamuna comes requesting that he come inside as it is very cold, Viyas jee refuses saying that until both Chahat and Neil come back he will not enter the house, Jamuna tries to make him wear a Showl but he refuses to do so,
Baleq and Godambari are standing at the door thinking that he should keep sitting out there in the cold only then will he realize how hard it is to wash the dishes in the morning with the cold water, Baleq mentions that even he is really happy to see Viyas jee suffering but has to act of caring so can he get a glass of warm milk.
Chahat says that he has no idea what she can do, she exclaims that she will go on a hunger strike in their police station, he exclaims that he is not convinced but she asks Bopho to start a live video form the channel of Neil and when they do it, the entire village would come to know what kind of a behaviour does the police have with the citizens.
Baleq and Godambari see a girl dressed in the clothes of Saraswati preparing the thali in the Mandir, they both get scared thinking that it might be the ghost of Saraswati as only she worked with so calm mind, then when they see that it is Naveli both of them get amazed asking why is she wearing the clothes of Saraswati, she mentions that when both Neil and Viyas jee are in jail she would be the Mantian so has to dress like Saraswati di, Baleq asks why is she happy as she thinks that she was the one behind the entire incident, Naveli assures them that it was her
The inspector gives Chahat the number, Neil takes it and inquires if the inspector is sure, when the inspector asks if he knows whose number it is, Neil answers that it belongs to Naveli his sister, Chahat is shocked to hear the news.
Naveli says that Baleq thinks that she cannot do anything so this is why she sent the pictures of Chahat begging to the police and was also the one to file the complaint, both Baleq and Godambari get shocked hearing what she ahs to say, he says that has she thought that if Neil and Chahat find out that the phone came from her number then what will they do. Baleq asks Godambari to teach some sense to Naveli and figure out what they will do as he will never help them.
Baleq takes the glass of milk to Viyas jee but he refuses to take it mentioning that he will be fine after Neil and Chahat come back home.
Naveli says that Baleq is always angry with her when she only tried to show her affection as she wanted that he be the one to perform the pooja, Godambari asks her to wonder what will happen if the police find out it was her. They both hear the siren of the police and Chahat along with Neil enter the house.
Jamuna exclaims that she has come as a blessing to their house, he asks her how was she able to get Neil released, they both exclaim that they have found the person who informed the police, Godambari asks her to think what will happen to her if they found out then they would also come to know she sent Chahat beg on the streets. Godambari threatens to make Naveli realize what kind of a mistake she has made.
Viyas jee asks them who has called the police, Neil mentions that it was Naveli which angers him while Jamuna gets shocked hearing the name.

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