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Qurbaan Hua 5th July 2021 Dua is crying in her room, Godambari exclaims there is no need to cry like this, she asks Dua to come with her, Dua questions where is she taking her, Godambari exclaims she has to take Dua because Chahat asked her, Dua questions where is she taking her, Godambari replies that she is taking Dua to lock her in the store because Chahat asked her, Dua exclaims she will not go in the store because she is scared of the darkness, Dua insists Godambari ask Chahat to not lock her because she will mend her ways and would not be rude with the elders, but Godambari says she cannot do anything as Chahat is even talking with the hostel management so she can send Dua away who wonders what will happen with her, Godambari closes the door without even listening to Dua who is constantly screaming for help, she exclaims that Chahat would now learn the lesson for trying to manipulate Naveli.

Shlok enters the room calling Dua exclaiming she challenged him to be strong so he has practiced, Chahat comes asking what has happened, Shlok explains that Dua is not in the room, she starts calling her but they are not able to find Dua, Neel also enters questioning why is no one coming for the lunch, Chahat explains she cannot find Dua, they both start searching the entire house, Naveli also comes asking what has happened, Chahat explains the entire situation so they all start searching for Dua, Godambari explains she doesnot know and Dua might be playing, Neel and Chahat reach the store where they hear someone crying, Neel enters the store to find that Dua is trying to take deep breaths but she is not able to and is suffocating, Neel is shocked so asks Chahat who explains it is an asthma attack, they take Dua to the room, she assures that she would come with the inhaler, Chahat leaves before asking Naveli to close all the windows as the wind is cold which increases the asthma attacks.

Chahat is running trying to search for a pharmacy but is not able to find even a single shop which is open, she a
sks the guard what is the reason all the shops are closed, he explains it is because of the strike so all the shops would remain closed, Chahat gets a call from Neel who explains that Dua is even feeling a lot of difficulty in breathing, Chahat explains there is a strike, Nele suggests that he can bring the medicine from Rishikesh but she explains that she would herself bring the medicine, she starts breaking the lock of the medicine shop sop the guard comes asking what is she doing, she explains that her daughter is really ill so she would take the medicine even if has her arrested, she is able to take the medicine to Dua, Chahat advises her to take a deep breath after which she would insert the inhaler, Dua however refuses to take it from her hand, she asks Dua to leave but Chahat forces her to take the inhaler when her breathing stabilizes, she falls back into the arms of Neel, who questions why was she so adamant as Chahat made a lot of effort, Naveli questions why did she suffer the asthma attack when her tests were negative, Dua explain it is because of Chahat as whenever she remembers that Chahat saved Shlok first, she starts breathing heavily, Neel tries to explain but Chahat says they must leave because Dua needs to rest.

After walking downstairs, Chahat takes the hand of Naveli, she is adamant to lock Naveli in the bathroom, Godambari is not able to bear it, she questions why did Chahat dare talk like this to her, Chahat asks how could she dare lock her daughter in the room, Godambari is stunned when Chahat explains she should never dare do anything like this, she would forget if Godambari ever touches Dua that she is elder, Chahat leaves when Naveli asks if she really locked Dua in the room, Naveli mentions she realized there was a strike of pharmacists after Chahat left, they can never understand what she would have done for her child, she prays that Godambari be a little like Chahat.

In the morning Neel sits on the sofa, Chahat is really worried, he exclaims that she must not be worried because Dua is a child and would get over it after some time, Naveli stops Ghazala from entering, she asks why does Ghazala not understand because Chahat has strictly warned them to not let Ghazala in the house, Chahat comes asking why does she always have to come to get insulted, Ghazala replies that she cares a lot for her granddaughter so came after knowing that Dua suffered from an asthma attack, Neel getting furious questions who told her as he would kill the person, Ghazala exclaims he can kill his own daughter because she called her while crying requesting that she at once come to their house.

Ghazala blames that Chahat is not a good mother, Chahat accepts it saying she knows Ghazala made Dua believe that she doesnot care for her, Dua calls Ghazala from the steps, she after hugging her questions why did she get so late, Ghazala replies she arrived but her mother is not letting her in the house, Dua exclaims it is because she loves her which Chahat doesnot like, Dua seeks the permission of Neel who doesnot say anything, Dua along with Ghazala enter the house, when Ghazala asks her to come as they would sit in the open air, Chahat is weeping seeing that her own daughter feels that her mother doesnot love her.

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