Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 7th July 2021 Chahat and Neel are really close, Chahat warns that Godambari will come but he replies he is not scared, she says that children will see them but he exclaims they would be happy to see their parents together, she pushes him but he is already sitting on the bed, she gets frustrated saying she will take away the two marks which she has awarded him, he says he just followed her orders but she gets even more frustrated, she turns to leave when her dupatta gets stuck, she turns in a romantic manner thinking it would be Neel however to her amazement she turns to see it is stuck in a needle, she takes it out, Neel gets a call from someone and says that he is really amazed of their fast service, they have found a match for Naveli, he calls them to his restaurant.

Naveli is trying to call Bophandar, but he is not answering his call, she wonders what has happened because she thought he likes her however he is not even answering his call, she thinks that she was wrong to think he likes her.

Dua walks down calling Shlok, she asks Alka where he is, Alka replies that he has gone for the Sanskar varth, Dua doesnot understand so asks what is it, Alka replies that just like she is taught since in school, in Sanskar varth the Pandit’s are taught Mantar, she leaves so Dua thinks that why did she not go, she sees Chahat walking so questions why did she not allow her to go to the Sanskar varth, Chahat thinks if she tells her that it is only for boys she would ask a lot questions, Chahat replies she did not send Dua because she is ill, Dua exclaims it is a lie because Chahat desired a boy and found Shlok, Grandmother is right to say that Chahat only loves Shlok, she leaves crying when Chahat wonders what would she do about Ghazala, she calls Dua.

Ghazala is sitting when Aalekh comes, she asks him to have the sweets, he asks what is the sweets for as if she has prepared for his bail, she replies it is because Naveli has decided to divorce her, she says that it is for Neel and Chahat have decided to get her married, Aalekh says it cannot happen as he would now make a plan while being in the jail that will ruin the life of Naveli.
Dua is sitting in her room, Chahat brings dinner for her asking that she have the dinner but Dua insists that she would not have the dinner because Chahat is not her mother as she only cares for Shlok, Chahat tries to reason saying that it is not the case, Dua leaves saying she would have the donner from Alka maa, Chahat hears the water moving down so going in the bathroom sees that the water pipe has burst and warm water is coming out of the pipe, she thinks if the room fills with the water then it would cause another asthma attack for Dua, she calls Godambari and the family but when she asks Godambari to close the pipe she leaves without helping her, Dua comes into the bathroom asking what is she doing, Chahat sends her away asking why should she tell when she doesnot even consider her as the mother, Dua leaves to sleep, Chahat thinks what could she tell her knowing she would not believe her.
Neel after some time is searching for Chahat, he thinks she would be in the children’s room, he after walking in sees Dua sleeping while the food is on her bed, he is about to leave when he hears the water so walks in the bathroom, he is shocked to see Chahat standing holding the water pipe, he questions what is she doing, she asks him to close the valve, Neel rushes back to the room, he covers her in a towel then is about to place her onto the bed, she signals him to take her to their room.

Neel while wiping her hair questions what was she doing in the bathroom, she replies if the room was filled with the water it would have caused another Asthma attack, he exclaims she was doing this for Dua even when she thinks Chahat doesnot love her anymore, Neel vows to tell Dua what her mother is prepared to do for her, Chahat stops saying she doesnot want Dua to hate them both and this ways she is at least close to Neel, he is however not ready to accept the hatred of Dua, Chahat tries to make him realize she would have also felt angry if in her childhood her mother saved her brother before her, she is a child and would one day understand how much she loves her, Chahat sneezes on the face of Neel, she apologizes to him.

Neel replies she is actually Mother Teresa, he stands to wipe off her hairs so she doesnot get cold, Chahat feels nervous when he removes the dupatta, she stops him saying she would manage, but he exclaims she would feel cold, Chahat insists saying he must sleep with Dua since Shlok is also away.

Neel turning questions what he should do if he misses her in the middle of the night, she mentions he should close his eyes and start mediating, she sends him away before taking the medicines to apply on the wounds.

In the morning Chahat has prepared a list of duties which Neel has to perform, she thinks now he should also think what it feels to be a mother, she walks in the room and is shocked to see Dua is shivering from cold while Neel has all of the vase, she after covering Dua turns but she hears Dua calling in the sleep asking her mother to save her with Shlok from the Paris wheel as she is also scared, she starts crying so lying beside Neel she consoles Dua who once again falls back to sleep, Nele waking up is really excited thinking Chahat doesnot say it openly but really loves him, he is about to kiss her when Chahat wakes up, she gets back asking what was he trying to do, he says he was about to give the reply, she exclaims it was the wrong reply then leaves handing him the list of duties which he has to perform for Dua, Neel questions what would her mother do, she says that she would be on the rest.
Neel is in the kitchen, he asks Chahat if she would not prepare the breakfast for Dua, Chahat replies it is not possible as Dua recognizes her cooking so he would have to make the breakfast, Dua asks Chahat to comb her hair from the back, Chahat questions if she said something to her as she doesnot consider her to be her mother, Dua questions how can it be since she is the one who always combs her hair, Chahat warns her to not refer to her as mother since she is Dr Chahat, Dua gets angry with her mother.


Qurbaan Hua 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Families have gathered for Naveli’s new Rishta, the family says it will help both the children move ahead in their lives. Aalekh enters which shocks everyone, He says they are acting like they saw a ghost; he came after so many days won’t they welcome him.


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