Qurbaan Hua 7th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 7th June 2021 Neel and Chahat while walking in the dark reach a place where there is no one, Ghazala questions if the person really took the order for the wedding as there is not even a single bee there, she asks if he believes her now that Chahat was lying, she is about to record the video of the fight when the light turns on and Mr Badra exclaims he promised there would not be any problem, he greets Neel asking him to come and meet some people as they are really praising his food.

Chahat asks Misses Baig that she should not worry as she would always be two step ahead of her and if she had not tried to be over smart then she would not have to be forced to ask Bopho find a person who was looking for a caterer and how could he refuse to accept the offer of getting free catering which is why she should never challenge the capabilities of Neel, Mr Badra comes and praises Chahat for her husband’s cooking, he hands her the money explaining he cannot get it for free. Chahat asks Ghazala if she has understood what they both can do for their children, Shlok and Dua request Chahat to come as they would have the food prepared by Neel, she however sends Ghazala with them explaining she was praying all night for the success of Neel, Shlok along with Dua force her to eat the food, Chahat rejoices with Neel on the condition of Misses Baig.

In the morning Neel explains they have submitted the fees to the lawyer, ghazal questions what would happen after this as he is still unemployed, Mr Badra enters questioning why does he need to work when he has his own business, he offers Neel to be a partner in his restaurant in which he would invest the entire amount while Neel would be in charge of operations and they will divide the profit amongst them, Neel leaves with him, the lawyer advises Ghazala to stop as she might never get the custody of the children.
Ghazala is really worried thinking what she would do because the children have also fed er that she is not able to calm herself, Chahat presents her with medicine requesting her to end the rivalry, she knows Ghazala has lost a son but has got a daughter and son in return along with two Grandchildren so can they not end this rivalry, Ghazala hugs her then exclaims she is really clever but she would not be able to survive when Neel comes to know she has given the money to Mr Badra which is why she was breaking all of her Fixed Deposits, she questions what is the need to sacrifice for such a family, she tries to throw the photo of their family, Chahat holding her hand exclaims there is no place in this house for a person who doesnot act as the member of this family.

Chahat going upstairs brings the belongings of Ghazala and forcefully throws her out of the house, she threatens Ghazala to never return to their house, Chahat wonders that she would also see how Ghazala comes back.

Neel is pressing his clothes with Naveli who says she is really glad Neel has once again started cooking, he also reveals how he missed this coat, Naveli questions if he has thanked Chahat for helping him start cooking once again, Chahat entering says he has not even said anything to her, she knows he would never praise her, Shlok asks why does she think, Chahat replies she knows Neel really well, Dua and Shlok both force Neel to thank Chahat so he says he would only thank her if they both leave the room, Dua and Shlok are tensed but Naveli takes them out of the room.

Chahat asks Neel to thank her, he starts coughing explaining he cannot talk even when he desires to, Chahat then forces him to drink Castor oil, he questions what is this so she explains it is to end his cruel words, he chases her to also make her drink the castor oil, he is finally able to catch her so then turns on the fan which pours roses over them both, she questions if this was his plan so he replies why should he thank her while he himself did all the hard work. Chahat explains she has another news that she threw Misses Baig out of the house because she doesnot want anyone to be around her children who doesnot have good intention.

Agam is resting on the swing when Misses Baig walks past him with her bag, he getting up questions why is she leaving as he cannot live without her, he tries to get close to her but she pushes him away warning him to stay away from her, Aalekh also comes asking what does he think he is doing as it is not right because Ghazala is not that kind of a person, he explains he is still the Mant Vyas so Chahat would be forced to listen to his orders, Aalekh advises that he use his brain because if he takes the side of Misses Baig, Chahat would get suspicious of their drama. They hear Bopho coming so immediately start acting.

Bopho brings new bicycles for Shlok and Dua, Naveli reveals they are the present from Neel, Shlok is sad as he doesnot know how to ride, Bopho assures that he would teach him, but Dua mentions that she would be the one to teach him, Aalekh requests Ghazala to not take Agam’s words seriously as he cannot let his truth come out, Ghazala exclaims she has found a way to stay in the house.
Dua is teaching Shlok how to ride a bicycle, they both decide to have a race, but Shlok is losing however he is adamant to win the race, Ghazala comes saying she also has a present for him and presents him with a device in which he can hear the songs while riding, she plays something for him then ties her dupatta to his bicycle, he starts riding it while she is being pulled on the grass, he doesnot hear anything.

Neel and Chahat are cleaning the room, he thinks she has thrown her stepmother out of the house for his children’s sake so he should at least appreciate her, Chahat looks out the window, she is stunned to see Misses Baig being pulled behind the bicycle.


Qurbaan Hua 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ghazala exclaims he is pulling his own Grandmother with a bicycle, there is only sort of place for such children so if he is thrown into the jail then her husband would not let her live in the house, the police come questioning if she suspects anyone, Ghazala looks to Chahat who is stunned.


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