Qurbaan Hua 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 8th July 2021 Dua calls Chahat as Ami she asks why is Dua calling her as mother as she is Dr Chahat, she walks past Dua, Neel also starts working, Dua then goes to Neel asking him to make her hair because Dr Chahat is not helping her, Dua sees Chahat so asks her to step aside because she needs to go upstairs, Chahat immediately sits down crying, Neel comes asking why is she crying when she herself showed the attitude, Chahat says she fears if she would permanently become Dr Chahat for her daughter, Neel also asks what is the relationship, Chahat orders Neel to go and make Dua eat the breakfast as otherwise she would not feel good.

Neel is helping Dua so after combing it exclaims they have been made, she says that in the open hairs she would look like the step mother of snow white, Chahat sees Neel who is worried, she tris to teach him how to make the hairs but he is not able to do it properly, Dua then cries explaining she once ruined the hairs of her doll so had to colour her head and if she relies on him then would also have to colour her own head, he sends her away then coming to Chahat exclaims t is a really difficult tasks to become a mother, he salutes all the mother who are able to work in the house while also managing their jobs.

Dua asks Alka to see that her father has prepared the hair, Alka exclaims that it is really nice and she has never seen any hair prepared like this, Dua also asks Naveli if she also likes it but Naveli replies sit is just a little bent so she would correct it, Neel comes asking Naveli to also get ready as a family is coming to see her, he advises Chahat to be careful because some people might try to ruin the relation. Chahat assures she would take care of everything, Godambari gets frustrated. He asks Chahat to go and help Naveli get ready, Chahat sends her away, Godambari sees her in anger.

Naveli is ready in her room, she tries calling Bopho however it is switched off, she thinks if she is not able to talk with Bopho then how would she find out what is in his heart, Chahat comes asking Naveli to follow her as the family is waiting for her, Chahat questions what is the problem because she is nervous, Naveli exclaims that sometimes people tend to arrive at conclusions without finding the entire truth, Chahat explains this means her suspicion was right and she is talking about Bopho, Naveli mentions that she cannot do anything now so asks Chahat to come downstairs.

Naveli brings the tea in front of the family, Neel mentions that they would reveal the truth because Naveli is recently divorced and they know the boy is also divorced, the father mentions children make mistakes but if the children can forget their past and move on what is the best thing, Aalekh asks it would only happen when they would let them forget, Aalekh is brought n with the shackles, the entire family is shocked to see him, Aalekh comes to the house which angers everyone, Aalekh exclaims they are stunned as if they have seen a ghost, he laughs asking if they would not welcome him when he has come after so many days, Dua gets really scared, Chahat signals Alka to take Dua inside.

The family I stunned to see Aalekh who is still laughing, he asks Vyas je if he is still stunned, Neel asks how did he come out of jail, Aalekh replies that judge gave him a parole knowing that his wife is ill, Aalekh asks why is Neel insisting on marrying her when she is ill, Chahat assures that Naveli is not ill and they can be seated, Aalekh exclaims if this is the case he will leave but before desires to bid the last farewell to Naveli, he explains she is looking really pretty then sitting starts eating the samosa saying exclaiming she makes really good dishes, he mentions that he knows their family and they have a factory of boxes, he would make a good couple and when Naveli will give him the tiffin for his lunch, he would get hit by a tempo and die, Neel says that he desires to get thrown from the edge which he can make possible, Neel asks the constable to take him away, Aalekh once again threatens to kill them, the family mentions they feel like they should leave after witnessing everything, Neel assures he would protect him but they also leave, Neel tries to calm down Choubey jee but he leaves saying what can he say.

Godambari replies he knew this would happen after she got the divorce, she would be a burden for them, Bopho exclaims he would marry her so coming sits on his knees assuring that he would always keep her happy, Chahat exclaims that she cannot wait and would come to eat the fresh pastries while also coming to meet her, Neel refuses to allow this marriage to happen.

Chahat questions Neel why can Bopho not marry Naveli, Neel mentions that he cannot allow Naveli to marry Bopho because she will not be able to live with him, Godambari also says that when she doesnot have anything to eat then would not be able to live peacefully, Naveli exclaims it is not the case because she can live happily with Bopho, Neel comes to Bopho explaining he is his oldest friend and he knows that Naveli desires to live a model life, she has dreamed of living a fancy life, he knows Bopho would not be able to provide it. Chahat replies that Aalekh also had a big factory even then Naveli was not happy with him, she is sure Naveli would be able to live peacefully.

Neel replies that he will make sure Naveli is married in a big family and leaves, Godambari warns Bopho to stop thinking he can marry Naveli, as one should think according to their wealth, she feels he doesnot even have enough wealth to wear proper clothes, Naveli requests Godambari to stop.

Chahat assures them that everything would be fine and asks them to not worry about anyone, she explains that Godambari is habitual of creating a scene, but they must not worry about, she assures to convince Neel of their marriage mentioning that it her promise they both will get married.


Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aalekh tells Ghazala that his revenge will be complete when he sends Vyas je to the mental asylum, One can buy anything with money, at home Chahat finds some injections, Naveli informs that Mami Ji called a doctor for the treatment of Vyas je.


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