Qurbaan Hua 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 8th June 2021 Chahat from the window sees Shlok riding the bike not knowing that ghazala is being pulled behind him, she is stunned, Neel praises Chahat for what he has done for the children, but he gets shocked to see she is not in the room so thinks she might have felt bad as he did not even appreciate her after all she has done for the children, he vows to do something special.

Chahat rushes out to the garden, she shouts at Shlok but he doesnot listen, so she rushes to stop him, he gets tensed when she asks him to step aside without hurting himself, Chahat starts looking at the injuries of Misses Baig, Shlok starts crying apologizing for the mistake explaining it all happened because he has earphones plugged in, Ghazala questions why did he not stop the bicycle when she shouted at him, Dua is also worried after seeing her grandmother in such a condition so she is asked by Chahat to take Shlok inside the house.

Chahat sits with Misses Baig, she doesnot want to get treated by Chahat but then gets unconscious, she is taken to the hospital by Chahat, the doctor looking at her injuries questions who ha done it and why is she not saying anything, Ghazala is tensed, the doctor says that it seems a case of foul play, the police arrive which worries Chahat who questions what are they doing here, the doctor reveals they are here to record the statement as it is a police case, Chahat is worried but Ghazala refuses to take the name of anyone so the police leave after taking the written copy of the report.

Chahat with tears in her eyes sits in front of Misses Baig appreciating that she did not take the name of anyone otherwise her son would have gone to the juvenile home, Ghazala standing exclaims she doesnot do anything just for appreciation, she suffered the injury for which she demands an equal return and it is that Chahat would take her back into the house with full respect, Chahat refuses to comply saying she cannot have a women like her around their children, Ghazala exclaims is he a child or devil as he is dragging his grandmother without any consideration, she mentions he must be in jail then says he is a soft hearted child so might not be able to bear the life and if this happen then would Neel allow her into the house.

Dua is with Shlok consoling him saying that he must not worry as nothing wrong would happen to them, Shlok is worried because he is the reason their grandmother got hurt and he might be taken to the jail, Dua assures him that nothing wrong would happen to him, Neel enters the room saying that he has prepared the cake for her when they told him to do something.

Nee and Godambari reach the hall when she opens the door, she is shocked to see Ghazala standing beside Chahat who brings her inside, Neel in anger drops the cake questioning what is she doing, Ghazala reveals that her son in law doesnot care for her a bit but she is glad that it is not the case with Chahat, she could not see her in such a condition, Ghazala asks Shlok and Dua to serve her otherwise she would not be able to get well.

Shlok and Dua help Ghazala walk up the stairs after she orders Godambari to bring a hot water bag, Neel holding Chahat’s hand exclaims he after such a long time himself baked cake to thank her but she is not suitable for any appreciation, he demands she tell him what the reason was after which she brought Ghazala back into their house, she is not able to say anything about the blackmailing so Neel leaves in anger.

Chahat is about to enter the kitchen, Godambari stopping her exclaims she would now create a scene, she calls Vyas je advising he question why did she bring Ghazala back into the house after she herself threw her out as it might have been a drama, she asks him to tell Ghazala to leave the house, Vyas je reveals it is not possible as there is a relation of love amongst the children and Misses Baig so he cannot ask her to leave.

Ghazala thinks that Neel has made her work easier as if he is really angry then it would surely come out and she would then prove that it is not easy for the children to live with such a father who is not stable, Vyas je and Aalekh leave.

Godambari exclaims she is a really clever women, Godambari forcefully asks Chahat to go and see if Neel starts breaking the belongings, she even warns her to not smile a lot as one day she would be thrown out of the house, Ghazala reveals it is suitable to dream.

Neel is in his room with a knife when Chahat thinks he might be going to kill Ghazala, she warns him that it is not right and he must stop however he exclaims he is just going to take the ribbons out from the coat, Chahat is relieved he is not mad about what she done, he replies that it is because they say it is right to keep the enemies near oneself which is why he is also staying with her.

Chahat is given a letter by Naveli after which she rushes to the bathroom exclaiming there is nothing to worry about, Nele wonders what might be the case that she ran after seeing the letter, Chahat is worried that she doesnot have the money to pay the EMI of the loan which she has taken for Neel’s restaurant, she applies for a job explaining she has complete experience of ICU.
Neel hears the landline ringing so answers it as only Chahat uses it, he answers and the nurse exclaims that she is talking from the Vyas center, he must hand the mobile to Chahat, Neel replies she must try contacting the mobile so the nurse says that she tried but he must in form her that it would take two lacs to transfer all the patients as she sold it, Vyas je wakes up after hearing her name.

Neel exclaims he is shocked she has opened a center with the name of Vyas je, Chahat comes out so he questions why is she closing the center after she opened it, she questions how he came to know so he mentions that he got a call.


Qurbaan Hua 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shlok is praying like a muslin when Godambari asks why was he praying like a Muslim, she vows to teach Dua a lesson and is about to slap her but Ghazala stops her hand.


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