Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Qurbaan Hua 9th July 2021 At the police station, Aalekh laughs sitting with Ghazala jee, he exclaims Naveli decided to marry but she should have seen the face of the man who came to marry her and now the entire village would know her former husband is mad, he exclaims they are just paying a small price for sending him to jail but his real revenge would fulfil when Vyas je is sent to the Mental asylum, he exclaims everything can happen with money and the manager of the mental asylum agreed to take him for a mere ten thousand rupees and also agreed to say that they have come to the house because of Chahat so Neel would throw her out of the house because he has small ears. Ghazala also plans to fill the ears of Dua so she feels that everything is because of her mother, she would even hate her even more.

Neel advises Chaube jee to not be worried about Aalekh because he was just threatening them, he can pay him even more but he must just find a suitable match for Naveli because he desires to find a suitable match for her, Chahat comes exclaiming if he has instructed them then should come with her because she wants to him to have learn how to prepare the hairs, she shows him how can he prepare the hairs of Dua, she instructs that he should never pull her hair because it would irritate her and if this happens he must massage her hair, he also instructs her to use only jasmine hair oil because she feels irritated because of the smell of other oils, Dua is happy to see how her mother cares for her, Godambari comes in forming that Ghazala called her, she thinks she could have ended the call but did not because she knows Ghazala is trying to create the differences between Chahat and Dua which she also wants.

Dua is talking with Ghazala on the mobile, Dua exclaims she feels that she made a mistake and her mother doesnot hate her because she was trying to teach Neel how to properly make her hair, she feels she made mistake, Ghazala immediately asks Dua to not be fooled as her mother is just acting nice in front of Neel, Dua replies that her mother apologized for the mistake, Ghazala exclaims they can test it as today is the night of the full moon and today in the night there is a witch that comes out and can only be seen by those children who parents do not love her.

In the night Godambari asks the Pandit to prepare for the pooja while she would call Vyas je, she leaves when one of them asks why they are disguised as the Pandit when they came to take the old man, the manager replies Aalekh jee advised they should make it look like the old man is a mental person which they need to take to the Mental Asylum, Godambari helps Vyas je sit for the pooja, Chahat advises they should not make Vyas je sit for so long as he is not well, Godambari warns if she desires to ruin the image of the family if the villagers find out Vyas je is not mentally stable, Chahat is forced to stay quiet.

Dua in her room prays that the witch doesnot come as she is scared and doesnot want to believe that her mother doesnot love her, she is praying, she hears the sound of the bangles and tries to see who is it, she knows no one in the house wears the payal there is a knock on the door, Dua very hesitantly walks out in the hall, she is not able to find anyone so wonders who was knocking, she once again walks inside and hears the sound once again so comes out.

Vyas jee sitting in the pooja is performing it, Chahat is worried he would not be able to perform it, the Panidt asks Godambari to bring the thali, Chahat sees the injection so picking it wonders who has given him steroids, Alka replies Godambari called the doctor because of his weakness so he gave the injection, Chahat is worried if the panicking once again starts, the workers of the mental asylum asks why is he not acting like a mental person, he goes to bring a rock and then raises it, Vyas je gets completely scarred exclaiming the villain would kill everyone. Godambari and Alka try to calm him.

Dua hesitantly walks out of the balcony and starts looking for the witch, she turns and is shocked to see a woman in white clothes standing on the edge of the wall, she is laughing which scares Dua.

Godambari exclaims Vyas jee would perform the hawan before leaving, Alka tries to reason with Godambari, Vyas je starts hitting them with the pillow, they exclaim that they have come from the mental asylum because Vyas je is a danger to the society and so they have to take him to the mental asylum, Chahat warns she would not let them take Vyas je away, but the person replies he got the orders and will surely take him.

Ghazala as the witch says that one day her mother would take her away and leave her alone.

The personal are tying Vyas je, Neel comes and starts hitting them, warning they should not treat them with such disrespect, the manager replies that Chahat called them to take Vyas jee away, Neel mentions he believes Chahat would not dare do anything and throws them out of the house.

Chahat and Neel are with Vyas je, Dua calls for Neel, Chahat advises him to go and check on her while she is with Vyas je, Ghazala exclaims she will take Dua with her and make a soup in the large pot which she will then drink. Dua starts having difficulty breathing, she once again calls Neel, he is running in the hall searching for Dua.


Qurbaan Hua 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dua hugs Neel informing that the Churail/witch wanted to take her, She tells Chahat that all this is happening because of her. Chahat thinks Dua is not lying but who would try to scare her.


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