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Radha Mohan 11th August 2022 Gungun calls to Radha and Mohan, he argues with the officer that he can go down but the officer replies no one can go there since the mud is still wet and it might collapse because of his weight so he might cause the death of his own daughter,

Radha questions what can they do to save her when the officer replies they are about to start the rescue operation. The media personal rush to the accident scene, when they keep asking about her name, Ajit reveals her name is Gungun when they mention that the only daughter of the Trivedi family has been trapped in the well.

Radha and Mohan assure they both are standing and will surely protect her, Lata jee informs Hriday that if the girl comes out alive then will surely be the reason for their end, Hriday assures there is nothing to be worried about since it is not possible and what If some of the family members also die saving her, he only cares about Radha as there is a very high price for her.

Damini and Kaveri try to pass through the blockages set by the rescue team, Damini asks her to stay here as they should first see what is going on, Kaveri seeing the media personal thinks her longtime dream of coming on the television would be fulfilled,

she asks one of the reporters to take her interview as she is the grandmother of the child. Kaveri with a tensed voice mentions that Gungun is still very young and they all love her a lot, Mohan is also really worried so calls to Gungun. Kaveri exclaims she is the elder Grandmother Kaveri Trivedi.

Officer reveals before starting the operation they need to find out the situation inside the well, they can see the child with this camera on the laptop, they start pushing the camera in the well which keeps going down and they are finally able to see Gungun in the bottom, she once again calls to Radha and Mohan,

they both are relieved that Gungun is still fine. Hriday however gets really tensed seeing this when the teams ask the officer to look at the results. The officer gets really worried when Mohan keeps asking what has happened since they should start the operation to bring her out, the officer replies she is trapped way down,

approximately sixty feet, hearing this they all are stunned when Mohan asks if they would be able to bring her out alive. The reporter starts saying that the girl is trapped in the well and no one has come out alive from it, so they have to see if this well would become the death bed of the child, Mohan gets really frustrated so starts fighting with the reporters, Rahul and Ajit are forced to pull him back. Radha requests him to not pay attention to these reporters since they only have to protect Gungun.

Mohan questions why are they not doing anything to save her, officer replies that it is not that easy so Mohan rushes to go in the well when the officer says it is not like that since the hole is not that big so if they try to go inside then the mud might bury her alive, Radha questions why is he saying it is impossible when Gungun herself told her that it means I am possible so they have to try,

she mentions that she is going to pray to Bihari jee who would surely help her bring her out, Mohan seeing how Radha is really tensed asks her to not be worried since she needs to remain strong if they are to save Gungun, she herself said they all must not lose hope so she must also remain strong. The officer brings the mike asking Radha to speak with the child, but she is constantly crying so the officer asks her to not be so tensed as this might cause the child to be scared,

Mohan covers the mike signaling her to not talk like this but she refuses. Mohan takes the mike to try and talk with Gungun, he mentions that she is the strongest person in their family so must not lose hope. Radha also mentions she is the one who always asks her to be strong then she herself cannot lose hope, the officer asks them to question if she can move, Gungun however replies that even her hands cannot move hearing this Mohan loses hope so drops the mike, Radha replies she should remain strong as they all are here so would surely bring her out.

Hriday explains he has said that both Radha and Mohan are the perfect parents for Gungun, Damini replies how many times she has told him to not talk like this when he asks if the ghost is also here, Damini and Kaveri get tensed wondering if he found out about Tulsi but Hriday replies he is talking about the cameras and microphones. Damini thinks she would take care of Hriday after it all ends as today,

he has crossed the limit when Kaveri questions from where did she bring this criminal, Hriday replies he thought about helping them but then stopped thinking the police is also there, so if he is caught then would need someone to accompany him. He leaves when Kaveri explains whenever he leaves, she starts to feel the pressure.

Gungun asks Radha if she is about to die as she feels she would go to her mother, Tulsi asks her to not talk like this since no mother would ever want her child to suffer like this, Radha asks Gungun to not worry as they all are here and she has been watching a lot of dramas on the television but she is going to make sure the cable is cut,

Gungun requests her to not do it since otherwise she would not be able to watch her cartoons, Radha keeps on crying when Mohan signal her to remain calm. The doctor comes asking they need to first look at the daughter, he asks them to question if she can breathe properly when Gungun replies that she can breathe properly, he is glad but informs that if she falls asleep then it would create a lot of problem.

Mohan stands scolding them for not doing it all, the officer explains they cannot even send the rope since her hands are stuck, they show the rescue plan in which they are going to dig another well right beside this one and travel through a tunnel to save her, Mohan questions how are they going to do it when the rig cannot come into this street,

he replies they would do it by hand but till that time they all must talk with the girl to make sure she stays awake. The doctor asks them to zoom on the child, revealing her eyes are starting to close. Mohan asks Radha to keep talking with Gungun as she must stay awake but Gungun mentions that she is tired and cannot talk anymore, Gungun falls asleep in the well.

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