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Radha Mohan 14th July 2022 Radha standing wonders where is Mohan jee, Lata jee informs that everyone in this house really cares a lot for her so she should reply after thinking about it, Radha informs that her Dadi has never taken any wrong decision for her so if she thinks that Hiydei is best suited for her then she feels it is the perfect match,

Dadi standing exclaims that today is a really auspicious day and only five minutes are left for it to end so she feels they should complete the ritual and give Hiydei the coconut with the amount, Damini thinks that Radha is finally leaving this house.

Tulsi standing exclaims she would have never thought about Mohan and Radha had he not given her any sign, she wants to know what is the right thing as who would be the perfect match for her either Mohan or Hiydei,

Rameshwar is about to hand Hiydei the Parshad but then Mohan takes it just as he is about to place it, Tulsi smiles thinking the auspicious time on which the Parshad was about to be given is in Mohan’s hands.

Mohan exclaims what is the hurry in getting Radha married when she is wrong about the boy, he is not a Pandit but a thief who ran away from Mathura. Mohan in anger slaps Hiydei, Gungun exclaims he should hit him once again.

Kadambari questions Mohan what is he doing, Lata jee questions how did he dare slap her son so questions Dadi if she called them to be humiliated. Shekar enters with the police when Kaveri exclaims, she feels Radha would not be married anymore since Mohan is taking such steps, Damini says Radha has to get married.

Kadambari questions Mohan what is he doing, he says that he knew they would not believe him so he asks Hiydei if he was arrested because of stealing from his own Mandir, Mohan then asks if he was thrown from the Mandir, Hiydei accepts it and then explains he was taking a photography course for the past six months,

Mohan inquires about the collage when Hiydei mentions he was doing the course in Mumbai, Mohan inquires about the collage when Hiydei takes the name of Talking pictures, Mohan exclaims he is lying since only those who are residents in Mumbai can get the admission, Hiydei agrees saying that he got the admission because they liked his work, Hiydei questions why is he asking him.

Mohan replies to find out how low can he stoop because there is no institution with the name of Talking pictures, Mohan informs he was in jail since the past six months, so asks the Inspector who agrees with Mohan informing he got arrested six months ago.

Mohan mentions the Mandir in which he was the Pandit had a gold Murti which got stolen and do they know where they found the Murti, it was in the house of the honest Hiydei because of which he got arrested. Mohan reveals he went to his own city Mathura and found out that they donot even want to take his name, he is about to hit Hiydei when Dadi stops him.

Dadi accepts that this is all the truth, Kadambari is tensed when Dadi reveals she knew everything, Dadi mentions that Lata jee wanted to tell the truth and she stopped them, Dadi asks Mohan to hit her if he feels anyone is wrong, Dadi replies Hiydei is not at fault when he was trapped because the trust wanted to take control of the Mandir and the people Mohan met were also involved in it all and she vows to stand with Hiydei saying that no one is true,

she will surely stand beside him at any cost since she trusts him, Mohan questions how does she know that he is telling the truth, Dadi mentions she has aged in this society and is of his Dadi’s age so knows how to find out the truth about someone, Hiydei exclaims he is himself going to give the number of the jail, Shekar demands the contact number and so checks it, the inspector agrees that it is correct,

Hiydei calls the jailer, who questions why has he not come to the jail since a lot of criminals still remember him and they also wish he should come back. Hiydei replies he would come back when it is the suitable time.

Lata jee mentions that her son is her honor and she will not let anyone question his character she knows that Radha doesnot have any fault but even her son has very good character, she questions what right does this family have over them as they are taking all the decisions for Radha,

they were not able to talk with her when in that small time Mohan managed to go to Mathura and gather information about them. She questions what right does Mohan jee have on Radha, she from behind calls Lata mentioning Mohan cares for anyone without thinking about the consequence,

she mentions he has all what one can desire including a well settled business along with a daughter and fiancé but even then, he cares for her because he feels that she must not have any problem after her marriage so is this wrong, that he cares. She even questions Hiydei inquiring if he feels it is wrong. Radha holding both of her hand apologizes on behalf of Mohan if they felt anything wrong has happened.

Radha goes to Mohan mentioning she knows he cares a lot for her so wishes everything should be perfect but even her Dadi has always desired the best for her and if she has called for any proposal, she would have surely done the background check which is why he must not worry about her anymore.

Lata jee mentions that she accepts Mohan worries for Radha and cares a lot about her but in that process her son was humiliated and when such a thing happens then there has to be an apology, she demands Mohan should apologize to her son hearing which everyone is stunned and Mohan also feels tensed.

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