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Radha Mohan 16th August 2022 Kadambari mentions she is going to open the protection and she must come to save her Granddaughter, Tulsi also pleads with her to hurry up, Kadambari kneels to open it while Tulsi requests her to hurry as she promises to not let anything to Gungun,

Kadambari is about to open it when Kaveri stops her hand questioning what is she doing as she is going to release that ghost, Kadambari mentions she wants to protect Gungun under any circumstance but there is only one power who can protect her which is Tulsi, knavery asks her to not forget that Tulsi is a ghost and it is really not suitable to let her loose. Kadambari asks her to not forget she is neither a wife, daughter or any but a mother.

Radha mentions that this flower has the same name as her mother and so is going to keep her protected, the major seeing the mud going inside asks them all to take a step back as it might cause the girl to die, Mohan instructs Mr Trivedi and Rahul to step away, Gungun hearing this asks if she is going to die today and it is the end of her life.

Tulsi requests Kadambari to hurry while she warns Kaveri that no one can stop her today so she must take a step back, Kadambari is opening the protection but Tulsi is still not able to step out, she sees that Damini has stopped Kadambari from opening it, she once again ties it which angers Kadambari who questions why did she dare stop her and why is she forgetting that if the rain doesnot stop then their Gungun would further fall inside the well.

Radha asks Gungun to think what her mother would feel after seeing her like this as they know that Gungun is really brave, Radha says she is going to tell her a story, she explains that one day Bihari jee and Radharani saw that one of the diya was not lit, when they inquired about the reason.

Bihari jee found that his daughter cries a lot while missing him so because of the tears of her daughter the diya is broken so does Gungun also want that the diya of her mother doesnot lit, she is sure her mother would not let anything happen to her, hearing this Gungun feels emotionally strong.

Kadambari warns to not listen anything which Damini is saying, she replies even wants to protect Gungun because Tulsi is here just because of Gungun so what if she kills Gungun and takes her away with her, Tulsi questions what is she saying since a mother can not harm her daughter as they just want to take care of her, Kadambari exclaims she just wants to protect her daughter,

Damini mentions Mohan will surely save Gungun but they cannot forget that Tulsi is a ghost when she asks why is Damini talking like this and Kadambari must not believe her lies. Damini mentions that Tulsi also wants to stay beside Gungun and the only way she can do it is by killing her, so now she has to decide what she wants to do, Tulsi requests Kadambari to not listen to her as she just wants to protect Gungun.

Damini asks Kadambari to come as they need to save Gungun, Tulsi once again tries to leave the house but is not able to because of the protection meanwhile Damini leaves with Kadambari with a smile on her face.

Mohan is also not able to hold the door and starts feeling the pain because of the weight, Tulsi standing in front of the mandir prays that everything should work out to be fine as both her daughter and husband are outside, Mohan has been holding the door since a long time and now even he cannot have that much strength left in him, Tulsi mentions if he is not able to save Gungun then would never forgive himself. She hears Ketki saying that the rain has ended.

Tulsi rushing out exclaims she is glad as now Mohan would be able to save Gungun, Mohan taking the mike explains that her mothers blessing is with her since the rain has ended but the mud is also wet so she must try to pull her hand out of the mud and touch the Tulsi flower. The rings in the mandir start turning,

the major exclaims the girl is trying to pull her hands once again because of the strength and motivation. Gungun tries her best to pull her hands while they all cheer for her, Radha asks her to be careful as her hands might get scratched. Gungun keeps on trying and eventually manages to pull them out, Damini also acts as if she is happy that Gungun managed to break free.

They all start rejoicing but Hriday is furious, he exclaims they almost managed to save her. Gungun starts smiling seeing her hands meanwhile Mohan and Radha are crying. Gungun informs that her hands are free. She shows them her hands. Major explains now they can pull her out and there is no need to dig the other hole.The reporters break the news that the girl has taken out her hand and would be free really soon, as she got the strength to come out.

The major reveals that they are going to tie the knot like this on her hand, and pull her out slowly, Radha explains that this way she might get injured when he explains she is right as her shoulder might get dislocated but this is the only way, Mohan stops Radha informing that the mud has gotten wet and it might cause problems for her, he informs this is the only way so Radha agrees.

Mohan mentions they just need a little time to bring her out, Mohan requests the major to let him send the rope, he refuses explaining ti takes a lot of experience and strength when Mohan reveals that when a daughter is in danger then the parent has the most strength. Mohan starts sending the rope down informing Gungun to tie her hand on it, she agrees insisting he must send it quickly.

Hriday gets worried thinking they would surely bring her out when he sees the electric wires so exclaims, he also wanted to save Radha but there is nothing more precious then his life at this moment.

Mohan manages to send the rope when the Major instructs him to stop, and asks the child to put her hand through the rope, Gungun puts her hand through it when Radha also requests him to do it slowly as he might harm Gungun, Kadambari after hearing Gungun screaming assures that she must not get scared. Gungun informs that she is in a lot of pain.

Hriday climbs on the ladder reaching the electric wire, which he is about to cut. Gungun calls to Radha so the major instructs Mohan to do it as slowly as possible, he asks Gungun to keep holding it as she is really strong, Hriday is trying his best to cut the wire which he eventually succeeds in doing, the wire causes an electric spark seeing which they all are stunned. Major asks them to not panic and stand where they are as they might get electrocuted.

Mohan also asks them all to go back as they might get electrocuted. But his entire family refuses saying they would not leave him and stand till Gungun comes out.

Gungun mentions that she is in pain when the major asks Mohan to give him the rope but he advises him to protect his family and even sends Radha away while he himself keeps on pulling Gungun, she also tells that she is in a lot of pain. Mohan sees the live wire right in front of him but keeps on pulling while Kadambari asks him to take care of himself, he doesnot listen to the warnings and does his best to pull Gungun out of the well.

Radha is stunned seeing hat the wire is about to fall so pushes Mohan away while she herself sits down, the wire falls over her which stuns everyone. Radha is sitting without moving at all which worries them all, she however lifts her head seeing which Hriday wonders why did she not get electrocuted.

Mohan asks if she is fine but Radha is just shaking, Kadambari rushes to hug her asking if she is fine assuring that everything would be fine. Kadambari starts staring at someone when she realizes that Damini turned off the breaker, they all start smiling looking at her, Hriday wonders why is she trying to be a heroine. Damini comes back running to hug Radha, Kadambari thanks her for saving Radha. Tulsi also doesnot understand why did Damini save Radha, pandit jee mentions today Damini proved to be a Bhagwan for them, Kaveri starts praising her in front of everyone.

Mohan asks Radha if she is fine, she asks him to pull Gungun out of the well, Kaveri questions what was the need to protect Radha, Damini mentions she was protecting her Mohan as she Hriday cutting it, she vows to not leave him because of what he has done.

The major asks Radha to keep talking with her, Mohan assures that she has come out but she crying exclaims that her hand is hurting, they all start cheering for her when Gungun explains her hand is slipping and she would fall really soon, Major reveals if she leaves the rope then it would cause a lot of problem,

Mohan instructs her to not leave the rope at any cost. They all get worried wondering what might happen, Mohan is pulling with all his might when Gungun explains her hand is slipping. Mohan requests her to not leave it at any cost while he keeps on pulling it, but the hand is about to slip and is released from the rope. Mohan is shocked seeing it and Radha is also startled.

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