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Radha Mohan 16th July 2022 Mohan is holding Radha in the Mandir, she notices that the bangles are missing from her wrist so she is shocked seeing them on the floor, Radha is stunned and after picking them up wonders how did they break,

he replies she was saved because only the bangles broke when Radha replies it is nothing to joke about as Lata jee said that these bangles are the reason which would deepen her relation with Hiydei,

Mohan mentions that she must not be so stressed over such small things, she replies that these are the bangles of shugun, and this is the only thing which the mother of Hiydei asked her to do, Tulsi with a smile exclaims she got his sign as both Radha and Mohan are made for each other.

Rameshwar is looking at the Kundali when Kaveri suggests he must do it as soon as possible since they should get them married as soon as possible, Rameshwar replies he is doing the exact same. Mohan picks the phone mentioning that everything can be done with it. He calls Gungun who questions if she has to bring it now.

Mohan exclaims that she cries a lot over small things, Radha questions how would he be able to fix them when they are broken, Mohan taking the glue from Gungun’s box explains Radha always says there is nothing in this world that cannot be fixed,

he starts applying the glue on the bangles. Tulsi standing exclaims he can fix them but this doesnot mean the relation of Hiydei and Radha would also be fixed. Radha tries to wear the bangles but is not able to do it when Mohan helps her wear them, Tulsi exclaims she has found the clue and they both are made for each other.

Radha replies that there is still a hole in the bangles which anyone would be able to find out. Mohan takes out the mobile to take pictures informing they would buy the new ones which she can wear, Radha says he is asking her to lie mentioning both him and her Dadi are the same, he says she is also like a cow as all of her talks are useless,

he says she can go inside as they would beat him while she in the end will just say useless things, Radha says that she always talks on point but her Dadi makes her do these things, Mohan says she should then live like this her entire life because she is also doing this because her Dadi asked her to do it,

she is getting married and what if her nature doesnot match that off Hiydei so what is she going to do, Radha informs when she first came to this house someone said she will have to suffer a lot, she mentions it was her Dadi as they all at first hated her and even Gungun wanted to oust her from this house but now they all care a lot for her, she doesnot know Lata jee but would one day surely be able to make her position in her heart.

Mohan asks what is she going to do if he doesnot feel the same about her and is not able to make give her the status, he asks if she doesnot have any reply.

Radha goes to bring the rose flower, she mentions that sometimes his conversation is those which even she cannot understand, she knows if Bihari jee had made the thorns to protect the rose flower then Bihari jee would never let anything happen to her. Radha rushes away after hearing her Dadi calling.

Gungun mentions Mohan is the thorn which she was talking about, he doesnot agree saying she meant her Bhagwan to which Gungun asks who does she call her Bhagwan. Gungun explains that Hiydei is ready to marry her so he must protect Radha, Mohan doesnot understand explaining if he is ready to marry her even after witnessing her behavior then something would surely be wrong, Gungun also agrees with him.

Gungun turns to leave when he asks why does she believe Hiydei is not the right person, she replies that Radha says children are like Bhagwan then she knows everything and so rushes away, Mohan exclaims he also thinks Hiydei is not the right person.

Radha enters the house when her Dadi hugs her explaining that the auspicious time has be set after three months, Radha is stunned when Damini standing exclaims, she will get married just two weeks before her so she will first prepare for the wedding of her sister then prepare for her own wedding.

Dadi exclaims she feels they must leave for their village and start the preparations from there own house. Kaveri exclaims she is glad that Radha would get married from her own house, Kaveri is constantly scratching her head when Damini asks her to stop it.

Hiydei looks at Radha so asks if she is worried and does she not want to get married right away, Dadi immediately says that it is not the case since she is really happy, Mohan also wishes Radha with a smile on his face, Gungun exclaims she asked him to be the thorn but he is acting as if he is happy.

Mohan mentions how he feels that she should get married from this house, Dadi replies she should be married from the house of her father, Mohan explains he just wants to correct his mistake as Radha has done a lot for this family so they also want to do something for her, meaning they will take the responsibility of her wedding but Dadi still refuses, Mohan asks Kadambari to convince her as this house has a lot of people and they all would help her.

Mohan then asks Pandit jee if he would not give them the right to serve as he is also friends with his father. He also agrees with Mohan mentioning that the wedding can also happen from this house as it is the same and even Vishwanath jee is his old friend so would do everything that is best,

Dadi says they must even then ask Hiydei as he might have a concern, Hiydei however replies why would he have any problem because they all love her a lot, he turns to his mother who agrees mentioning they just want to make Radha their daughter in law but it is upto to them.

Mohan also requests both Hiydei and lata jee to stay with them in their house since they should also get a chance to show their hospitality, Radha is stunned when Mohan replies if they refused then he would feel they did not forgive them, Hiydei assures there is no need to plead as they would stay with them, Kadambari then asks Dadi who mentions if this is the wish of them all then they would get her married from this house.

Radha rushes out of the house when Dadi mentions she is not able to control herself after learning about her marriage, Kaveri replies it is not that but she is glad she would be married from this house, Damini stops her while Kadambari also gets angry. Mohan thinks how he feels that both these mother and son are not right so he would have to do something since he is the thorn who will protect Radha.

Radha standing at the Mandir exclaims she is glad he listened to her prayer as she only has three weeks to stay in this house and in those weeks would make sure to fulfill all the three vows which she made to help Mohan, she knows the path is difficult but what is the problem when he is with her side.

Hiydei standing exclaims he is really happy today, Mohan mentions if all the problems have ended then they should have a conversation, Hiydei agrees but Mohan replies not like this as they must talk like friends alone, Kaveri wonders what is he going to do because if all the tricks have ended is Mohan going to beat him, Damini replies he might do it since he is fond of beating, and might do whatever he can to stop the marriage of Radha, Mohan stares Hiydei who is tensed.

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