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Radha Mohan 18th June 2022 guard stops Radha questioning where is she going, she informs she is going to throw the garbage, he asks her to also throw these things since he is really tired,

Radha agrees when he asks if she can bring the rope seeing the opportunity, he puts all the things in the same bag before she comes back, Radha asks why is it so happy when he says that it contains all the boxes.

The guard signals Damini and Kaveri, Damini exclaims that all the things have been thrown out of the house since now she can break her varth with Mohan and really soon would get married with him. Kaveri asks why is she so sure that Tulsi has been thrown out of the house since she can still be sitting on top of them,

Damini explains there is just a single way to which Kaveri replies she is also aware of it but would not agree, since the last time Tulsi pulled her ear with such force that she felt they would tear from her body.

She can do anything for her daughter but would not do this as if in doing it Tulsi got angry, Damini explains she would find out if Tulsi has been thrown out of the house, Damini requests her to mother to do it just for her, Kaveri agrees.

Tulsi standing outside the house calls Gungun, she tries her best to enter the house again and again but is constantly electrocuted because of the protection shield that is made in front of the house, Tulsi exclaims she cannot go anywhere leaving Gungun.

Tulsi is walking with the bag when she starts feeling dizzy and is walking slowly.

Gungun questions Kaveri why did she call her here, Kaveri slaps Gungun who starts crying at which Kaveri thinks that she is safe and would not do anything to Gungun since she is going to slap her each and every day,

Damini realizes that it has gone a little far ahead so stops her mother, Gungun mentions she is going to tell everyone that she slapped her, Damini mentions she can tell anyone she wishes but who is going to believe her as she usually lies, did she forget what happened the last time recalling which Gungun calls Radha.

Radha standing in the market feels as if someone called her and so turns back to look exclaiming who called her, she feels a little dizzy when a women suddenly comes asking if she is alright, Radha assures she is fine but got a little dizzy, the women exclaims it feels as if she has kept the Varth so must return,

Radha explains she would go back after throwing the garbage when the women exclaims she can throw it here but Radha replies that if everyone starts throwing the garbage like this the their nation would get ruined. The women leave praising Radha.

Damini asks her mother to come as it is time, Kaveri questions why did she stop her as she should have let her beat that little girl once more when Damini mentions she doesnot have time for it all and they must leave to complete their work,

Damini thinks that half of their work is complete since Tulsi is out of the house and now Radha would also be thrown out really soon. The entire family returns including Mohan when Damini exclaims that Guru maa is the reason Tuli was thrown out of the house and she is going to use her own method for Radha.

Kadambari asks Mohan if he is fine when Mohan explains that he is just a little tired, Tulsi tries to tell Mohan of the truth but Mohan enters the house when Gungun runs to him explaining that Kaveri slapped her,

everyone is shocked hearing this but Damini mentions Kaveri was just playing with her and she fell, Mohan kneels asking Gungun what does she want to tell him since he is going to hear everything, Damini tries to instigate Mohan against her explaining that she lies and is really good at making stories,

Gungun exclaims she doesnot want to talk with Mohan as he just trusts Damini so should listen to her, Mohan assures it is not like that when Gungun leaves. Damini asks them all to not worry and go back to get ready, she even instructs Mohan to get ready as Damini would break the fast with his hands. Mohan leaves in frustration, Damini looks up to the balcony where Gungun is standing in frustration.

Kadambari and Damini are preparing for the pooja, Kadambari instructs Damini that this Sindoor would be used to fill her Mang in the wedding and she must use it for one whole year, she explains she is doing these preparations when Damini must leave to call her mother.

Kadambari sees Rahul so asks if he has eaten anything, she explains that he must also start doing some work since then she would get him married, Rahul asks her to first get over with the wedding of Mohan since he is getting married for the second time.

Kadambari questions why does he have such frustration in his tone, did he ever think why is Mohan getting married for the second time as there would be something in him. Ketki comes explaining she is not able to find her bracelet and even Kaveri advises Kadambari to go and check her room.

Damini thinks now it is the turn of Radha as she would get rid of her in just ten minutes as everyone is going to throw her out of the house, Kadambari mentions Ketki is right as she is not able to find her ear rings and she even had a necklace made for Damini which is not there, Kaveri comes running saying she is also not able to find her Malla,

Kadambari concludes there has been a robbery in the house. Rahul also reveals he is not able to find his wallet. Kadambari gets sure that there has been a robbery, Damini questions how can there be a robbery since no one came when Kaveri suggests that even the servants can do these things, Damini tries to defend them mentioning they are like a part of the family.

Mohan comes asking Damini if she saw his gold watch, Kadambari exclaims even his watch is missing, Mohan doesnot understand when Damini exclaims she saw the glad watch with her, but it cannot be the truth,

Kadambari asks if she suspects anyone but Damini explains she is not suspicious of anyone but when they were cleaning the room of Mohan then Radha was also there and looking at the gold watch but she is not saying that Radha stole anything, Kadambari gets tensed exclaiming that Radha really stole. Mohan is shocked.

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