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Radha Mohan 22nd July 2022 Mohan stands in anger while breaking the flute with his knee, he throws the broken flute on the floor but Radha stops him, she questions how long is he going to let this pain stay with him as he must let it flow,

Dadi is stunned seeing Radha holding his hand, Tulsi gets worried when Dadi enters the room immediately asking Radha to come as she must get ready, Mohan asks where is she going, Dadi informs she is going out with Hriday,

Mohan exclaims if she would go alone when Dadi replies she is going with her fiancé, she pulls Radha away exclaiming she is always wasting her time with the father and daughter, Mohan is also worried when Tulsi exclaims even she doesnot feel it is fine.

Tulsi is sitting with Hriday, he asks what would she like to eat when she replies that she doesnot like to eat from outside but Hriday exclaims that she would have to order something for herself, Radha replies that she could have made something for him in the house, Hriday also agrees with her exclaiming why should they waste the money here as they can at least have the tea.

Radha gets the call from her Dadi so requests for some time so she can talk, Hriday thinks that it is easier to make a fool out of her then it is to take a chocolate from a child. Hriday asks Radha if there is anything which she wants to tell him when Radha replies that she has already told him everything,

he exclaims even then there would be something which she did not tell him as does she not miss her house. Radha replies she misses it but this family has also become like her own, everyone is nice especially Mohan jee who cares a lot for them and is also teaching her English.

Hriday thinks Damini is getting married to Mohan but Radha seems to be more interested in him, Radha is stunned seeing the blood on his chain so asks what happened, he recalling how he tried to strangle the person with it. He thinks does she want to die, he eve picks the knife.

Mohan in the room what was the need to send Radha alone with that Hriday, he exclaims he is not having a nice feeling about it all and even Dadi wants to keep it all a secret, Gungun hearing his concerns suddenly exclaims that she knows where Radha could have gone to, she demands his mobile and immediately starts searching in it,

Tulsi wonders what is Gungun showing him, Mohan praises her for being so clever when she asks him to take care of it while she will try to find out the truth about Hriday.

Radha in tensions asks how did the blood come on his chain, Hriday replies it might have happened during the shave, she gets worried offering to apply some medicine but he refuses, she stands up mentioning the injury might get even worse but Hriday in anger refuses to take it, Radha is stunned so he asks her to sit down as he is fine,

she exclaims he got angry with her when he exclaims why would he be angry with her, she even offers to take a look at his injury so he immediately stands up exclaiming she is right as they must leave this cafe and give the money to the poor family which live near to this place as then they would be able to earn some good deeds.

Radha once again offers to take a look at his injury so she can apply the medicine. Hriday says that she must not be worried as such small injuries happen during shaving, he asks her to leave while he will come after paying the bill. Hriday thinks if she once again asks about the injury then he is going to kill her.

Mohan is running out of the house when Damini stops him questioning where is he going, he informs that both Hriday and Radha have gone outside so he must meet them. Damini mentions they both have also been engaged so can go on a date, Mohan leaves replying they can leave some other time but for now he must reach there on time.

Radha is walking with Hriday, she gets tensed as there is no one on the street when she questions where did he see the family, Hriday replies that he saw them here so they might be on the next street, Radha starts walking while he is following her with the knife on his hand and exclaims that if she asks about his injury the second time then she will find out what he is capable off. Radha is worried so he asks if she feels she is not safe with him as it is not the case and he is a really nice person,

Radha replies that her Dadi has chosen him as her life partner so he would be suitable for her. Radha starts walking when he is following her, she gets scared so exclaims they must go back home because the street is really dark, she once again asks about his injury which frustrates Hriday so he starts walking towards her in anger, she gets scared and exclaims he is scaring her. Hriday gets a call from Damini so wonders what does she want since Radha would create a lot of problem if she hears him talking to Damini.

Radha is stunned seeing Hriday, he replies that people say those who ask a lot of questions then they say those who ask so many questions tend to get in trouble, he takes out the knife when Mohan suddenly calls Radha, Hriday gets stunned so he immediately puts the knife in his pocket.

Radha gets excited seeing him so questions what is he doing here, Mohan explains that he found out they both were going to a new hotel but is there any on this street which he doesnot know about, Radha replies they indeed went to that hotel but came back as the prices were too high.

Mohan with a smile exclaims they are indeed really simple as she came to this street in order to save money, he tries to point out that she is in danger but Radha replies she is fine with him and Hriday on her side, he jokes mentioning even the lightening can hit her. Radha asks if he is angry with her but he assures everything is fine. Hriday mentions he felt like spending some time alone with Radha,

Mohan replies they both would get married really soon so will have a lot of time but they must be with him until then, he exclaims they are planning to save money so what if they have the chat at this time, Radha gets excited mentioning she felt like eating it for so long, he exclaims she would only get a single plate as they have to save money, he asks if she would like to have it with the filling. Hriday exclaims they both really love each other and even a child can tell how much they care for each other.

Hriday and Radha both are having the Pani puri when he exclaims Mohan cares a lot for her even when they do not have any relation, Mohan informs that if anyone saves their life then they tend to get care for them and Hriday has just been around for the past two days, he replies that he got in love with Radha after the first time he saw her and decided to marry Radha, he questions when did Mohan get in love with her, Mohan looks to Hriday in shock.

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