Radha Mohan 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 24th August 2022 Mohan calls Radha from the other side of the well, she slowly wakes up to look at him, he asks if she was sleeping, the entire family is relieved to see they both are safe. Mohan holds her hand after which she starts smiling.

The major instructs them to bring the safety harness, Mohan explains she can sleep in the home. Radha replies she was sure he would come when he replies did she leave any other choice so asks them to come as they are still under ground.

Kadambari gets worried wondering where did both Radha and Mohan go, as she cannot see them in the camera.
Mohan is pulling Radha towards the other end of the tunnel with all his might, Kadambari and they all request him to at least make some noise so they can know he is fine but there is no response, Hriday gets really worried.

Mohan is slowly pulling Radha but after a while she gets really tired, he assures they just have to do it a little longer as they have almost reached the location meanwhile the entire family is still calling Mohan but he is not at all responding, however Mohan finally comes out and they are able to see him crawling after which they get relieved.

Kadambari asks him to do it slowly. Mohan immediately asks Radha to give her hand, he also manages to pull her out from the well seeing which they all are relieved. Radha starts breathing heavily when he asks if she is fine.

The Major informs they are going to send the safety harness so he must lock it against himself after which they would pull the both out, Mohan is waiting when Kadambari asks him to put the harness, Hriday and lata jee also go to witness them both coming out of the well, Mohan holds Radha close asking them to pull, she is just looking at him as they are being pulled but he doesnot notice anything,

she keeps on gazing at him, they both are stunned when the wires move down so start looking into each others eyes, without saying anything, Mohan pulls Radha even closer, after a while Major instructs them to pull once again but Mohan starts feeling the burden, they are finally pulled out of the well while the reporters start taking pictures, Mohan and Radha are really close,

Damini and Hriday both get really furious seeing them so close to each other but the rest of them start clapping as they have finally come out without any harm. Hriday also acts as if he is happy.

Kadambari immediately hugs Radha, Tulsi thanks Bihari jee while Radha is just looking at Mohan who slowly takes the step back from her, Hriday exclaims he is glad she is safe and Kadambari explains what she has done today for them could not have been done by anyone else.

Kadambari explains she knew her Bihari jee would not leave her side and does she know that when she fell in the well, Mohan fought a lot with Bihari jee, she signals her to see that Mohan brought Radharani here from Bihari jee only because of her, she looks at him but he signals.

Mohan asks if she is fine then questions what was the need to jump in the well as they would surely bring Gungun out but what if something happened to her, does she not care about her life. Radha replies even he did not think of his life, he did the same for her what she did for Gungun.

Dadi with a smile agrees with Radha, she exclaims whatever happened with her doesnot matter but she could not let anything happen to Gungun, Mohan exclaims he feels like slapping her, but he is not able to control his emotions so hugs her tightly, Damini is not able to bear the sight of them both hugging. Mohan doesnot leave Radha and she also embraces him for the first time seeing which Damini gets even more furious but the entire family is smiling.

Damini and Kaveri both are stunned, while the rest of Trivedi family is smiling. Hriday and Lata jee also get really angry with them.

Mohan asks if they should return or does she want to search for oil in the well, Mohan turns to leave but she stops him when Kaveri whispers to Damini, is Radha planning to take the seven circles in the well with him.

Radha explains that he should make them meet once again, whom he brought here because of her. Mohan looks at Radharani, who is on the wooden desk.

Mohan is walking with Radha holding Radharani in his hands, he walks over to the Mandir carefully placing her beside Bihari jee, they all hold their hands in front of them praying as he comes to stand beside Radha. She exclaims he was testing Bihari jee, so should see that he even passed the test.

Radha explains even if humans leave the hand of Bhagwan but they never leave the humans, so if there are not any problems in the life then it is very easy to believe but the real strength is when they are surrounded by a lot of problems, Bihari jee is not delighted to test them but he just wants to see the level of their faith so Mohan jee should tell her in what situation has he not proved himself,

they should in fact tell if they as humans were able to show their trust in him. Radha explains he gave the challenge to Bhagwan who proved himself so now it is up to him to praise Bhagwan with a pure heart, Damini thinks whatever happens Mohan would not do it. Mohan slowly turns to face Bihari jee and Radharani, he starts holding his hands together in front of them which leaves Damini stunned.

Radha starts smiling seeing this, and even Tulsi is stunned. They all feel blessed while Radha is smiling, Mohan exclaims he did not believe in him because he thought Bihari jee always takes them away from him, first Tulsi then Gungun and now Radha, hearing this Radha is stunned and looks to Mohan. She exclaims she doesnot understand since when did she become so important in his life that he compared her to Tulsi jee and Gungun. Mohan exclaims if anything had happened to

Radha today then would not have to look at himself. He apologizes for coming and showing so much attitude but it was just because he was scared and did not know what to do however, he is grateful since he proved him wrong and send the two people without whom his life was incomplete.

Mohan explains he proved that he is not a Murti but is the Bihari jee of Radha and he has the strings since they are because of him, if Radha is here then only Mohan is alive. Damini is stunned but Tulsi is smiling. Mohan exclaims if Radha Mohan are present then there is a whole situation, Tulsi exclaims he should also understand that his wife and the mother of Gungun is only Radha. Mohan once again holds his hands together in the Mandir while Radha is looking at him.


Radha Mohan 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha says to Hriday, I can’t marry you. Hriday starts choking her. Gungun tells Mohan, Hriday is a criminal, he threw me in the well because I saw his criminal photo, go and help Radha, do something.


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