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Radha Mohan 24th September 2022 Mohan standing is hearing how the inspector said he knows Mohan is really worried for his wife but if he loves her so much then what was she doing standing outside the house, he leaves. Mohan is forced to think about Radha.

Radha is in the van trying to struggle but they have covered her mouth, Shekar tries to console Mohan explaining they do not know she is not his wife, Mohan replies they are right since Radha was his responsibility but he made her stand outside the house,

she should have been by his side and at the time of her kidnapping he was inside the house, Mohan seeing the portraits of Bhagwan prays that Radha should not suffer any sort of problem and must be fine wherever she is, Gungun is also praying for the safe return of Radha.

Damini in her room explains she is going to pay him a bonus for this work, hearing this the kidnapper is relieved so agrees to complete the work. Damini thinks now Radha would be missing permanently and she will sleep peacefully, Tulsi coming to the room thinks how she knows Damini is behind the kidnapping so must tell her, she starts torturing Damini which causes a lot of noise,

Kadambari hearing this rushes back inside meanwhile Damini is still being questioned by Tulsi for the whereabouts of Radha, she keeps hitting Damini. Kadambari entering the room suddenly closes the door, she questions what is Tulsi doing so should leave Damini as she would die, Tulsi exclaims she doesnot know that Damini has kidnapped Radha. Damini seeing the opportunity hits her own head against the wardrobe causing the injury on her head.

Damini explains she herself is punishing herself because she was not able to gain the trust of anyone in this house and Kadambari still suspects her, so she tries to hit herself once again but Kadambari requests her to stop,

Damini explains she wants to be the wife of Mohan under any circumstance but still wants to punish herself, Tulsi exclaims Kadambari should not believe her since she is just acting, Damini keeps hitting herself exclaiming she would punish herself when no one believes her. Kadambari assures she trusts her so hugs Damini, Tulsi thinks Damini would have convinced Kadambari,

but she knows the truth so would not forgive her, Damini thinks she knows how to turn the events. Kadambari apologizes for questioning her explaining they would pray for the safe return on Radha. Tulsi exclaims Kadambari always comes to protect Damini even if she has committed a crime, Damini leaves with Kadambari which angers Tulsi.

Radha sitting in the van thinks Mohan jee would be really tensed about her, she prays his mind should remain steady as he might do something when he is not able to find her, Radha also prays for Gungun to get the strength as she is just a child.

Kaveri asks Damini if she once again got beaten by Tulsi, Damini starts smiling which worries Kaveri when Damini reveals she found out her way in this situation as she managed to convince Kadambari that she had no part in the kidnapping of Radha, Damini informs that Kadambari once again questioned her but she has found a solution this time, she would make sure Kadambari is confused as she would sometimes act as if she is good while at other times she will pretend to be evil.

Rahul and Ketki both are hearing their conversation when Ketki explains that she feels Damini has a part in the kidnapping of Radha, Rahul does not agree with Ketki explaining Damini and her mother are just habitual of doing small things in the house but cannot kidnap anyone, Ketki questions what he thinks about burning someone,

he asks if she is talking about Tulsi Bhabhi as they know it was all an accident when Ketki informs she doesnot know what happened but Damini was the one who benefited from, the situation ad even know in the kidnapping of Radha, she has the most to benefit.

Ketki explains that Radha has come really close to Mohan even when he doesnot allow anyone to be close to him, Rahul questions if she knows how Radha managed to gain his trust,

she first befriended Gungun and even his relation with Mohan was sorted when Mohan saw how much he loves Gungun when she fell in the bore well so Radha has saved her life, Ketki replies but ever since Radha got kidnapped, Gungun has been crying so she prays that Radha should come back safety.

Tulsi is also really worried about the situation Radha would be in, she desires to save Radha however doesnot know how she would do it.

Mohan is standing wondering how can he feel Radha is close to him, he starts looking but the van turns in the opposite direction, he is not able to locate it before it turns on the other side, Mohan thinks he cannot stand like this and needs to find Radha.

Gungun talking to the photo of Tulsi asks if she knows what happened today as some bad people kidnapped Radha, Mohan and Shekar both are searching for Radha but not able to find her, she saw in a movie that when people go to Bhagwan, they become angels and have a lot of powers,

she should also bring back her Radha. Tulsi wishes if she could help Gungun, but her grandmother has trapped her in this house. Gungun explains Radha loves her a lot, she feeds her with her own hands and even hugs her when she is tensed, Radha fights with everyone including Mohan,

she teaches her Hindi while also telling interesting stories of Bihari jee, Radha even taught her how to light a Diya and she brought her out of the bore well, Gungun asks if Tulsi saw it all. Gungun explains she is sure Tulsi would also like her but must bring back Radha since she is an angel so should do something,

Tulsi replies she also loves Radha who is also her mother but she cannot do anything as she is not allowed to leave this house, Tulsi sits beside Gungun but realizes she cannot even hug her daughter so questions why can she not do anything for her daughter even when she is asking for the first time.

Rahul calls Gungun at the door, he is also really tensed so entering the room comes straight to Gungun, he questions why is she crying when Gungun replies she is talking to her mother asking her to bring back Gungun, Rahul asks if she thinks her mother would not be able to bring back Gungun but it also can that her father brings back Radha,

Gungun replies that he has not even found Radha when Rahul explains in their childhood he hid in a place so Mohan cannot find him but he lost so this is how he knows Mohan would also find Radha, he asks her to hug him so starts smiling. Tulsi exclaims he has also grown up a lot as when she got married, he was young and used to get angry, she would convince him just as he is doing with Gungun today, she blesses him with immense happiness.

Radha is sitting when the kidnapper suggests they can throw her out of the car but can even burn her alive, they get worried if someone sees the fire. Mohan prays to Bihari jee for a sign so he finds Radha, Gungun in the house is also praying to Bihar jee for help so Mohan gets some help in finding Radha.

The kidnapper stops the car when he explains this is the construction site and the police would never come here so he must complete the work as soon as possible, Radha starts shouting but they exclaim no one would come here to help her, they think this is the right place where they can bury her, Radha gets worried seeing the location.

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