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Radha Mohan 26th July 2022 Radha rushes to take Gungun from Mohan, he in anger vows to throw her out if she misbehaves with anyone in the future, Radha warns him to stay back from Gungun and not do anything,

Gungun calls Radha when she asks her to not worry as she is going to check where she got hurt and assures that no one is going to do anything in the future, Radha sits with Gungun assuring she is always going to stand with her. Mohan coming from behind exclaims he is going to beat her if she does anything like this again.

Radha stands in anger questioning how did he dare, he asks if his hands did not tremble before hurting his daughter, she says he was not able to show his love but then who gave him the right to beat her, Kaveri wonders what did she eat in the breakfast that she is standing against Mohan.

Damini tries to stop Radha but she vows to say it all and Mohan must listen, Radha explains that the father has to perform the duties of both a mother and father, Gungun gets worried thinking Radha is scolding Mohan.

Radha exclaims he was not even able to become a father, how can he do it when he doesnot know what are the duties of a father. She explains a father is the strength of his daughter as his love is against the entire world, she can fight the entire world with his support like his father who gave her the choice to refuse from this marriage if she doesnot feel like it,

such are fathers who care and protect their daughters but he himself hit her, a daughter who doesnot have a mother even then her father is hitting her, who would she call as her own. Gungun thinks if she can tell Radha that it is all just an act, she blames that he doesnot even know the pain of his own father because no one says anything to Mohan jee, she says he can do whatever he feels like but not with Gungun, Kaveri asks if she is going to make him dance.

Radha asks if he knows what Gungun always tells him, she says that he doesnot have any love for her, but she said that he loves her a lot and there is not a father like him, he has proved her wrong today and now revealed he is exactly the same as Gungun blames him to be, she warns him to listen that after today if he even mistakenly hits, then she would be really furious with him,

but even iuf she leaves this house even then she would always be with Gungun, Radha exclaims from today she is standing in front of him and Gungun as her protector, Mohan leaves without saying anything which even worries Radha who is stunned, she turns to Gungun taking her into the room.

Radha assures Gungun she is not going to let Mohan jee come near her, she rushes to bring water asking her there is no need to be worried. Gungun refuses to drink it explaining Radha needs it more then her, Tulsi exclaims Radha stood infront of Mohan just like Parvati maa stood in front of Shiv jee,

she would have surely done something good that Radha came in the life of Gungun as a mother but she is glad, Tulsi mentions a mother never gives the custody of her children to anyone but she is from today giving her daughter to Radha and she is her mother from now onwards.

Gungun asks Radha if she can tell a truth, she exclaims Mohan has not hit her, Radha replies that she doesnot have to hide his actions but Gungun explains this was just an act because Dadi was going to take her back to the village, so they both were acting when they were in the room. Radha is shocked,

she recalls how she said all those heinous things to Mohan, she exclaims that she made a sin as Mohan jee was helping her but she said all those things to him. Tulsi exclaims there is nothing wrong as it proves they both care for each other but they both misunderstood the situation. Radha thinks she made a mistake so would now apologize to Mohan jee. Gungun wonders if Radha would ruin the plan.

Mohan corrects the portrait of Tulsi, she exclaims this is the first time he turned it so what is going on in his mind. Tulsi says that he never cared about what the world said to him but then what happened today, Radha is standing at the door and calls Mohan when he comes to stand in front of her, she requests him to forgive her since she did not know the truth but he closes the door.

Gungun stops Radha saying that she will ruin her plan, Kadambari also comes asking what is going on when Gungun explains that she is like this and mistook it all, Lata jee says that Radha did not tell a lie. Radha mentions she considers Mohan as her Bhagwan and knows he cannot make a mistake; she was the one who did not see the truth. Dadi questions what is she saying, Kadambari also asks her to go into her room, she refuses to leave but is forced to when Kadambari forces her. Dadi assures Lata jee there is nothing to worry about as Radha is innocent.

Kadambari requests Hriday to not think wrong about what happened today. Radha is just feeling bad after what she said to him, Hriday replies there is no need to worry since Radha already told him what she feels about Mohan and so he is glad that she has a lot of place in her heart for him.
Hriday gets a call when he questions why is he calling him since it will take a lot of time for completing the work, the person replies that he cannot wait any longer so Hriday must hurry, he even demands for a photo as he cannot wait any longer so Hriday agrees but only after he receives an advance.

Gungun sitting with Radha explains everything would have been ruined if she told the truth, she suggests Radha can find another way to apologize by giving him chocolate, Radha replies he is not a child but an elder. She realizes what she must do so starts writing an apology.

Mohan sitting in his room is not able to sleep, he is constantly thinking about the blames that Radha put on him, about him not being a good father. He lies down but is still not able to sleep, Radha also is constantly trying her best to write an apology but she constantly tears off the pages as she feels it is wrong.

Hriday clicks the photos of Radha as she is sleeping, he calling the person asks if he liked the package and the person agrees when he assures that they would surely like it but he needs cash for her. Hriday thinks Damini feels he is just working for her after accepting her offer but she doesnot know that his eyes are on the diamond as she is worth millions.

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